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About BDC Consulting

We’ve been providing marketing & PR services for FinTech, IT, and Blockchain products since 2011. High-performance team We consider our excellent team to be our main asset. Over the years, we’ve attended more than 15 specialized conferences and have taken 40 training courses. Our combined experience in production and digital marketing amounts to 148 years. International experience We are building products and running marketing campaigns in 14 countries including USA, Canada, Great Britain, Singapore and Japan. Strong partnership 97% of our partnerships come from recommendations. On average, we have implemented their business growth to $1.16 million. Data-driven development Client-tailored research and analytics empowers our solution and unlocks market fit.

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BDC consulting the perfect tool for growth in a young company.

BDC consulting has been successfully Public relations, and consumer needs and feedback powered Advising firm in the Blockchain industry. They have a team with a combined nearly century and a half of experience and education. These people know how…See full review

High level of marketing

We’ve been working with this agency for 2.5 years, since launching our project. They perform every service to the highest level and on time and always keep us updated on the progress. The fees are very reasonable for the quality that you get, so we…See full review