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TON Crystal Wallet

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About TON Crystal Wallet

TON Crystal Wallet is a multifunctional wallet and FreeTON dApp transport for Chrome that lets you keep your funds secure on the TON blockchain. The wallet has a convenient interface, supports all the popular types of multi-signatures, and allows users to add as many seed phrases as they like. Other unique features of Crystal Wallet include the ability to create multiple keys from one seed phrase and to choose your desired network connection. Also, Crystal Wallet users have the option of creating additional accounts, or addresses.

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an extremely easy-to-use wallet, whose main objective is to allow the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

The great hype and revolution that cryptocurrencies have had in recent months is impressive and represents an opportunity for many projects and developers to seek to offer alternatives that allow these cryptocurrencies to become widespread, and...See full review

TON Crystal Wallet about cryptocurrency

Everyone is invited. Today I want to tell you about the company. I started using it quite recently. And I want to highlight several advantages, the level of security is the first. I don't have to worry about my personal data being comforted. The...See full review

It is a wallet that is very successful in all respects and will not cause any problems.

TON Crystal Wallet is a platform created for the purpose of keeping your cryptocurrencies that you own or intend to buy securely. I can say that this wallet, which uses blockchain technology, is extremely good in terms of usage and functionality...See full review

Although Ton Crystal Wallet is a new wallet, it already manages to compare with famous and experienced wallets like MetaMask.

Before I go into detail on how TON Crystal Wallet differs from other wallets, I'd want to state that I have big hopes for the wallet's future, despite the fact that it currently has a relatively tiny user base. There are reasons for this, of course…See full review

TON CRYSTAL WALLET, Good wallet and easy to use.

What parameters to evaluate when deciding which crypto wallet to adopt. The financial world with the emergence of cryptocurrencies has been evolving in a dizzying way, the convenience of transferring currency from one person to another in a...See full review

I have been trying the wallet for exactly 1 month to write this review and here I am sharing the result of my experience.

ton crystal wallet chrome extension Hello dear users of the crypto world. Cryptocurrency wallets are a bridge that helps you store your private key and interact with multiple ledgers depending on the type of wallet you have set up. The most popular...See full review

TON Crystal Wallet, an effective and efficient extensions based wallet

TON Crystal Wallet is cryptocurrency wallet software based on a Chrome extension designed to process crypto assets, including bitcoins and tokens, and send and receive crypto assets with the least amount of hassle to send or receive to recieve...See full review

TON Crystal Wallet could be a big hit in the crypto world in the near future

Friends, today I'm going to share my opinions on the TON Crystal Wallet. First and foremost, I must state that this wallet is rather nice and has the potential to be far more successful than any other wallet I've seen. The wallet's simplicity of...See full review

Although it is new for now, it is a wallet that is highly evaluated and loved by almost all of its users.

Hello to everyone. The review I want to write today is about the TON Crystal Wallet. TON Crystal Wallet is a crypto wallet that hit the market some time ago. As we know, there are quite a few crypto wallets in the market, but people keep looking...See full review

Unparalleled security competitive with physical wallets!

There are different types of cryptocurrency wallets. Offline wallets, online wallets as well as some wallets are decentralized and others are centralized, although centralized wallets currently include a small number. TON Crystal wallet is...See full review