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I registered almost at the same time I registered here in Revain, in principle the reason was that they accepted the REV token which is the one used in this platform, however I found the exchange very good and has all the features available in the best known as Binance and Coinbase, I consider it even more user friendly, Victim of fraud with cryptocurrency theft The exchange was affected by a massive theft of cryptocurrencies that passed the 300,000,000 dollars, cybercriminals intervened hot wallets of users, the exchange faced the situation very positively and returned their assets to the affected people, a part was recovered and the remaining part was managed with the insurance available to the exchange, managing to cancel the users of 100% of what was stolen. For this reason, the exchange shielded its security system and nowadays it has not had any more problems in this sense and is considered as one of the safest exchanges. What I liked about the exchange. I consider it very safe and reliable, with a large number of cryptocurrencies available in its listing, with many pairs to make quick exchanges in a satisfactory manner. In the short time I have been working with this exchange I have used it basically for trading, which I have found safe and fast, I think it is due to its great liquidity, with which we can make exchanges in a fast way, I have not been able to operate the exchange in depth yet, but I have made a complete study of the Kucoin platform and roughly I could list its benefits as follows: • Low mining fees. • Good returns to the mining pool • Quick purchase of USDT tokens using Visa credit cards. • Allows margin trading • Facility for futures trading • Available from boot as a guide for trading • Raffles where you can earn good profits with low investment. In summary the exchange has everything you need to operate, whether it is advanced users or just beginners like me who are starting in this world of cryptocurrencies, which is why I give the highest rating of 5 stars to this exchange and I can recommend it to anyone who also wants to start without much trouble. I have seen many experienced cryptocurrency users and generally recommend having several exchanges and not just one, I wondered the reason, and it is simple, not in all exchanges you get all the cryptocurrencies, if you need to operate with a new cryptocurrency or not very commercial, having several exchanges the safest thing to do is to have the cryptocurrency in question in one of them. That is already a compelling reason, on the other hand if the exchange with which you have more assets experience failures or problems, you have the option to move your assets to another, what I am very clear is that Kucoin is my first choice of exchange, I have never had a problem and although I am not an expert I can recommend that if you have a lot of capital in cryptocurrencies, keep the bulk of the assets in cold wallets like Coinomi, you will be the owner and custodian of your addresses, and keep for example in Kucoin the amount in assets to make operations that you require. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Atomic Hub Marketplace

The Blockchain world advances unstoppably, the appearance or creation of non fungible tokens is a sample of this, since with them you can sell images or works of art embodied in a token, with the main feature of uniqueness, ie the token is unique and can not be exchanged, can only be sold, This has given rise to many people, mostly artists, to capture their art in images and monetize them as non fungible tokens or NFT, something great, not only art, I have seen NBA basketball plays being marketed, musical artists also do their thing, and even images captured in photographs of historical events have also had a place in this market, This company, Atomic Hub Marketplace, is an online store whose objective is precisely to give NFT token sellers the opportunity to sell their NFT tokens on its platform, Charging a small commission for it, you offer your token in the corresponding category. The platform is relatively young just over a year since its founding, however it has many people registered and a large number of tokens traded, from the platform you can buy or sell NFT tokens, you can also create them and associate your art to trade, however desbes make a registration for it, accept as a means of payment the WAX token, at least for now only that. To create a NFT token you must follow the rules for it, the most relevant: A unique name, description of the creator, the art must be unique and original, description or narrative of the art, and a template where all your published art will be, that is the most relevant. there is a point that is worth clarifying, on the web there is a section called trade, you might think that it is to exchange tokens, but that is not so, the NFT tokens have no associated pairs and are not exchanged, the purpose of this section is only to send NFT token to a friend or person. I must warn that the NFT tokens lend themselves to scams, there have already been many cases of people scammed, however this platform is reliable, I recommend it, you just have to be very cautious about the art you are acquiring. Tam incelemeye bakın

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The Booksmith

Many bookstores have in some cases a particular theme, and you can be sure that this is not the case of The boooksmith, it is something really eloquent the variety of books and themes that you can find in this bookstore, extensive thematic something amazing: books of arts in all genres, all sciences, architecture, design, reading for children, food, technology, computers, cars and sports, drinks, stories, literature, fiction, sales, health and lifestyles, photography, politics almost I dare to assure that the book you need here you will find it, They also specialize in selling magazines, whether financial or otherwise, the company operates a chain of bookstores in about 5 locations, all in Thailand, the main ones being located in Gaysorn village in Bangkok, Chiang Mai international airport and Don Mueang airport. Not only can you buy in physical stores, you can also order internationally from their website, they do not ship worldwide, so you should check if shipping is available to your country, and how much would be the freight amount for shipping. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Estate Sterling

Parisian store whose objective is to commercialize fine silver cutlery, tableware sets, candlesticks, tea sets in the best English style, All made in sterling silver, the most used in antiquity when all silverware was made in silver, many of these pieces of silverware are works of art that have survived the time for its elaboration that we could say that they are eternal, The company accepts international purchases with Paypal payment method, as well as credit cards, also bank transfers in international banks, the company also buys items made of silver, which is why it is a good way to locate their forged products, prices are high in some cases depends on the weight and age of the product, however they are open to negotiate if your budget does not reach the published value. Many will wonder if it is a bad investment, and the answer is no, silver is increasingly revalued, and even more if it is fine pieces that have a double revaluation, I would say that it is more than a treat, to make a very good investment, some short-term savings, there are sets of cutlery that exceed 60 thousand dollars, something prohibitive for many. However there are pieces of lesser value that can fit your budget. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Random Book Club

Many people prefer to have a physical book than read online, something very usual nowadays, however I consider that reading from the physical is more exciting and entertaining. For the lovers of reading based in Scotland they have this important store whose objective is to sell books from their carefully selected store, if you subscribe to their store you can receive a randomly selected book every month, this gives a touch of intrigue and excitement. The company is global, that is to say you can buy anywhere in the world you are and relive your book, the cost of the subscription varies, in Scotland only 69 dollars a year, Europe 99 and the rest of the world 149 dollars, the books are second hand, since the store buys and sells books. That is their main objective. The books do not have a defined or pre-established theme, they are varied topics, I want to clarify that in the subscription is already included the price of the book and the cost of shipping, subscribe is very simple, you must complete a small form, Many will wonder if the business is really profitable? And considering that they opened in 2008, more than 25 years in the business, I do not doubt that it is profitable. If you want the thrill of reading a book that comes to you monthly without knowing its subject, here is an interesting option, I recommend it. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Antique Archaeology

Many of us know Mike Wolfe for his role in the successful series Treasure Hunters and American Pickers, now following the same theme we will see him as the founder of an antique store where you can buy objects products of this collection that he has undertaken for years. And it is impressive what you can find in this store, from a motorcycle to a bottle opener or a simple keychain, something great. It is not only limited to antique or curious items, also objects that for one reason or another were part of the life of the North American, the store in question was opened in 2011 a year after he settled in the city of Nashville, capital of the state of Tennessee, folkririca cradle of Country music, a cultural legacy of the North Americans. In the online store you can find clothes like shirts, shirts, hats, general clothing for men, women and children, accessories and souvenirs. In the physical stores located in Nashville and Lecraire, also well stocked, but you can even buy motorcycles, gifts and household items. For online shopping and shipping in the United States you must register on their website, only requires your email, the company also has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Ebay. Also on their website you can sell that antique or curious object you want to trade with their store, two forms are available for this, you can sell your motosicleta or any curious object. Tam incelemeye bakın

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The global energy crisis hand in hand with the pandemic, have made the world of motorcycles and two-wheeled vehicles in general add more followers, so that any industry that is related is important, either in sales of vehicles, as well as in parts and accessories, the latter is the goal of this company RevZilla, a company founded in 2007 with what already has more than 13 years in the industry, initially it was only for bicycles but was developing its market and expanded to motorcycles, is based in the United States specifically in Philadelphia, is global in nature, you can order from almost anywhere in the world, that I could corroborate, I contacted and asked if they could sell and send a helmet to my country Venezuela, the answer was affirmative, good advice and attention, In their website you can register to make purchases online, they accept Paypal as a payment method and international credit cards either visa or mastercard, they process international shipments, the company in question sells accessories in general such as helmets, electric batteries, rubbers, clothing in general as jackets, casual wear, glasses, hats, boots, safety accessories, clothing for ladies and gentlemen depending on the type of motorcycle either road, sport, touring, mountain and have in stock bicycles for sale. Something that I found very good is that they have a team of experts to advise you on any matter, of course in the matter of motorcycles and accessories, which will assist you either from their online chat, via telephone and simply via email. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Onebit Ventures

Many good blockchain projects fall by the wayside and in the worst cases do not even reach the startup stage, and it is not because they are bad projects or have poor developers, the reason is lack of funding, for that reason financial companies with venture capital funds open to global investors who want to invest in ventures, such is the case of Onebit ventures, which is a company founded and based in London England, is a global financial fund whose objective is to finance innovative projects of blockchain technologies. Most of these financial companies are formed by associations of similar companies and have potential investors around the world, so they manage to consolidate a solid investment fund, Onebit does not escape from it, it belongs to a group Golside capital whose mission is to develop decentralized financial projects as well as projects based on non-fungible NFT tokens, all for the giant exchange Binance, on its Smart blockchain, The Onebit platform has managed to consolidate its investment fund, a decentralized exchange, a pool to capture liquidity, an environment for NFT asset auctions, a wallet and the possibility for users to make stakes and pools for mining, something to give profits to users who intervene. The company has good partners and already has a portfolio of consolidated ventures. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Video games initially began as an entertainment developed by young people for the entertainment of young people, but with the passage of time today is an industry whose market moves almost 200 billion dollars a year worldwide, a very large figure for what began as an entertainment for kids, in the last two years the number of consumers and sales have increased more rapidly and it is understandable for issues of the pandemic Covid that afflicts humanity, Gaming cards come into play Which are nothing more than rechargeable gift cards with a certain value can operate to play either online on the pc depending on the game, mobile equipment or device either consoles, nintendo, portable systems and other devices allow you to play or have access to some entertainment. The market is already a great economic world in which the protagonists have a good profit is where it becomes important this young English company MRSUDANI which aims to market cards for video games and entertainment. I say young since it was founded just in July of this year 2021, based in London England, with just 3 months of founded and already has good prestige and good acceptance, To get a better idea I registered on their website which is very simple you just have to register by filling out the very simple format, a few data and ready, do not restrict by country, however when purchasing cards online from their website, you should check the description well as there clearly explain where the cards operate, or entertainment services. It is important to read the description of the card you wish to purchase. It is eloquent the variety and number of video games available, you can make online purchases from their website and as a means of payment they accept the following means: Paypal, Payeer, some cryptos, theter and the international cards Visa and MasterCard, you can add to your shopping cart and make the purchase online, paying with the mentioned means. By virtue of the above I can highly recommend this company, you can access their website and see the wide variety of games and entertainment that you can find on this platform. Tam incelemeye bakın

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