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BYDFi is a cryptocurrency trading platform for global investors. It has continued to bring professional, convenient and new trading services to global users since 2020. With the slogan "BUIDL Your Dream Finance" takes cryptocurrency trading to a whole new level. BYDFi aspires for its platform to afford users autonomy and leave a permanent imprint on the sector's progress.
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BITYARD! Personally, I am very particular and conscious about the cryptocurrency exchange platforms I make use of as a cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. There are too many cryptocurrency trading platforms out there these days and one must be…

Bityard exchange: Trading made easy!

Bityard is a definite must-have crypto exchange. It currently boasts of about five hundred crypto trading pairs. You can also trade derivatives on the platform. Signing up Signing up on Bityard is a very simple process. It literally takes l

A review on the BitYard platform from a crypto newcomer

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new review :) As I mentioned in one of my reviews, I'm not a big expert of the cryptocurrency world, but I'm interested and learning. I try to look for new useful and understandable tools and platforms for myself.…

Another cool crypto exchange, one of the most promising at the moment

Bityard is a young exchange for trading that has appeared on the market relatively recently. The project is at the stage of active development and is only gaining popularity among traders. The service adheres to its main position: "complex contracts

Platform on which there are a lot of crypto coins and various products related to the blockchain

Let's talk about BITYARD today! What is it, what is new, and what is this service and why is it needed! Of course, everything that will be said below refers to the cryptocurrency markets, as well as the platform on which there are a lot of crypto…

BitYard - my best experience in crypto-traiding

Greetings to all investors! I decided to dedicate my first review on the platform to a company like BitYard. I have been familiar with this exchange for quite a long time and I can say for sure about all its positive and negative sides (which are…

The Reason BitYard Remains One Of My Unique Exchange

BitYard is an online trading platform specialized in crypto transactions. It was established in 2019 as one of the digital brokerages that give traders direct access to interact with a variety of the most actively traded altcoins and tokens in the…

Bit yard the Best Exchange platform for Investors to

Now a days to find a good and suitable and authentic User friendly Exchange platform is very difficult. But with the introduction of Bityard exchange platform, many problems has been solved because this exchange platform provides solutions for…

BitYard crypto exchange review 2021.

When it comes to real trading and features, BitYard delivers a rather robust service. They show a larger number of markets and are often backed up with a robust trading platform and excellent customer service. In terms of layout, the BitYard…

A project on BITYARD exchange newly launched.

Bityard offers excessive-stage privacy and security to its users, consequently supporting them to shield their platform. Traders can go to the ‘Account Security’ web page to enhance their settings. However,it is crystal clear that every validated or

Bityard Just got started with big exclusive features.

BITYARD diversifies amongst many features of trading which you might what to know. Bityard is an exchange just like Kucoin but dynamic in it own way. Today,bityard is regarded as the world's most incredible and lending cryptocurrency exchange with…

Cool features on Bityard: a secured exchange

Centralised exchanges has been a great tool for crypto investors and traders. In my multiple years of crypto trading and investing, I have used a lot of exchanges and experience different features but there are these features that made Bityard tends

Have you Heard about the BITYARD EXCHANGE? Check out this review to know more.

Bityard is an exchange from Singapore that released in 2020. It focuses on crypto derivatives and promotes the platform by allowing variety of languages with available support customer care service available to attend to users from different part of

The most striking feature of this exchange is its collaborations.

I have reviewed quite a few crypto exchanges and written reviews so far. Today, I will write a review about one of these exchanges, Bityard. Actually, I had heard about this exchange many times before, but I had not had the opportunity to review…

Really Interesting Singapore Bityard Exchange

This is a Singapore-based contract exchange. Launched in 2019, it operates under 4 different licenses. Namely, these licenses are from: Singapore (ACRA) USA (MSB) Estonia (MTR) Australia (AUSTRAC) This makes it one of the most…

Rapidly developing cryptocurrency exchange

Bityard is one of the leading exchanges in the cryptocurrency world. As a long-time user of this exchange, I will talk about some important points. First of all, this exchange allows you to make derivative transactions and forex transactions. These features are available on many exchanges, but they do not offer all of the features to users. But Bityard offers these features to users in general. You can trade futures on Bityard. Before you turn on the futures feature, you will see a warning. It indicates that users can lose money on these transactions and it is risky. I will write two features that I gave great importance in Bityard; 1) Copy Trade feature: With a special algorithm (heuristic artificial intelligence), it allows you to make similar trades you have done before. So you save time. It also eliminates transaction confusion. 2) Daily Mining: You can mine nine cryptocurrencies. These; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Xrp, BCH, EOS, TRX, USDT and BYD. In addition, the…

Centralized exchange, good interface and speed

The most interesting thing about this project is the time it has online, making it a reliable and fast cryptocurrency exchange service. For the peace of mind of many, it supports different stablecoins (so in times of great uncertainty you can quickly change your cryptos). Now when talking about the trading platform we find a user interface that is easy to use, fast and very similar to that of other exchanges, so if you already have an approach with others you can use it from the first moment. It has a futures market. Finally I can recommend using this exchange, due to its practicality and ease of use. However, keep in mind that investing in any cryptocurrency platform carries risk.

Pros & cons

  • The ecosystem and the way it was designed makes it one of the easiest platforms to use.
  • They only support stablecoins for transactions, there is no direct fiat to banks.

Wow, I’m absolutely impressed with Bityard!

Proceed with confidence, Bityard is an excellent platform which is user friendly, packed full of features, excellent customer service, large amount of markets, and a robust trading platform for both the beginner and experienced trader. For the beginner you can even make trades in a sandbox environment before executing real trades on your account. I shouldn’t have said beginner because I am aware of many top tier traders using sandbox environments! You will find an excellent customizable chart analysis in the trading platform which in my opinion is one of the best designed and user friendly out there. The charts are all highly customizable which makes it attractive to a plethora of traders from newbies to experienced to expert traders. Bityard seems to be not only transparent about how they operate, they are easily accessible to different experience levels and best of all incredibly secure. Oh, did I mention their low fees compared to others in the industry. Their website's…

Competitive Platform for crypto market

It is a market trading platform for crypto as well as forex. As a newcomer this exchange is based in Singapore and reaches a global scale because it has a wide variety of languages that support this application. Bityard is perfect for beginners and supports professional traders to invest in this application. especially crypto. many features that can be used to organize and manage your assets and are also supported by secure privacy so it is very safe for beginners or professionals. withdrawal so fast and common to a good rate. all of it should be good, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good trading phenomen. and i hope more events for this bityard as its still new.

Pros & cons

  • very good and useful for beginner
  • so much feature you can try
  • more event and feature for margin too

Bityard is one of the best exchanges in the world.

Today I want to talk about Bityard. Although Bityard is not a world famous exchange, we can define it as a national exchange because it has users from many countries of the world. The high number of users of the exchange makes it difficult to keep satisfaction high, but the exchange officials do this quite well. Judging by the statistics, most of the customer feedback is positive, so I congratulate the Bityard team, because they are doing a pretty good job. Bityard, which is not behind the world's largest exchanges, managed to create its mobile application a while ago. These applications, which are available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, were well evaluated by the users. I registered on the exchange in order to do more comprehensive research about Bityard. I must say that the transactions in the exchange are quite easy and take a short time. The main reason for this, I think, is the frequent updates to the exchange by the developers. Thanks to these updates, the…