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We came to Ampleforth, a new project. . This project, which is a Defi project, has events defined as very high volatility and rebase. Even though I don't understand it looks like a nice thing. New lists are good for everyone. It might be nice to list it on exchanges like Coinbase Binance. Although it does not have much of a history as a coin, it is a coin known to most people. First of all, this coin published on Kucoin takes its name from coinbase news. I hope this project will develop more and in the future it will be referred to as an etherium, bitcoin. Although it is currently priced at $ 1.07, I think these prices are low for this coin. As a result, it seems a good idea to follow the coin.Tam incelemeye bakın

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New swap Airswap

Yes, airswap is a new decentralized coin. Airswap coin uses erc20 infrastructure. You can buy it with your own ethic, but its erc20 base makes you think a bit. I wonder why not using another infrastructure? Why pay high fees to investors using this infrastructure? I hope they can find a solution for their fee problem in their new projects other than these projects. It's his drama project, and you know, the favorite of this year is the drama. Considering it realistically, what would the payoffs be if it was a bull season? Following from a corner can lead to good returnsTam incelemeye bakın

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New Project DAİ

Dai project, which appears as a very new crypto, is a project that aims to become a stabşl coin by fixing itself. Although it is not a crypto project that is not well known by most people, I think its future is very bright. But it should be used to use stable coins. For this, the people at the beginning of the dai project will help to expand the scope of using the coin and prepare new agreements. Although there is an advantage for project owners who want the Dai project to be stable, as I said, I think it will be a disadvantage for investors if it is not used. As a result, I think it might be good to watch this project with a future.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Cardano (ADA)

Yes Cardano is one of my favorite projects. Although it entered the decentralized financial sector early and was run in a country like Japan, it was known as a project that upset its followers until this year. I see it as the most useful project for blockchain technology after Bitcoin and Etherium. I think that after the project is developed, the responsible should pay attention to advertising. This will have a positive effect on both the product and its followers. I think they should use the cardano infrastructure in new projects. As a result, this project has a future, and it would be great if people realized that early on.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Compound Dai

The Compound Dai project appears as a new burial project. First, let me tell you the good and bad sides of the drama projects. Good sides 1. You do not need to spend a lot of unnecessary time as it has a decentralized structure. 2. You can easily borrow and lend money. And you can earn money from it. Bad sides 1. It is difficult to find an addressee for any problem. 2. There are high fee problems. I hope Compound Dai continues on its way by changing its good sides and removing its bad sides. At the moment, all his work is progressing well. I'll be watching what you can do.Tam incelemeye bakın

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The susd fixed cryptocurrency is tied to usd, which is a nice advantage in more ways than one. 1.USD currency can be provided by multiple companies 2. Anti-manipulation for cryptocurrencies. I think the disadvantages are as follows: 1.High wage rates as it depends on the Erc-20 base 2. Few adoptive change. As a result, its future as a cryptocurrency dependent on a new US dollar is clear, but needs to be developed. While making these improvements, it will be an important factor not to regret its structure and the people who use it.Tam incelemeye bakın

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First of all, I want to convey what their vision is from their mouths. Their vision was to present an anonymous coin aimed at taking advantage of the best practices of the future dash pivx that works today. They have their own blockchains. Although they use the erc20 infrastructure, keeping such a coin ahead can be a benefit. Although there are nearly 3 million coins around at the moment, they are in the 506th place in marketcap. Like every coin, I can say that it is at this stage of development. However, it is obvious that the less painful and sooner they can complete this development, the sooner they will be open. New exchanges and effective campaigns will allow this coin to be recognized by more people in a short time.Tam incelemeye bakın

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my wiew

When I look at the Nectar project, I see that this is an alctcoin project. As you know, this year has been a golden year for burial projects. Everyone is doing research on Defi and talking about where we can get it. I think they can start with this project. He says that the technical features and price of the project are appropriate. The fact that it can be easily purchased from several good exchanges increases the attractiveness of the project. It provides an opportunity for those who want to hold the project for a long time, which is advantageous for those who hold Nec, but more research is needed about this project. I'm finishing my post here, I'll update my post as I learn new thingsTam incelemeye bakın

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Bitcoin in my wiew

I would like to share my own little experiences with you. Bitcoin is a kind of igniter for the formation of this entire ecosystem and is seen as the successor to gold in today's economy. There are people who make money from this coin, such as miners and investors. I think he can do great things in the future because it gets everyone's attention. I hope Bitcoin will remain unforgettable and remembered when electronic money comes out in the future. As for the technical issue. You can buy bitcoin from all crypto exchanges. Most altcoins can be purchased by using btc. But when you want to withdraw to another location, you have to pay a certain fee. If you are trading with small amounts, it can be a bit annoying. I wish this amount was a little lower frankly.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a wallet I use very often. Let me tell you a few reasons to use this app that is better than most apps on the market. 1. Supports Erc20 based coins. It allows you to participate in events such as airdrops. 2. Supports coins in Tron infrastructure. 3. Supports hundreds of coins. 4. It provides the opportunity to earn money by inviting your friends. 5. It has a stock market feature. The downsides are 1. Sometimes you can pay high fees. 2.Sometimes application errors occur These are my comments I hope you find me right. And I am waiting and reading your commentsTam incelemeye bakın

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