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olypuX (PUX): is a project that achieves the integration of a social network.

PolypuX (PUX): is a project that achieves the integration of a social network with the world Blockchain offers a true experience of decentralization, its system allows you to generate income depending on the number of interactions you have with the…See full review

PolypuX (PUX), token for social networks

PolypuX (PUX), is a decentralized platform which promotes activity in social networks, likewise, this is tokenized and gives token to users for their participation and interaction from social networks. PolypuX (PUX) is also an innovative token…See full review

PolypuX platform review.

With a dedicated community behind it, the future looks brilliant for PolypuX. It helps companies or different gatherings elevating their products to the correct crowd. Furthermore, the two individuals and corporate accounts can utilize the…See full review

The beginning of a new social media platform.

For decades, online users have been deprived of their social rights by the same people who promised to uphold them. As a result, the decentralized PolypuX platform was launched in order to give its users the right to share opinions freely and…See full review

Making Money From The Social Media

Have you ever thought of how to earn money or assets for just using your social media platform ??? Well, some brilliant people came up with the idea and this bright idea is what we know as PolyPux today. PolyPux is a project that pays or rewards…See full review

PolypuX stop using your social network to hang out and start making money

We currently know that it is not a secret that the world is governed by everything that social networks have to do, PolypuX is one of them. It is a platform where we can connect our social networks and we can also earn points or practically money…See full review

Earning On Social Media With PolyPux

The PolyPux is a platform that also happens to be the first decentralized social media platform that makes it possible for users to eearn using their social media accounts. The platform provides missions which when completed, are rewarded with the…See full review

PolypuX. The Migration of Social Networks to the Crypto World.

Polypux is a bockchain that is aimed at the integration of social networks with the world of cryptocurrencies, an official platform in which you can connect with the social networks of instagram, twitter and telegram and generate PUX tokens, which…See full review

PolypuX Pux: Social network based on Blockchain technologies

I think it is the first messaging social network that operates in Blockchain technologies, totally decentralized and that in itself is very good since it makes it more scalable, a big problem that centralized networks such as Facebook, Twitter have…See full review

PolyPux social media (blockchain project)

social medias In recent years, it has become so popular in human life that it seems like a completely separate world from our real world. Due to this popularity and the fact that the blockchain network is getting bigger every day, it is necessary…See full review