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Review on Sony Industry Leading Canceling Wireless by Kai Shift ᠌

Fits the description completely, very satisfying.

The headphones, in general, have a lot of great features and are definitely worth the purchase price. About how well they sit in the ear canals. I spent about a month trying out several positions to find one that was most comfortable for my left ear. After then, I was not in the house when it occurred to me that the ears could be different. After about half an hour, the left ear started hurting since the headphones didn't fit properly. When you first put on the headphones, I will instruct you to rotate the earpiece in your ear until the pressure stops being uncomfortable. (By the way, even on the models that appear in Sony's promotional materials, various people's headphones have somewhat varying seating positions.) You can also experiment with the nozzles, as there are seven pairs of them to choose from. They claim that the case is constructed out of an extremely fragile material. Because it appears to be soft and has a really pleasant feel to the touch, I decided to place an order with Ali for a cover. Due to the fact that the case is somewhat large and can only be stored in an empty jeans pocket, I keep it in the pocket of my jacket. with relation to the suppression of noise. It is not true, despite the assertions of several reviewers, that headphones totally block out all outside sounds. They do eliminate a significant portion of the noise, but not all of it. Personally, I use their metro, and I can attest that it is approximately 80% quieter. When I listen to podcasts, I don't cram in my earbuds or turn up the volume as high as it will go. However the "ambient" noise, such as the hum of an office or the noise from a busy highway, is the type of noise that goes away entirely. A great deal of assistance may be gained from the "world around" capability, which Apple refers to as the transparency mode. It's useful for striking up conversations with strangers in public places like stores. Throughout the decision-making process, I contrasted it with the Sennheiser true wireless (the ones with noise reduction, the second version did not exist then). The sound quality of the two pairs of headphones is extremely comparable; however, the senkhs lacked active noise cancellation at the time, and they were priced similarly to one another. As of right now (May 2022), senshi with noise reduction are priced at a factor of two higher. In addition, when using the Senkhs of the first version in single mode, you were only able to use the right earpiece. Sony does not place this restriction. In general, I would advise anyone considering purchasing headphones to first go and give them a personal listen before making a purchase. In my situation (Hong Kong), I decided to go to Dr. Head on the Arbat because it was the only place where I could instantly listen to both senkhas and Sonya in turn. There could be other shops just like this one, but I was unable to locate it.

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Pros & cons

  • Excellent quality of the sound. The availability of active noise canceling technology. Construct with care. Appropriate and convenient application (I use Android, but I believe that it is the same on iOS). Maintain a consistent connection even in locations with poor radio signal quality due to high population density. Good battery life, both independently and when considering how long it will be used with the case. I didn't keep track of the time, but it seems like the charging isn't particularly rapid. I will bill you no more than once every seven to ten days.
  • I did not instantly locate a location for the headphones in my ear that was comfortable for me to use. In addition to this, the headphones do not fit in my ears in a symmetrical manner; this is likely due to the fact that the structure of my ears is unique. In my particular scenario, the headphones are not intended to be used while running because. I attempted to run, but they started to creep out of my ear canal as they chased me.

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