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Dorm Room Fund: provides great support for student entrepreneurs and founders.

Hi everyone, I want to tell you about the Dorm Room Fund, which is an excellent opportunity for students. We all know how hard it is to make money as a student today, and for students, building a…See more

A company that cares about students' opinions

Dorm Room Fund is an entrepreneur-supporting company run by students. They have been in this sector for about 10 years. Dorm Room Fund is a project that supports entrepreneurs especially at the…See more

Dorm room fund is an incubator for aspiring young entrepreneur

Dorm room fund is a venture capital that is designed for the development of student entrepreneur. It was born out of the idea of a venture known as first round capital with the dream that it is…See more

Entrepreneurship platform that opened its doors to students.

Dorm Room Fund is a platform that provides support and assistance to students who have entrepreneurship spirit and idea to build the future. The student entrepreneurs that were established about 9…See more

My review about Dorm Room Fund

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about Dorm Room Fund (DRF). DRF was created in the USA in 2012. DRF is a venture capital fund created in the university fund, namely a university program…See more