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About 1800wheelchair

We are an Online Mobility Service Company.

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This platform is the home of different Wheelchairs, accessory, furniture, walkers and other product. It has prove itself trustworthy for any years, it has good tracking records. I like the platform…See more

About the company

1800wheelchair is a company that serves hospitals, medical centers, research centers, in short, all fields related to medicine. It is a company organized in New York. My favorite thing about…See more

A store that I think they should be more active at the international level.

1800wheelchair is a store of mobility and mobility accessories that was established and started its service life approximately 24 years ago. I have to say that it has come up with extremely good…See more


Wheelchairs are an essential tool for people who have lost the ability to move, and because these people need to sit on them for a long time around the clock, the comfort and convenience of these…See more

Helping medical lines is a top priority in saving lives.

1800 wholesalers is an incorporated firms that is concerned with carrying out unmatched distribution of medical facilities to hospitals and clinic in the medical field. The manufacture if not so but…See more