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About Nex Cubed

Nex Cubed is an investor and innovation partner that empowers startups, investors, corporates, and governments to bring new technologies to market, help rising companies scale, and provide paths to liquidity.Through their global innovation platform that includes Sway Ventures (VC) and Material Capital Partners (Private equity), they innovate, invest in, accelerate, and scale frontier tech companies. They accomplish this by developing Centers of Excellence (COE) around key verticals that are ripe for innovation. Each COE consists of best in class entrepreneurs, investment partners, industry experts, and government leaders.Nex Cubed has established itself as a leader in early-stage innovation and acceleration, creating a global ecosystem of 3 industry-specific COEs, 70 investments, 45 partners, 50 strategic advisors, 50 investor advisors, and over 140 mentors. Today, the Nex Cubed portfolio companies have an aggregate value of half a billion, and over 50% of the startups are led by female and minority founders.

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My review about Nex Cubed

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Nex Cubed is the key to the evolution of pioneering technologies.

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