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Sony - C400 Wireless Behind-Neck In Ear Headphone White (WIC400/W)
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Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Model NameC400
Form FactorIn Ear

About Sony - C400 Wireless Behind-Neck In Ear Headphone White (WIC400/W)

Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch. Up to 20 hours of battery life. 0.35 inch neodymium drivers for dynamic sound. Comfortable behind-the-neck style with cable management. Vibration for incoming calls. In the box: USB Cable (Micro-USB cable (approx.19 3/4 inch. (50 centimeter)). Connectivity technology : Bluetooth.

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I like it, thanks for the quality product.

April to August. The headphones were urgently needed for an interview, therefore they were bought during the first week of the mass self-isolation because their predecessors, the WI-C310, had once again gone missing. During an impromptu interview in

The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

! Over 25 hours have passed since the battery was fully charged, as indicated by the most recent reading. Battery life after 4 hours of charging. It will last a week of regular use. These headphones are convenient if you're sick of being tethered…

Did not find any pluses with the product, I don't recommend it.

The relationship with Sony is regular. But! The collection of who? China? China has recently been prospering. or, I'm not sure which one!

Pros & cons

  • The sound was good! Everything is in harmony!
  • I purchased these headphones a month ago, and they almost meet all of my expectations. The sound is balanced, and they appear to be of high quality. After starting to remove the left earpiece from my ear, I heard an unusual creak in the case. To my surprise, the earpiece itself broke apart or one part peeled off from the second, and the sound played in them despite the fact that I had carefully removed them and the contacts were still intact. This caused me to drastically change my attitude towards them. (I was hesitant to sneeze) in order to prevent any scattering at all. I had bad luck with Sony in that way.

My money is wasted, the product is terrible.

By the way, the nfs sensor on these earlier headsets only worked sporadically, however it worked flawlessly on this one despite having a broken right speaker. It's unfortunate. Sennheiser is what I'm using now.

Expectations were not met, average quality.

It is very convenient to listen to music, and there have been no complaints about the sound quality of the headphones. I took them with me so that I could talk on the phone while driving, especially for extended periods of time when the baby was sleeping. Again, I compared it to a Samsung model that is very similar to it, and while that model has a connection to two phones, I only have two phones total. It is very convenient to be able to receive calls on one headphone from both a personal phone and a work phone. I'm sorry to say that Sony does not. In general, I am pleased with the purchase and give it four out of five stars; however, the plugs themselves are not comfortable for me and do not look very good. Despite this, I give the purchase four stars. If you only put one earpiece, it will keep rolling to the opposite side no matter what. No longer interested in purchasing these, I'd rather turn to Samsung for two phones that are reasonably priced and come with standard plugs…

The product is of good quality, there is only one minor defect.

I'll give the service a try, but I doubt anything will come of it. Certain benefits I slept in them while listening to space music. With the buttons, you can switch not only tracks but also YouTube videos. They are very fit ears because they robbed them for a day from 6 in the morning to 23 at all; they didn't turn off the rim at all. has drawbacks A very significant negative is that the moisture protection was switched off today and never on. then why? because I slept in them, woke up sweating, and they had already switched off. died . I'm truly sorry. The model is simply outstanding, yet what appears to be a little error is actually fatal. They therefore worked from February through June 25.

Return my money! Disgusting product and poor quality.

I want to get a third one because I like the autonomy they provide, since I never have time to charge them, and because I always sleep in them. I watch movies till they put me to sleep, and then I wake up. Because of how comfy the rim is, I scarcely notice that they are even on my neck.

Pros & cons

  • I rarely listen to music via them since I use them for watching movies, playing games, chatting on the phone, and using the navigator for eight hours a day. A decent battery will last for three to four days without having to unhook them from the phone.
  • What a mess of wires! As soon as you take them out of the packaging, the first few of months are still normal and soft, but after that, they start to brown and burst. Because of this, they need to be thrown away because they are damaged initially at the ear and later at the body. killed two people in the span of two years.

I didn't expect the quality to be so high.

Sound. It's obviously foolish to expect high-quality music for such a budget, but even though I'm not an audiophile, I frequently have to torture the equalizer to remove extraneous frequencies (the source is a smartphone), too much highs, and nearly little bass. But, everything is in order because I purchased it for podcasts and other talk shows.

Pros & cons

  • Do not fall; it is comfy, light, and hanging about the neck. Tired of getting tangled up in wires? Use Bluetooth. Even if the product is not expensive, Sony is still of high quality. Divine cost. Extremely significant: a big battery that has never been fully discharged. There is NFC, which hasn't been tried yet.
  • Very thin and frail; you can't stuff it in a bag; a cover is required.

Not particularly happy with it, but it's mostly okay.

The soundproofing is typical. Since the wires are so thin, it is unclear how they will manifest over time. The acquisition has met my expectations. I still desire the Sony WI-1000X, though.

Pros & cons

  • + easy to press buttons with your finger + decent build quality + around 8 to 10 hours of playback + fairly loud + microphone works well
  • - The sound quality could be a little better. - The bluetooth receiver is housed in a block with buttons on the left side, and putting your smartphone on the right side of the table while listening to music might sometimes cause the signal to disappear. - The earphone picks up the sound of rubbing cables.

Not advised to buy this, does not meet the advertised standard.

I purchased the certificate on August 26 and received the certificate on September 17 after it had been subjected to a weekly examination. I put in a total of about 10–12 hours.

What did I pay for? The product is a complete failure.

The sound is not terrible, but all of these glowing reviews about super-sound are complete and utter garbage. Either the reviewers have purchased headphones with a lower price tag than 300, or they have never used headphones with a higher price tag than 300.

Pros & cons

  • It was broken on the second day after I got it in a store, where I had purchased it. The morning cardil trenka was successfully endured, but later that day there was a crack, first in the right ear, then in the left, and by the evening they just went off, and that was it. The following day, when I went back to the store, they were working, but the rim itself was vibrating intermittently.
  • Purchasing is not something I encourage doing.

I am amazed at how well made the product is, just magical!

An outstanding model that lets you listen to music without having cables all over your body and may be used in situations where it is not possible to keep the phone in your pocket safely.

A normal product, however, does not fully match the description.

If headphones didn't disconnect when you were watching a movie, they'd be ideal for sporting events. Both the design and the form are flawless. The music is crisp, but there is insufficient bass; while this is not an essential component of the training, it is nonetheless important to note.

Second-rate goods, I won't buy any more.

Purchased for my young son. I was impressed with the quality of the music and the freedom it gave me, so I decided to purchase two more units, one for myself and one for my wife. The headphones lasted a year before finally giving out (possibly wear of the wires). The headphones have a 5-year lifespan, as advertised on the MVideo website. As a result of its delicate nature, I decided against making a purchase.

Pros & cons

  • Excellent audio and independence.
  • The right earpiece quit functioning after being used for a year, much over the one year warranty's expiration. There was an obvious break in the connection between the headphones and the wire. The headphones have a 5-year lifespan, as advertised on the MVideo website. Twice while under warranty, it stopped charging (after a while, the malfunction went away by itself). The quality of the microphone on the phone is poor, making it difficult to understand what is being spoken.

Overall good, but expected more.

For the same reason that wired headphones always seem to yank at my T-shirts, I finally broke down and got these wireless headphones in August so that I could listen to music while biking without distraction. I bought these headphones for use with my iPhone 6, but they were a terrible investment. The headphones' poor compatibility with my phone meant that the music frequently stopped when I ventured outside, and the sound quality was abysmal. But I left them, verified with Samsung (I can't recall the model), walked to the office and the streets, and found that the issue had vanished. This whole experience was fantastic. Now that I'm using an iPhone XS Max, my calls aren't dropping and my callers no longer complain about the headset, however occasionally there are sonic distortions that go through.

Lousy product, very low quality.

Since it would be foolish to want more from the plugs, I would put up with the poor sound quality of the headphones. I just wanted to watch YouTube or listen to music while driving or working out. But, when playing music, there are intermittent little creaks and crackles. Some YouTube videos have a constant crackling. connected to an iPad and an iPhone. The problem is improved on the iPad, but there are still some jitters. Resetting the settings has no effect. Listening is not possible. It's too bad. I'll try to come back.

Pros & cons

  • Enjoy your seat lengthy work Well done It's Sony.
  • impossible wheezes and clicks

I wasn't thrilled with the product, but it can be used.

To tell you the truth, I had higher hopes for them. Prior to that, there were JBL BT110s, which are less expensive but provide a sound that is roughly comparable to the newer models. The wire is composed of a very low-quality plastic that, when exposed to frigid temperatures, turns rigid and brittle. A failure of this magnitude for a firm of SONY's stature would be for them to employ a wire similar to that seen in low-priced Chinese headphones sold on AliExpress. A separate rewind button is not present, which is something else I'd like to point out. This is accomplished by holding down the volume buttons for an extended period of time. In addition to that, the button for rewinding does not always operate. Occasionally the power button is faulty, and you have to press it three times before it turns on. In addition, the speakers do not magnetize with each other, despite the fact that it does not appear to be necessary for a plastic arc to have this property.

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

- I tried on, evaluated other options that were identical to them for a very long time, made my choice, listened to the sound, etc. After listening to and evaluating a dozen, the Sony WI-C400 was selected. Sound reproduction is excellent. There are highs and lows as well as a middle. No porridge or cacophony exist. Nevertheless, you need a really good audio file for this (for the sake of experiment, I tried different ones). It makes sense that the terrible sound or music will make someone feel disgusted. Overall, these headphones are great for listening to music. You may even customize the equalization to your preferences. - Regarding the headset, it performed well in this category. Very well heard is the interlocutor. - high degree of independence. In only five days, I was unable to release them. I spent a lot of this time watching videos and listening to music online (even through Google Music). Probably between three and four hours every day. - also, calls. In addition to the…

The price/quality ratio is great, I will buy again.

I received them four days ago. Do not believe it; the battery finally ran out just as I turned the device on to charge. Even though I used them for more than 5-6 hours a day, the charge was sufficient for all 20 hours, probably because I listened at 30–60% volume. Regarding ergonomics, whoever speaks, but all the buttons are in their proper locations, it's simple to use intuitively, the bow is comfortable, the microphone is decent, at least they hear me clearly when I'm speaking. Regarding audio, it is just great - the sound is superb, everything is in its proper place, and there is the ideal balance of lows and highs, i.e., the bass is good without being overpowering, and they do not overrun the middle and upper spectra in order to rule out failures. If you also activate the 3D mode on the equalizer, it's just a buzz and enjoying the sound above all else. As a result, it appears as though a live orchestra is playing in your head. You can actually hear each instrument clearly and as…

Best product I have ever reviewed, I recommend it to everyone!

I have wired jbl became spare, and I don't compare the sound anymore. I carry it with me in case (if Sonya suddenly sits down, but they last for a long time, but sometimes you forget that you need to charge at least once every five days). Maybe the smartphone itself makes the sound richer, but neverttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Pros & cons

  • Sound!
  • Since the assembly was already moist according to custom, it appears there were no negative effects, so perhaps they just appear uninteresting.