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A very comprehensive support company

Velocity is a company that supports projects at the seed stage in every aspect. It is a Canadian based operating company. Velocity collaborates with the University of Waterloo. Velocity focuses on…See more

Velocity-My review on it.

Velocity is an e-environment that procures to any level client trust by making sure that are the necessary demands for investors are put in order. The enpasses all fields of general science…See more

My review about Velocity

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about Velocity. Velocity was created in 2008 in Canada. Velocity is an entrepreneurship program and incubator. Created at the University of Waterloo in…See more

An ideal choice for pre-seed initiatives.

Velocity, this platform is a company that provides incubator support for ambitious developers and founders who are pre-seeded in the early stage, and does so worldwide. It is a signed…See more