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when I use the wallet wallet I am very impressed, the cool look makes me comfortable when using it, especially when I want to use the wallet wallet to send my tokens / items I don't need to bother setting up the gas fee to send, I just set it by sliding the lever to adjust the fee that I want to use to send, then I can also sell the engine items or game items that I want directly through the wallet permission, I can also melt the items when I dislike the items in the permission wallet directly, for security is guaranteed Your wallet data is very safe and you don't need to worry about thatTam incelemeye bakın

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in my opinion OKEx is an exchange that is very concerned about its users because at OKEx provides OKEx academy to educate its users in doing the right trading at OKEx academy there are basic trading tutorials and they also give trading tutorial beginners there are lots of tutorials there, and in my opinion it is very helpful OKEx users in order to become reliable traders, at OKEx also supports Mining Pool for miners, then OKEx also develops hot and cold wallet technology developed by experts from all over the world so that users will not lose their coins. Its good I hope OKEx is growing rapidly with extraordinary technologyTam incelemeye bakın

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Bittrex is an exchange that ranks ninth in coinmarketcap, I have used this market for a long time and my experience using bittrex is its unique appearance. We can change different trading chart layouts such as compact, modern, multy task layout, view only, and chart only , and it is very interesting in my opinion to improve the experience when trading, and we also have drawing tools and trading indicators. All of these features really help me when trading on Bittrex, but unfortunately there are features that are not yet available in Bittrex ie there are no futures trading available. , Margin and leading, I hope Bittrex can develop these features for the futureTam incelemeye bakın

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My experience using coinsbit is that I am very disappointed with the services provided there, starting from when I do the KYC verification (Know your customer). This process takes 2 weeks until my account is verified and it makes me uncomfortable and upset, then when I make a deposit My Stellar Coin has to wait more than 1 week and I have to argue with customer service and my new coin enters my coinsbit account, I suggest to improve customer service more so that users feel more comfortable and secure when using coinsbit services and improve the deposit system and Withdrawal so as not to often pending for weeks Sunday hopefully coinsbit becomes even betterTam incelemeye bakın

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Atomic Swap Wallet

overall this wallet is good Atomic wallet is one of the wallet that provides cryptocurrency swap feature which has quite a lot of choices to provide more than 60 types of crypto that we can swap, in my opinion it is very helpful so I don't need to send crypto from atomic to the exchanger to swap and it's very helpful, for the display it's good easy to understand but I think developers need to add identity verification to further enhance the security of transactions in atomic walletTam incelemeye bakın

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Blockchain Wallet

blockchain is the first bitcoin wallet that is very impressive to me, I found this wallet from the airdrop xlm event held by the blockchain wallet at the time, so I installed it and after that I felt this wallet was pretty good in terms of user interface that was easy to understand and easy to operate, and what I like is every user is required to verify their identity to secure their blockchain account, but what I regret is this wallet is very slow when accessed and it makes me uncomfortable when using it but the rest is goodTam incelemeye bakın

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Trust Wallet

I have been using a trust wallet, I think this wallet is quite good, in terms of my user interface it is easy to understand how to use it, very easy to understand, then I can also import my erc20 wallet from another wallet to this trust wallet application easily, for the dapp browser feature also runs well there are no obstacles as long as I use it I did not find bugs or program errors in this trust wallet application, when sending balances in the trust wallet all processes run quickly, and at a low cost so that I do not need to pay more to pay for shipping costsTam incelemeye bakın

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