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Review on Wells Fargo by Theres Hallow

Wells Fargo

Oh boy, As soon as I walked in the Wells Fargo branch all I received was unwelcomed looks by the tellers. They were very uppity towards me especially the black guy with dreads... The Caucasian woman aside from him gave me prejudice vibes. . I was so glad to get out of there! I would not recommend this bank to the devil himself!The employee Gee Gee treated me like a dog, I went to change my check and told her that if she could give me everything in cash and she told me that no if I wanted to go to another bank, I am thinking about leaving this bank because her employees especially Gee Gee give poor customer serviceOn April 27, 2020. I made a deposit of 204. 00 at the drive thur only 127. 00 was deposited. I entered the bank immediately and requested the cameras to be reviewed. My money was not returned and I was asked by branch manager to leave. I reported the problem to corporate office NO HELP. Two months later after threatening to sue and/or social media the money was put in my account. The issue caused me all kinds of money issues. The district manager NEVER returned my phone calls and I was told she didn’t know if the issues. Branch manager, teller and district manager she be replaced. If someone robbed or attempted to rob the bank they would have camera footage, employees for witnesses and person or people arrested and charged. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

Pros & cons

  • Lovely assembly
  • Rude customer service. Don’t know what they’re doing. Find another bank.