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About The Family

The Family is building the largest and most sophisticated service infrastructure for startups in Europe. Their model is to take 5% equity for free in exchange of long-term support. Today, they have a portfolio of 200+ active companies in London, Paris and Berlin, including Captain Train (acquired by Trainline), Algolia and Payfit.

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The Family..

This company is named after The Family because it helps all novice people access capital to create large and scalable global companies. six months The Family selects 50 sophisticated companies from…See more

The Family accelerator is my favourite one.

The family system is an organization that has selected 50 start-ups from all countries of the world and communities to accelerate economic growth and elevate them to the world level in any country…See more

The Family.

rrIt is a system that brings big entrepreneurs from everywhere and seeks the best resources and has succeeded with the help of investors in Europe and after this success has expanded companies and…See more

The Family is the best accelerator company in France.

The family is a company that cares about leading entrepreneurs and managing their projects to reach the best financial and economic results. This company was founded almost ten years ago by Lebanese…See more

Entrepreneurs family

The Family is a corporate company that supports entrepreneurs. It supports the initiatives especially at the seed stage and ensures their development. It provides global support. This company has…See more

My review about The Family

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about The Family company. Created in 2012, The Family is a company that stands out in both accelerator, incubator, union and some other business…See more