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StealthEX is a wallet to wallet trading platform that allow users to trade more than 400 cryptocurrency assets using fiat currency. Been a wallet to wallet trading platform enable it partnered with some popular exchange platform so as to select best trading deal on market for it user. It has simple and easy to use interface that allow users to make instant swap. I like the fact that StealthEX Allow Users To Have Full Control Of Their Assets by not Store funds on the platform which makes the assets more safer in their custody. It runs an anonymous platform that did not required personal information of users, also did not compulsory registration or sign up into the website before Access the platform. HOW IT WORKS. It requires four simple steps to complete a trade or swap. 1 you choose exchange. 2 you enter the crypto wallet address of coin you want to buy. 3 you deposit the amount of crypto you want to buy in the wallet address provided by the platform. 4 you receive exchange funds into your wallet address. The process is simple if you follow the steps but to avoid lost of funds make sure you copy correct address from you wallet. The fact is that I have not trade on the platform but I have been able to navigate it website and confirmed it easy to use, and based on my research for StealthEX exchange on some search engine Combine with User reviews I, also confirm StealthEX has a very active customer support that attend to user feedback instantly and always want to help at anytime. Customer support is a very important aspect on trading platform because it receive users feedback and enable the platform to earn users trust. Finally, I will love to update my review when I use the platform, and feedback all Features of StealthEX exchange platform but before then I recommend you try to use the platform and experience the good atmosphere of it, though it not financial advice.Tam incelemeye bakın

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GAGARIN Launchpad

In the crypto space we have different categories of market players with similar goals, such as investors, specialist and cryptocurrency start-ups but most innovative project find it difficult to locate these important categories of market players so as to join together for mutual benefits, that is why many high potential project end up unnoticed or even abandon. But to find solution to these problem GAGARIN LAUNCHPAD decided to create a large and active platform that will be able to satisfy the interest of all the categories of market players by bringing together the specialists, startups and investors using expertise evaluation performed by group of professional companies that partnered with the platform. How it works. GAGARIN launchpad search for high potential and innovative project at early stage then allow experts to evaluate the project and provide necessary assistance for the project to realize it potential, After evaluation, the project will pass through incubation and acceleration stage where the platform will provide needed service such as financial analysis, technical expertise, legal advice, software development, security audits, marketing support etc just to mention few. Then IDO stage where project will provide vital information such as roadmap, business plans and project description, fundraising details and others that will allow the platform to offer the project IDO. After IDO, investors will now decide based on experts evaluation. The most interesting part of GAGARIN LAUNCHPAD is that it allow the platform operation highly transparent to users by sending information about the project being incubated and selected for launch through the interface, it allow users to follow the Technical development of the project, it allow them to participate in IDO, they can also take part in marketing activities if acceptable by the project development. Also, investors Will stop investing in project without feature and futures, both experienced and newbies investors will Invest in innovative project that will give profit. I recommend GAGARIN launchpad platform because it's an innovative platform that has the ability to satisfy the interest of market players. It locate high potential project, provide experts to evaluate also provides investors that Invest in the project to become a successful project. So therefore, if you want to launch your project you are welcome to GAGARIN LAUNCHPAD platform where you wil receive the support needed for your project to become a successful project.  ITam incelemeye bakın

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Roobee is an investment company located on blockchain technology that supports Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocol, it offer investment options like ETFs, Pre-IPO, Crypto portfolio etc that gives User different portfolio options to chose from. The team make use of software Platform and AI to design easy to use interface and simple to navigate website for both experience and inexperience user. Roobee investment company has native token which is use as gateway payment on the platform with other cryptocurrencies and fiat Currency, user can hold, stake and farm it to receive rewards, it use to reduce fees on the platform, holders will be opportunity to receive NFTs. It can be trade on uniswap, liquid, Bitforex, gate io and other. It can be safe and store on trust wallet and Treor. What concern me most of the Roobee investment Platform is that it allow both low, medium and large capital investors to invest on the platform conveniently. It gives new investors with small capital like myself the opportunity to invest in blockchain digital assets with at low as $10 which is equivalent to #4,800 of my country money. About the KYC verification am ok with it because it serves as Security measure but some are complaining that it not allow easy accessible of the platform so I request that the team reduce the KYC requirements so that many new investors will be able to access the platform easily.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Genius Assets

Genius Assets is a cryptocurrency and investment management platform created with a goals of bringing Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to real estate and helps cryptocurrency investors to invest in a wide variety of non-crypto options so as to increase investors income. Apart from real estate investment, Genius Assets team has also provided various ways in which investors can invest such as Genius Air, Genius highway, Art, NFTs, Sports and others in such a way that both investors and company will benefits maximally. Genius Assets has it native token $IUX which is ERC20 base token that will be used to make payment and transaction on the platform which allows direct transaction between the investor's and the company, it can also reduce transaction charges, fee, taxes and others for passive income. Although the token is not available on exchange as am reviewing the platform, it will soon be available on exchange for buying and selling. Furthermore, looking at Genius Assets Roadmap you will see that the team behind the project has a very fantastic plans for investors to earn passively, but Genius team need to put more effort to implement the roadmap, then, Genius Assets will become successful project and one of the top investment company that Combine Blockchain And Cryptocurrency To Real Estate. Meanwhile the screenshot of the website roadmap is on the photo below. Although, all investment most especially online investment involve risk, so, Genius Assets encourage the investor's in the risk Disclaimer to invest carefully because investors bear the risk of loss in any financial decisions they make. So please do your own research before investment. In conclusion, Genius Assets is a recommended investment company that has various categories of assets both cryptos and non-cryptos that allow investors to increase or double their profit within short period of time. But they need to put more effort to accomplish their aim so that they will gain ecosystem trust. However, I recommend you as investor to do thorough investigation or research on any investment platform before invest. More information about Genius Assets is available on it website and social medias. Tam incelemeye bakın logosu


Midas investments is a Cryptocurrency investment Platform for proof of stake and masternode coins created in 2018 and based in Russia. It allow users to buy, sell, deposit assets and earn coin like Phore, Tritium, Pivx, Dash, Bitcoin, Divi, Blocknet, Smartcash, Rapids, Ethereum and Litcoin. It offer earning option for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly which gives users the opportunity to choose earning Option. It has a friendly interface that allow users to trade, mine, manage and monitor their income assets on the same Platform without charges i.e zero fee on all coin. Midas investment make use of multi layer wallet Security to protect user assets and for the past three years of operation no report of scam or theif shows that the platform is Secured to some measure. Midas investment support more than 50 coins which gives the Investors the opportunity to invest in many coin of their choice. In fact midas investment is a recommendable company that Investors can try to invest in but not financial advice, individual should do thorough research before invest in any PlatformTam incelemeye bakın

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Ignis features

There is no way we can talk about Ignis that we will not mention Ardor, because Ignis is the first child chain of Ardor, while Ardor as the parent blockchain provides Security and functionality inherit by Ignis. Ignis work on proof of stake POS consensus algorithm. It can be use to experiment and build public applications through the available features on the Ardor Platform Ignis also has many excellent features which I will mention few It store all transactions in a public ledger where everyone can view, show transparency It support coin shuffling algorithm where many user can shuffle equal amount of token into recipient account and the source account will remain anonymous. It Support coded It support sophisticated multi-signature features know as account control It can use assets control to restrict assets transactions It has low transaction It has lightweight contracts that provides a layer of automation on Ardor Platform.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Review On Ardor

Ardor is an open source Cryptocurrency Platform created in order to solve many problem encounter industries. Is a multichain Blockchain with a parent-child chain architecture that was designed to be flexible, scalable and Secured which open door for the mainstream adoption Ardor is based on Nxt technology, it work on proof of stake (POS) consensus algorithm. It offers blockchain as a service to both individual and organizations in the sense that it help both individuals and companies to create Blockchain whereby the created blockchain will be called child chain and Ardor blockchain will be the parent chain. The Security of the whole Platform is provided by Ardor blockchain while the interoperable child chain inherit all the functionality Ardor is Available on windows, Max, Linux and Android Platform show that it is easy to access It has many active social media platforms part of transparencyTam incelemeye bakın

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BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX)

My Review On HBTC Exchange.

HBTC is a Cryptocurrency exchange Platform from malta that was rebranded from BHEX in April 2020, so it can be says that is a new trading platform on crypto market. Initially I know nothing about this Trading Platform, thanks to Revain that announced the integration of Rev token on HBTC exchange which makes it the first time of hearing and I checked and researched on the platform, here is my review First of all, when I open the website I find it interface to be friendly, easy to navigate and well translated in simple English that is easy to understand, Although it has other translation like about six languages with some trading nodes like spot trading, contract trading, options trading and others that enable users to trade with high profit. I also noticed that the exchange has many strong investors including institutional investors. Seen the interface very easy to use I decided to register, interestingly the registration is so fast because, only email or phone number was required to register with strong password, meanwhile i have not be able to trade because fiat-to-crypto trading is not acceptable, but as soon as I collect crypto from another Platform I will trade. Moreover unable to deposit fiat on HBTC exchange may discourage newbies from using the platform, so the team should look into it. Furthermore, HBTC exchange support many coin that allow users to trade with almost 156 trading pairs using crypto-to-crypto protocol with low and affordable fee. HBTC exchange charge flat fee of 0•1% on both market makers and takers which is very low compared to some trading platform even to the industry average and can still be reduced to depend on the level of Tiers you are, it also charge 0•0006BTC very low to industry average but some exchange also charge the same or even lower HBTC exchange is available on all major Platform, be it windows, mac os, iPhone and Android which makes it better accessible and it makes trading on the go possible for the users. It has customers support services that attend to users feedback through live chat but not sure if it provide 24/7 support services. HBTC has many features needed by the investors to trade profitably which I suggest users should look into meanwhile self research is required first.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Party Delights

Party Delights is a party supplies, fancy dress, and balloons store located at marchester Lancashire, Founded by Allison Graham in 2001 with the aim of bringing good times, memories, worm feelings that stay forever to the Customers and ensure children were able to have enjoyable birthday parties at home, with themes to suit their interests and fun and games that entertain guests which will make their occasions more memorable. At Party Delights, complete range of accessories are available for any type of party and occasions, it has more than 20,000 products range from the department of Party Supplies to Fancy Dress, Decorations, Balloons, Baby, Wedding Accessories, Toys, Stationary, Sweets $ Personalised Cards, Invitation & Banners and others, all at the same place at affordable price. It offer next day delivery for the UKs and shipping service to many international customers, notes to read delivery policy to see the estimated delivery date, price and tracking information. It has returns policy that allow customers to return or exchange only the products that are faulty, damaged or wrongly Supplies. Although there are some goods that can not be returned like Personalised products, sweets, helium canisters, pre-filled party bags, pants, wigs and other because of health conditions, but I like the fact that the company gives enough time for customers to return the unwanted items, 15 days from the date of delivery will enable customer to return at their convenience. Party Delights accept some payment method like credit and debit cards, MasterCard, maestro credit card, PayPal or Amazon account meanwhile it does not accept American Express. It opens at 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday and the company can be contacted through email, contact form, Telephone and office address, also you can connect with them on social medias. Party Delights is a recommendable marketplace for party supplies because it Provide quality products, it gain customers trust for it dedication to outstanding service for customers, it also won series of Award for high service rating from customers feedback, among best company, among most popular website, among fastest growing independent company, best online retailers and so many more. So if you are retailer for party supplies or even consumer you are welcome to purchase both online and in-store at affordable price and enjoy the outstanding service at Party Delights.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Funcart is an online party supplies store from India, created by Ritika Sethi Nangia in 2014 with the aim of providing newly arrive and unique products for customers and help busy people celebrate their special occasions in style with their loved ones. It offer thousands of quality party supplies for all ages and occasions like baby showers, birthdays, bridal shower, bachelorette party, theme parties, holiday party, festivities and more. At funcart, you will find a huge and exclusive range of party supplies for all occasions and parties with hassle free of shopping and you will be able to select in categories and brand of Half & first birthday, Baby shower & arrivals, Kid theme party, party supplies, personalization, Return gifts, Adult party, festivals and occasions at affordable price and with convenience. It offer shipping and delivery service within India on daily basis except on Sundays and public holidays. NOTICE if you don't want your orders to arrive after party day, make sure you read ordering and shipping policy very carefully and make order on time so as not to be disappointed. It has cancellation and refund policy that enable customer to return wrong/damage or defective items and cancel order for refunding. To be sincere am concerned about just 2 days after delivery to return back the damage items, in my opinion the 2 days is not enough for especially the busy working customers to return damage or wrong items. So for customers to return unwanted goods with rest of mind, I suggest that the team should add more day to returning day. The company can be reach through office address, phone number, email, live chat and WhatsApp.Tam incelemeye bakın

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