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Review on Sennheiser CX 300S In Ear Headphone With One-Button Smart Remote - White by Aashit Seth ᠌

One of the best offers, glad I bought it.

The headphones, right out of the box, do not have a sound quality that meets our expectations. At first, sibilants are really noticeable, and there is a significant amount of a deficiency in bottoms. It is necessary to run the headphones through a series of exercises using specialized sound files in order to bring forth the headphones' full capabilities. It is not difficult to locate on the internet both warm-up files and an explanation of how to warm up headphones in the correct manner. I get ready to go like this: - With a volume of 70–75% over the course of 48 hours, - Maintain a volume of 75–80% for the next 48 hours. And for the next twenty-four hours, keep the volume between 80% and 85%. In total, there are 120 hours. After warming up, the sibilants have totally disappeared, and the sound of all of the cymbals and the rest of the percussion is quite authentic. - Low frequencies have undergone a transformation of an order of magnitude, which can be characterized by both quantitative and qualitative shifts. Even though there is a lot of bass, the mids do not become bogged down by it at any point. - The meat of it was delicious. Got even better, even more thorough. In general, the sound quality of the headphones was consistent across the entire frequency range of plus five. - Due to the fact that the sound pressure has also increased, you will need to adjust the volume level on the player whenever you listen to audio now. In my opinion, at this time, these are the greatest wired, dynamic, in-ear headphones in the price range up to 4000 dollars that require a proper warm-up to perform at their full potential.

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Pros & cons

  • The new CX 300S headphones from Sennheiser are an improvement in almost every regard over their predecessor, the CX 300-II. As I have both versions of these headphones in stock at the same moment, I am able to make a comparison between the two. Thus, in order: 1. The wire has an excellent quality. The wire has a flat profile and a reasonably thick thickness. It does not tangle and almost does not brown when exposed to chilly temperatures. 2. There was a compact and lightweight remote control with just one button and a high-quality microphone for taking and making phone calls. The remote control, which also functions as a microphone, can be found just below the chin. 3. The L-shaped plug has also been modified to be better. It has improved in both its accuracy and its reliability at the same time. The contacts on the plug have a gold plating over them. 4. Headphones are not only compact but also comfortable and lightweight. They fit snugly into the ears and do not protrude in any way from the canals. They may be heard repeatedly without the hearing growing weary of the sound. Because of the ergonomic shape and compact size of these glasses, you may even wear them in the winter beneath a hat. 5. Because there are four different sets of ear pads, you will be able to find the perfect fit. 6. The sound insulation against the outside noise is satisfactory. 7. An easy-to-carry and store branded leatherette case is also included in the package. 8. Let's talk about the most important aspect now, which is the sound quality. The sound has undergone a transformation that is, in every way, an improvement. Enhanced in terms of frequency response as well as detail and a made-up scene. There is no porridge, each instrument can be heard clearly on its own as it ought to be heard. The remainder can be found in the comments.
  • There are hardly any negative aspects to be found. These are quite insignificant points of contention. 1. Complete ear pads can be used in place of vacuum suction cups in some situations. 2. Call for a preheating period. But, you should warm up any dynamic headphones that cost more than fifty dollars before using them.

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