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imToken Wallet

Imtoken is a cryptocurrency wallet specifically for storing ethereum and ethereum-based tokens that were established in 2016. Imtoken was originally only used as basic wallet to store one type of cryptocurrency, alsoknown as imtoken wallet 1.0. Imtoken offers decentralized wallet that does not store private keys or mnemonic phrases of the user's wallet, nor does it store user assets. This means that the security is in your hands and you should never get rid of your key, you can store keys in various type such as mneomic/word, private key, etc. Right now there is Imtoken 2.0 where you can store various types of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, eos, ethereum, and you can also trade directly in the wallet. Imtoken 2.0 also fully supports Dapps.Tam incelemeye bakın

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The Pioneer

Ethereum is one of the most successful projects to date. This project, discovered by Vitalic Buterin in 2014, is a revolutionary project that changes cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the first project to introduce smart contracts which are currently widely used by developers to build ethereum-based projects. Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrency with the most usage after bitcoin where it is ranked second on coin marketcap. This is because etherum is very easy to use, cheap in transactions, and can be used for various sectors of life.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency born in the world, basically it was created to facilitate cross-border transactions, without obstacles, except the internet. This payment instrument also supports full transparency so that it will not be possible for someone to manipulate it. at first bitcoin was widely used for transaction / payment purposes because it was fast, cheap, and also easy to use. However, lately I see bitcoin only as a parent of cryptocurrency, aka alias as a basic commodity in crypto trading, price manipulation, illegal uses such as drugs, weapons, and so on. The ability of bitcoin to make transactions is also very slow now, but with the presence of bitcoin lightning I believe that bitcoin will again be used as a transaction tool that is notoriously easy, fast, cheap, and transparent.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Nice as always!

Kucoin was among the best exchange ever that i used, it's offering so much interesting and profitable for it's users. People can use kucoin fiture like lending, margin, etc that is very awesome for trader. So far I always do trading activities in Kucoin and there are no problems at all. Kucoin is very easy to use and there is always customer service that will always quickly respond to my complaints. a lot of coins that can be traded in Kucoin with very good liquidity. I think everyone should try using this trading platform, it's among the best exchange from my perspectiveTam incelemeye bakın

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Another kick out

The idea to create this project is totally awesome, i remember that there is another similar project like revain but it's seems that revain is successfull to gain community attention. All of the user interface is very easy to start reviewing in this website. Another fiture of giving feedback to users who review another project is really cool. I know that team need hardwork to make the community became bigger, still lot to do. The website sometimes so laggy. But, so far this is the best review project that i know.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Worth it !

Bittrex is the first exchange that I use, this is one of the exchangers that is quite old. Bittrex is an exchanger that has lots of coins to trade, is easy to use, and also has a small fee. So far I like the bittrex platform. i just hope that there is an improvemet in their customer service. This is highly recommended for all friends.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Totally cool

I've been using binance exchange for almost 3 years and here my opinion. This exchange is bad in the 2017, the website is heavy to load, there is bug everywhere, it's now very well-knon by many people. But now binance almost beat every exchanger in the world, i know that a lot of people using it. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use, especially with their android/ios app. The website is not heavy like in the past, that bnb coin is really usefull like bnb fee for trade, and people can convert their small balance to bnb. I hope that binance will do the best to serve their users with the best service. Thank you Tam incelemeye bakın

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