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Review on Huawei Freebuds Cancellation Earbuds MermaidTWS Headphones by Kero Sama ᠌

Quality is top notch, happy with everything.

I'd want to dissect the criticisms that were made in the reviews I read: First of all, the claim that "the lid of the case dangles" is completely false; the cover and the headphones are secured in place. I know that "sound quality" is relative, but this fits my preferences perfectly. It's great for listening to drum and bass and other electronic music because everything sounds crisp and clear. Third, "they don't stay in my ear at all" (since my ears aren't the typical size): (this model sits securely, while it's as if they don't exist, my ears don't hurt from lengthy use. Because to how nicely they fit, I am able to ride through tough terrain with ease. 4) The claim that the microphone is "poor" is false; when compared to the HONOR Sport AM61 and Airpods, it is superior in every way. Finely tuned; I have no trouble hearing even when standing next to the road in a windstorm. Before, the headphones made it impossible for me to have a normal conversation because the noise blocked out my voice. The FreeBuds Pro really do their job, and now I can hear everything. I encountered this problem with my AirPods; when my phone was in the inside pocket of my jacket, the sound was unaffected, but when I put it in my jeans pocket, the music suddenly stopped. It's not like that when you use FreeBuds Pro.

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Pros & cons

  • I needed new headphones so I bought them to replace my Airpods. Since I'm familiar with Apple's pricing strategy, I resisted the urge to take a break and buy Airpods Pro right away. Reviews, articles, and frequent Huawei/Honor flashes helped me decide. There have been no complaints about the HONOR Sport AM61 headphones, therefore the whole family now has multiple pairs. For the most part, I am committed to these manufacturers; I have used many of their products in my own life and have had nothing but good experiences. For this reason, I've been thinking about Huawei products. So, the spotlight was directed toward the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro. Can't say I was wrong. The ears are not the permanent home of a person's first impression. My expectations were shattered, and for that I apologize. BUT! When I startled and shook my head, I saw that they were a perfect fit; I just couldn't feel it. The feelings are out of this world; typically, when using in-ear headphones, there is some pressure exerted on the eardrums by the ear cushions. Then I experienced noise cancellation for the first time, and it was a strange feeling. The bustle of the city outside fades away and I feel completely at ease in the tranquility of my own house. I won't be buying any headphones without active noise cancellation in the future.
  • No issues to report as of yet.

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