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And so the headline began with risks, but any investment is a risk! Why did I write like that? And so before investing, the most important thing is to calculate all possible risks so as not to lose your investments. I started the analysis with the site, the team and the legal component, and this is what I saw. The site has really been working since 2018, as the company claims, this is + There is organic search traffic, 1600 per month - not much, but it indicates the presence of real users, this is also + There is a team on the site, on the one hand this is good, there is confidence that people value their reputation and the likelihood of fraud is minimal. But mostly in LinkedIn, these are hired employees, which does not guarantee the format of fraud on the part of the management, and employees can also be deceived because they do not have a reliable strategy for monetising the project (there is often a fraudulent exit scheme - when the site stops working and all investors' funds go platform owners) Therefore +/- That's what most alarmed me, so it's the lack of a legal entity! It is not in the footer of the site, nor in Privacy Policy and Terms of Use! I consider this a deliberate act to conceal the legal legal structure, in this regard, this is a Big - After registering on the platform, it immediately offers to pass verification through a partner, there is just the name of the provider responsible for the collection and processing of personal data! This gives confidence, since not every crypto project checks its users, but there is still no data on which company they do this for! So there is more + than minus! Next, I looked at their internal token on the phantom blockchain, and was surprised by the lack of a logo and data on the social media of the project. Transactions show that sales are constantly going on from the largest address through SpiritSwap: Router In general - this is the business model of the project, to sell a token, but in this case it looks more like a distribution scheme. Summing up, there are many risks for me, I would not invest on this platform, but this is just my opinion. At the same time, in investments - the greater the risk, the greater the possible benefit, especially in digital assets! Tam incelemeye bakın

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Apple AirPods Wireless Charging Latest

These are the first wireless headphones from Apple! And believe me at that time it was the coolest device) The first acquaintance begins with opening the lid of a white oval box, it is magnetized, so you need to make a little effort to lift it. Inside, as you can see in the photo, there are two headphones. Each of them is also held by a magnet, so you need to overcome some resistance in order to pull them out. And this is their innovation, in my opinion, before that I have not seen such. Yes, this is certainly not super) but you need to consider that the headphones are 4 years old! However, this semi-oval white plastic box is not just a package. This is a charging dock. When the headphones are in it, they are charging, as evidenced by the colored LED indicator. When the earbuds are charging, it flashes red, and when they are fully charged, it glows green. Now it seems that it should be so - and 4 years ago it was Wow! The leg of the AirPods is quite long, which is quite logical: after all, it contains the Apple W1 processor, accelerometer, battery and Bluetooth module. In the new versions of Pro, the nose was shortened by 2 times, and how they do it is a matter of technological progress) Secondly, next to the miniature speaker grille, there are proximity sensors on AirPods in front and behind. AirPods know when you put them in your ears and when you take them out! I note that AirPods sat well in the ears, did not fall out with sudden movements of the head. However, when compared with AirPods Pro, they certainly lose in stability. Connecting and interacting with iPhone When you need to connect the headphones to the iPhone and turn them on, all you need to do is open the lid of the docking station, place the iPhone next to it - and right there on the display, look at the window with the image of the headphones and offer to connect them and that's it!) Everything is simple. No need to turn on devices, press a lot of buttons! After connecting, the window will display charging for both the headphones themselves and for the docking station. If you take one earbud out of your ear while listening to music, it will stop automatically. This is how the sensors in the headphones work. Sound quality and run time Unlike most wireless headphones, there are no parasitic overtones and background noise, such as clicks, pickups, and the like. The very nature of the sound is pleasant and does not cause the feeling that I am using some kind of under-variant of the headphones. If compared with a full-size headset, then the sound is of course so-so, only for calls and listening to music between dashes on the road, they are clearly not for audiophiles) And yes, there is no bass at all) But this is not their path! As for the duration of work, the headphones can provide about five hours of sound. Decent result for the time! Over time, the problem arose that they began to reset the wireless connection and it was time to change them, 4 years have flown by) Of course, I chose the Pro version, but more on that in the next review) Read my review about iPhone 12 Pro Max, of it here Tam incelemeye bakın

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Hisense 100 Inch Ultra Smart 100L10E

Hisense Laser TV L5 100 120: the TV of the future is at home now

Hisense Laser TV - have you heard of this? This is, indeed, an innovative novelty, which has not yet managed to become popular and mass. It's more than just a projector. And what is interesting about it? With the advent of relatively affordable consumer-grade projectors, the days of regular flat-panel TVs, from LSD to OLED, seemed to be numbered. Why limit yourself to the dimensions of the matrix, if you can hang a white screen of almost any size and point the projector at it? But in reality, everything turned out to be not so simple. The main problem was the placement of the device itself. For example, if the TV or screen is in front of the sofa, it is not entirely clear where the projector should be located. If you place it on a wall or ceiling, the wires will hang down and spoil the view. In addition, hearing the hum of the ventilation system above your head (and it is needed to cool the internal components of very hot lenses and mechanisms) is a so-so pleasure. But technology does not stand still. Instead of traditional projectors, home electronics developers have proposed a laser TV. In fact, this is a combination: a laser projector with an ultra-wide angle lens and a special screen. The fundamental difference is that the image-forming device itself is located a couple of tens of centimeters from the screen, or, more simply, under the screen on the pedestal. You don't need to find a separate place for it! Hisense Laser TV L5F is capable of providing an image in 4K Ultra HD resolution on a screen with a diagonal of 100 to 120 inches, in my case it's just a 120-inch top) I took it with a New Year's discount) The main component of this system is a projector with a blue laser light source. It allows you to create a picture on the screen with an incredible brightness of 2700 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Putting these figures into more understandable categories, the image will be perfectly visible even in daylight, and in terms of colors and contrast it will not be inferior to the best models of traditional TVs. It makes no sense to talk about such usual TV parameters as viewing angles in relation to the Hisense Laser TV L5F. Because here the picture is not the result of the glow of the LEDs in the matrix, but a naturally formed image on the surface. Reflected light strains our eyes much less, while the picture is clearly visible from any angle. It was this factor that played the main role in my choice of this particular TV, since a baby was born and it’s better to watch cartoons on a reflected screen, it’s not so bright and your eyes will be intact!) And of course, the screen size of 120 inches pleases! In the evenings, like in a VIP cinema) The laser TV shows both in 4K and in lower resolutions. In this case, the upscaling algorithm is used. At the same time, when viewing in 4K, there is a nuance that there are delays. When I first encountered this, I thought that something was wrong with the player, but when transferring the broadcast through HDMI, not as a screen display, but transferring the display of the 2nd screen, the problem was gone. As befits a premium segment device, the Hisense Laser TV L5F has support for many modern image enhancement technologies, in particular, high dynamic range HDR, and MEMC clarity enhancement. The laser light source is very durable. Hisense determined its resource at 25,000 hours - sounds like a lot, but how much is that in years? On the day my TV works for 3 hours - a maximum of 4, thus 1460 hours a year and, accordingly, a little more than 17 years! For me, this is a lot) And most likely the apartment in which I live will change and the question of updating will arise much earlier) By the way, since the device uses a laser machine, the manufacturer thought about safety. Still, the device is installed on a pedestal, and it may well occur to someone (especially children) to look into the window where the light comes from. In this case, a proximity sensor is installed in the Hisense Laser TV L5F. If he notices that someone has come too close to the device, the brightness of the image demonstration drops and warns that if you do not leave, it will automatically stop after 5 seconds. The design and execution of the projector of the Hisense Laser TV L5F system, in my opinion, does not reach the premium models of audio / video equipment, but are close) Minimum wires Of great importance is the special layout of the system. If in the case of a conventional TV located on the wall, you have to pull the wires from the outlet and the signal source, then this is not necessary. After all, the picture is displayed on the screen, which has no electronic filling. Cables are only suitable for the projector on the cabinet. The screen is made using ALR technology, that is, it has a multi-layer structure, which allows you to avoid the appearance of stray light and provide high image contrast. Below I will give a number of photos of the installation of this miracle of the screen, I will tell you this is really not an easy task, since the screen comes in the package. This is a box only from the screen Comes with installation diagram I must have faced the problem of the inability to add more photos, and I really have a lot of them, while everything is on point, I will write to Revain support and continue later) I hope for the understanding of the community) Tam incelemeye bakın

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Apple IPhone 12 Pro Max

Reliable and functional phone for all occasions

It has been 2 years of using the iPhone 12 PRO MAX and for me this is the best smartphone to date. I use it all the time and if I change it, then on the iPhone 13 PRO MAX or iPhone 14 PRO MAX 12 Pro Max is the largest smartphone in Apple's line of this series. I must say right away that the phone is gigantic and there are a number of nuances: 1. at first it was not very convenient to hold in your hand, now I'm used to it and other phones, on the contrary, seem small 2. Sometimes it is difficult to reach the top of the screen with a thumb finger, the second hand helps) 3. With the update, the address bar was moved to the bottom of the screen - it helped 4. Since I love pants with pockets, carrying my phone in my pocket is not a problem. But for strict trousers and a suit, you need a suitable pocket or in a bag. As for the screen - a huge display, bright, contrasting, which is very convenient for surfing the web, reading articles, instant messengers, using the navigator in the car, playing games from time to time and of course video. Size: 146.7*71.5*7.4mm. Weight: 187 gr. the resolution is 2532x1170 pixels, and the density is 460 pixels per inch. iPhone 11 - 1792x828 pixels, 326 ppi Very strong battery, charging the phone has become much easier and less frequent. Apple says that you can watch videos on the iPhone 12 up to 17 hours, in streaming mode - up to 11 hours. In practice, if I have a very busy work schedule, I use almost 10-15 applications at the same time, almost continuously for 12 hours, then the whole working day lives without problems, although sometimes recharging from auto charging is required What I like most about the iPhone 12 Pro Max is of course its ultra-wide angle camera. Previously, when photographing rooms inside, I had to move to the corner of the room to get everything into the frame, now you just need to press 0.5 and the whole room fits into the lens!!! As an example on the first photo is a room without using an optical ultra-wide angle view, on the second using 0.5 I will not describe all the intricacies of the camera, of which there are a lot, I will only say that the photos are of professional quality both in motion and in night mode, I also often use portrait mode and just enjoy the pictures I get Tam incelemeye bakın

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Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amplifier Connectivity

Marantz is one of the oldest in the Hi-Fi industry. If you are planning to buy your first Hi-Fi amplifier in your life, then you should start your acquaintance with Marantz, I did it) The PM6005 model, despite its budget price category, is packaged in a durable metal case, equipped with digital inputs and sounds better than its predecessor, the PM6004 Award-winning. Marantz PM6005 is a true royal flush. It has a more detailed, rhythmic and intelligible sound, as well as an ace up the sleeve in the form of a DAC - which is very important given the digitalization of audio content. The addition of the DAC shows that Marantz is aware of the change in the way music is listened to: today the user prefers playlists, copies of CD albums and downloaded songs, all stored on hard drives, laptops and smartphones. The DAC supports high resolution formats up to 24bit/192kHz via any digital input. The only pity is that Marantz did not go a little further and did not supply the amplifier with a USB port - connecting a PC to it would be even more convenient. In this case, you have to use an optical input and an adapter to connect an optical cable to the 3.5 mm headphone output (on my Macbook it also serves as a digital output). A USB-to-USB connection would be much easier and would indicate full support for mobile music. There is also no 3.5mm input for smartphones and tablets; you will have to do with a not too convenient cable with an adapter. And ideally WiFi! It would be just a treasure trove! Compared to the NAD D 3020, which supports Bluetooth broadcasting, the PM6005 has just entered the digital age. In future versions of the Marantz amplifier, compatibility with digital sources is much wider. My second amplifier was the Marantz ND8006, but more on that in a separate review. The analog heritage, meanwhile, has not been forgotten: there are four line inputs and an input for an MM phono stage for a vinyl player. The list is completed by a pass-through channel and a 6.3mm headphone jack. Whichever source you choose (in my case Iphone Xmax through cabel), the PM6005 will approach music playback with all the enthusiasm and rhythmic flair it can muster. It retains that smooth and pleasant character that I love so much, yet the sound is detailed, precise and agile - and far more legible than you've ever heard from budget amps. Radiohead's 15 Step on the PM6005 vinyl record manages to combine complex, intricate elements of the arrangement into a single, rhythmic and harmonious whole, including elastic drum beats, melodious guitar sounds and lulling vocals. As the composition develops and new instruments enter, the amplifier creates a wide and voluminous soundstage with flawless stereo imaging. The White Stripes' music (from CD and webcast) sounds fast and rhythmic, the amp conveys the emotions inherent in it, and the smoothness of the treble does not deprive them of sharpness. The bass is deep and resilient, the string strikes are very realistic. Amazingly clear and musical sound can not be blamed for excessive sterility. On the front panel there are adjustments for high mids and lows, I'm like an avid basshead bass to the fullest) And I get high from the sound, it should be noted that I have acoustics Bowers and Wilkins - 703 series speakers, connected by bi-amp specifically for better separation of high and low frequencies. But for all its transparency, Marantz doesn't highlight the shortcomings of low-quality recordings. Music in any format - even with a bit depth of 24 bits, even streaming broadcasts at a speed of 320 kbps - it reproduces equally lively and respectfully. The sound character is approximately the same on all inputs, although the linear ones still provide the best quality. Behind the back 1. Digital inputs. Optical and coaxial inputs lead to a new built-in DAC that accepts audio files up to 24-bit/192kHz; but a USB port for laptops would also be nice. 2. Analog inputs. As Marantz embarks on its journey into the digital world, the analog world is not forgotten either: it has four line inputs, an MM phono stage input and a pass-through. 3. Two sets of speakers. Switchable speaker outputs allow you to connect two pairs of speakers, individually or simultaneously, as well as organize a two-cable connection. Summing up, to start an audiophile story with this amplifier, I got the luxurious quality of analog and digital music for a modest price, listened for almost a year and switched to more serious equipment that costs 3 times more and sounds better) But more on that later in another review) And if you liked the way I write - read my review on Bowers&Wilkins PX7 full-size wireless headphones here!!! Tam incelemeye bakın

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Apple MacBook Display MPXQ2LL Refurbished

For more than two years, my Apple MacBook Pro 13″ laptop has been in constant daily work since 2020! And it works without problems! Praise and respect! Characteristics So, the basis of the laptop that came to us for testing is the quad-core Intel Core i7-1068NG7 processor, made using the 10 nm process technology. The base frequency is 2.3 GHz, in Turbo Boost mode it can be increased up to 4.1 GHz. This processor has a 6MB L3 cache and a TDP of 28W. The processor is integrated with the Intel Iris Plus Graphics graphics core, there are no discrete graphics in the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The amount of RAM is 32 GB. Please note that this LPDDR4X memory runs at a higher frequency than usual: 3733 MHz. SSD capacity - 500 TB. Let's now see where this configuration occupies in the current line of 13-inch MacBook Pro. Today, Apple has four basic options: two with four Thunderbolt 3 ports and a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor (differences are in SSD volume) and two more with two ports and an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor ( differences are the same). So I have a powerful version!) Appearance, design Includes cable with USB-C connectors on both ends, 60W medium power charger with USB-C connector The Magic Keyboard has noticeably higher (yet springy) key travel and the classic forward/backward/left/right arrow layout—in the form of an inverted T. The Touch Bar does not include the Esc button - it is now a separate key. In addition, the fingerprint scanner is separated from the main unit, so that mistaken pressing is now almost impossible. The front surface of the screen is made, apparently, of a glass plate, at least the rigidity and scratch resistance are available. The screen outside is mirror-smooth and has weak oleophobic (grease-repellent) properties. The finger glides over the screen surface with less resistance, fingerprints do not appear so quickly, but are removed a little easier than in the case of ordinary glass. At the same time, the screen, of course, collects all the dust, and fat from the fingers remains on the screen, life is life and operation leaves its marks. At the same time, it is very well washed and the screen becomes like new!) With manual brightness control, its maximum value was 510 cd / m², with the minimum brightness adjustment value, the backlight turns off completely, and at the first adjustment step (if you use the buttons) from the minimum position, the brightness is 5 cd / m². As a result, at maximum brightness in bright daylight and even in direct sunlight (considering what was said above about anti-glare properties), the screen remains readable, and in complete darkness the screen brightness can be lowered to a comfortable level. There is an automatic brightness control according to the light sensor (it is located to the right of the front camera eye, which I glued together with the sensor). In automatic mode, when the ambient light conditions change, the brightness of the screen both increases and decreases. The operation of this function depends on the position of the brightness adjustment slider - it sets the desired brightness level in the current conditions - a convenient thing and is controlled from the Touch Bar. At any brightness level, there is no significant backlight modulation, so there is no screen flicker. The picture is always predictable, clear, alive! There are 4 ports and one headphone jack, by the way, I never used it. But you often have to use a universal adapter, I bought it separately. Overall very happy with the machine, trouble free, predictable, comfortable, easy to carry in a backpack, great screen! I recommend to everyone! Read my review on AirPods Max here!!!!!Tam incelemeye bakın

apple airpods max space renewed logosu

Apple AirPods Max Space Renewed

How many people have so many opinions. What are these headphones really capable of and are they worth the money? Learn more about my personal experience with AirPods Max. I want to share the experience of one of the most unexpected and controversial, but undoubtedly interesting products from Apple. For two whole weeks I tested the first full-size and at the same time wireless headphones from Apple - AirPods Max. During testing, I spent quite a lot of time with this device from the "apple" giant - I listened to music, watched movies, talked on the phone ... I want to note two important details right away: I am a fan of the brainchild of Steve Jobs! The way the products work, causes only respect! Whatever opinion I have about these headphones is my personal subjective opinion (for each user they will sound differently, since the sound depends on the music, its quality, equalizer settings and much more) and of course is whether the listener is a basshead like me or not) Before buying, I strongly recommend to test this device in the store and understand how they will sound specifically for you! This is very important, and they are presented in official stores and it will not be difficult to devote 15-20 minutes to listening! To begin with, I will list the general points, summing up the most important. AirPods Max have a 40mm dynamic driver developed by Apple. Two Apple H1 chips (one in each earbud) are responsible for computing operations. Each chip has 10 audio processing cores capable of performing 9 billion operations per second. The chips power features such as adaptive EQ, active noise cancellation, transparent mode, and spatial audio. Just the technology of the future right now on the ears) Equipment The headphones themselves and a protective case, not a case, as in most cases in the old fashioned way, but a fashionable case) About every Apple product, you can say that it is beautiful. AirPods Max are no exception - they look amazing, have incredible ergonomics! The build quality is also great! It can be seen that premium materials were used when creating the headphones: Headband - breathable mesh fabric; Headphones are telescopic, made of stainless steel; The outer part of the cups is made of anodized aluminum; Ear pads - memory foam Everything that I have listed refers to the undoubted pluses - the headphones look really amazing and expensive, they are very beautiful and thought out to the smallest detail! Now the minus - since many components are made of metal, this, for obvious reasons, affects the weight. Despite the fact that the fit of the headphones on the head is amazing, the shape of the cups is comfortable, the ear cushions are really cool, but the weight of 384 grams is felt on the head! After Bowers & Wilkins PX7 at 310 grams, even the extra 70 grams turns out to be noticeable) To be honest, I doubt that during the design of these headphones, they thought about how they would run in them. I think AirPods Max does not involve active sports. Most likely these headphones are a device for listening to music at home and in the office, Google meeting or zoom and watching a movie in flight. I'm sure AirPods Max would be great for a plane or train, but not for running... And of course, scratches on metal are also a minus ( Whatever one may say, life is life, and during carrying it often happens that you hit something, and here on an expensive beautiful gadget there is a small scratch that you constantly look at) I have the same issue with my Macbook. There are two controls on the AirPods Max case - this is a soundproofing mode switch with an amazing soft move and a larger Digital Crown wheel familiar to us from Apple Watch and without vibration feedback, but with a very smooth move. As I said, the wheel has no vibration feedback, when you adjust the volume, you hear a slight quiet click, which is almost inaudible when listening to music. Looking ahead, I want to say that the sound can be adjusted very accurately (due to a small adjustment step). In general, I really like adjusting the sound with a mechanical wheel, rather than touch gestures - it’s easier to do it on the go and it turns out more accurate, although the location of the Digital Crown itself causes a lot of controversy. Usually on headphones, this wheel is located at the bottom so that you don’t have to reach far to reach it. Right there it is located on top and you also need to get used to it, but Apple just likes to do it differently and say that it’s actually “it’s more convenient”. To be honest, I can’t say for one hundred percent now that it’s really comfortable, because the stretch is a little higher than before and a little higher than on other headphones. The ear pads are removable, they are attached to the body with powerful magnets and, if necessary, you can buy new ones. There is no off button on the headphones, just like regular AirPods. They only turn off when you place them in the smart case (included). Control At the time of the first connection of the headphones to the smartphone, they, like other Apple gadgets, the smartphone independently finds them and offers to connect. Everything is very beautifully animated, it connects quickly, conveniently, and, which I really liked, during the first turn on, you are shown the AirPods Max control functions, so you don’t have to guess when managing. Although there is nothing complicated there - the big button, as I said, switches the soundproofing modes between the usual active noise reduction and transparent mode, and turning the Digital Crown is responsible for the playback volume, combinations of pressing the wheel are responsible for the pause functions and switching tracks. Noise reduction features are configurable on all Apple devices, including the MacBook. In the settings, you can select sound modes that you will switch by pressing a button. Here you can choose the direction of rotation of the Digital Crown to adjust the volume. During incoming messages on your smartphone, Siri reads them and prompts you to immediately answer them (and with your voice). It's amazing, handy. The headphones also have a spatial audio function - this means when the headphones are on your head and the smartphone is in front of you, you can turn your head left and right, the sound will go on, but you will hear it from the side of the smartphone, that is, this is not stereo, but something more! True, this function only works with native sound sources on the iPhone. Sound As I said, AirPods Max play differently on all heads and the adaptive equalizer is to blame for everything, which at the moment can not be turned off or adjusted, you can not adjust the intensity of its work. So I repeat - before buying these headphones, you definitely need to listen and draw conclusions specifically for yourself! Before proceeding directly to the presentation of impressions of the sound quality, I will tell you on which tracks I tested it. The sound source was a MacBook Pro 13”, a Vox player that supports FLAC 24bit 96kHz playback. It was decided to make a selection of demonstrative recordings of different styles: electronics with a deep beat and vocals, hard rock with vocals, jazz, symphonic classics. All tracks were in 24-bit FLAC, and three of them were official digital releases, and one was a high-quality rip from the vinyl of the first press. All recordings were made in the last three years, except for the remastered Led Zeppelin track. And here are my listening experiences. Massive Attack Come Near Me The second track from off-album single Massive Attack is interesting for its deep rich beat and charismatic, husky male vocals of Ghostpoet. Headphones pleased in the first place with how convex and expressive this vocal sounded. All the smallest nuances, wheezing and creaking of the voice were heard, which, in fact, make up a considerable part of the charm of the performance. As for the beat, it is voluminous and "pumping". Maybe there is even too much bass here, but for trip-hop it’s just right. By the way, there are even more bass headphones - the same Bowers & Wilkins. So Apple here decided to please both yours and ours - both those who love moderate bass and fans of "rocking" sound. Recording - 24 bits 192 kHz, bitrate - 5182 Kbps, rip from the single pressing of the single on 180-gram vinyl. Led Zeppelin “Over the Hills And Far Away” The second number from the album "Houses Of The Holy" begins with a long acoustic guitar intro, then Robert Plant sings the most delicate melody, and a minute and a half after the start, drums and bass guitar suddenly come in sharply, and the style changes to aggressive hard rock. Thus, in one composition, we have both Led Zeppelin's stylistic roles in all their glory, and, in addition, they replace each other with almost no transition. AirPods Max demonstrated transparency and sufficient sound detail here. But most importantly, it bribed how realistic and nuanced Jimmy Page's guitar was - as if he were playing right next to him. This recording is from the Super Deluxe series of reissues of Led Zeppelin albums directed by Jimmy Page. Each box includes a card with a code to download tracks in 24bit 96kHz. The bitrate in this case is 3146 Kbps. Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette "Bouncin' With Bud" (Live) A live recording of the great jazz trio Keith Jarrett was released as an album “After the Fall” in 2018 and is available for purchase in 24 bits, but with a sampling rate of only 44.1 kHz and not the highest bit rate of 1320 Kbps. However, the sound quality is superb, and the headphones here show how they handle a double bass line that doesn't turn into mush and retains sufficient intelligibility, as well as passing hi-hat cymbals. They are not at all annoying, as it happens on lower quality devices, and at the same time they are not lost. Gustav Mahler. Symphony No. 6 "Tragic", IV movement (performers - NHK Symphony Orchestra, conductor Paavo Järvi) One of the most complex and revealing tracks: the finale of Mahler's Sixth Symphony. In the first bars, the violins play against the backdrop of harp arpeggios, and then the tutti falls sharply, and the brass enters. Headphones do not give up here either, creating sufficient depth of the stage and providing a detailed presentation and breeding in space of each group of instruments. The dynamic range is also good: from pianissimo to fortissimo, sometimes with almost no transition. General impressions of the sound: not to say that the AirPods Max shocked and gave some previously unknown impressions with their sound (here I recall how audiophiles often like to talk about acoustics for hundreds of thousands), but I admit that this is a very good, high-quality sound. Headphones are suitable for listening to music of any genre, they do not have a clear sharpening for any one direction. And even the emphasis on bass here, although there is, is moderate. In general, a very balanced sound. Inside each earphone, in addition to an optical sensor responsible for pausing when removed from the head, there are microphones that analyze the sound inside the earcup, and the Apple H1 processor built into AirPods Max sets up an adaptive equalizer that cannot be turned off. Many people say that these headphones have poor bass transmission, it is true, bassheads need more bass) The frequencies, in my opinion, are balanced, not overloaded and detailed. At the same time, there is bass here, it cannot be said that it is not at all, but they do not have excessive power. I listened to different music, and in all cases, the headphones played differently. This is an amazing feeling, because I did not change anything in the settings, the sound is different, it changes depending on the content! It is very cool! I also want to say about active noise cancellation, which is quite active. Sorry for the tautology, but if you're wearing headphones, don't turn on that active noise cancellation! Only as needed, for some reason I immediately have a headache, as if pressure ( At the same time, we must pay tribute, it works - it really cuts off the listener from the outside world! Moreover, it cuts off not only background noise, but voices are cut off pretty well too! Conclusion How many discussions and disputes have been around AirPods Max since Apple announced them! There were so many screams that their sound is bad, the design is terrible, and the price is unreasonably high! As it turned out, the sound here is decent, and the design is at least comfortable and functional, although visually controversial, especially when it comes to the case and scratched metal. As for the price, you need to understand what it consists of in this case. This is not only the sound itself, but also the quality of materials (the highest), and the absence of wires, and interaction with the Apple ecosystem, and noise isolation, and additional features, whether it be Siri or spatial audio. I admit that you can find other $ 450 Bluetooth headphones that will sound better in some way - and I’m even ready to believe that there are audiophile units who can feel this difference. And whether to pay extra for design, autonomy, smart "stuffing" and other bonuses listed above - everyone decides for himself. One way or another, this product is bright, noticeable, many of its features will soon become the de facto standard, at least for the mass market. And that's probably a good thing. Read my review on Bowers&Wilkins PX7 full-size wireless headphones here!!!!!Tam incelemeye bakın

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Sony WH CH700N Wireless Canceling Headphones

Sony's flagship headphones have long been one of the most interesting in terms of the effectiveness of active noise cancellation systems - literally a couple of models from other no less famous manufacturers can compete with them. However, along with noise reduction, top-end devices offer original design, nice finish, extensive equipment and other bonuses for which the user has to pay. And so we'll see!) The kit, is minimal - no carrying cases and other frills. The headphones themselves, documentation and two cables: mini-jack to mini-jack (120 cm long) for wired connection to the source, plus USB - USB Type C (20 cm long) for charging and that's all) it would seem a trifle, but the carrying case is an indispensable thing, given that noise-canceling headphones involve the use of flights and sports, I think it was worth thinking about) The appearance of the headphones is far from “premium”, while they look quite stylish and modern. Most of the case is made of black matte plastic, the decorative elements are perhaps only the logos on the outside of the cups and that's it. At the same time, the headphones are quite light for full-size ones - they weigh just over 220 g. The fastening parts of the rotary mechanism are made of plastic, but they do not cause any special concerns about their reliability. There are no backlashes or squeaks. The inner part of the headband near the cups is finished with a “carbon look” coating, but this is only a drawing on the same black plastic. In the lower outer surface of the right cup there are volume buttons for controlling playback or a call, a little further from them there is a key for switching active noise reduction modes. Above it you can see the opening of the microphone for voice communication. On the left cup we see two connectors: a 3.5 mm jack for a wired connection to a sound source, plus USB Type C for charging. Next is the power button and pairing activation, and next to it is the LED indicator of operating modes. The outside of the cup also houses an NFC tag and a microphone hole for voice communication. The speaker, by the way, is relatively small - only 30 mm in diameter, while the "tacit standard" for compact full-size headphones is 40 mm. This made it possible to slightly reduce the dimensions of the device and probably played a role in making it cheaper. But, of course, it also affected the sound - we'll talk about it in more detail. The headset sounds pretty good, although it has a number of features that not everyone will like. For example, bassheads such as I are not satisfied - 30 mm speakers with a low-frequency range cope with a stretch, the bass is “mumbling”, which is especially noticeable in compositions with a “fast” kick, which eventually merges into an indistinct buzz. In pop music, this is rare, there will be no problems with it. The lower middle is thoroughly emphasized, which can even create a false impression of the “bassiness” of the headphones - the music sounds emphasized energetically, although I repeat there is not much real “deep bass” here. The second point that determines the nature of the sound of the headphones is a small dip in the upper part of the mid-frequency register, depriving the part of solo instruments and vocals of some detail. In general, the sound has nuances, and they are quite controversial. But they are expressed to the extent that it is still quite possible to call them features, and not obvious disadvantages. Summing up, I want to say that Bowers & Wilkins PX7, taking into account the fact that it costs only $ 220 more, unlike the Sony WH-CH710N, it sounds brighter, more bass and has a reliable case in the kit. At the same time, the Sony WH-CH710N is a worthy option under $170 with active noise cancellation and wireless! Read my more detailed review on Bowers & Wilkins PX7 here I took all the photos in this review using the iPhone 12 Pro Max, read my review of it here Tam incelemeye bakın

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Bowers Wilkins Bluetooth Headphone Cancelling Cell Phones & Accessories

Recently, the British manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins updated its PX line of wireless noise-canceling headphones, adding two models to it - the on-ear PX5 and the flagship full-size PX7, which will be discussed below. PX7 received a number of interesting features, including large drivers with a diameter of 43 mm, original design and low weight. Also, the novelty is able to play music up to 30 hours without recharging and charge in 15 minutes to work for 5 hours. Plus, of course, support for the new Qualcomm codec - aptX Adaptive, which, according to the developer, is able to dynamically adapt audio compression settings to the content being played and listening conditions. Sounds great - how is it really? The headphones come with a dense fabric case in a light gray fashionable color in our time, which can protect them not only from scratches when carried in a backpack or bag, but also from more serious impacts. By the way, it is convenient to carry in a backpack and just in your hands. In addition to the case, the set with headphones includes: a cable for charging, a cable with minijack plugs for connecting to sound transmission devices. One of the features of these headphones is the arms made of composite carbon fiber. Which, according to B&W promotional materials, "gives them the strength and lightness of the fastest cars in the world." I can’t say if this is true, but I know one thing for sure - they are quite light and weigh headphones - only 310 grams, taking into account the full size and the noise reduction system. The right earpiece has a headset control panel, as well as a power switch, an LED indicator, an input for a wired connection to a source, microphone holes for voice communication and a charging connector. On the left earcup is the Active Noise Canceling control button. As mentioned in the introduction, the new PX7s feature the largest drivers in the series, measuring 43mm in diameter. According to the manufacturer, they were created and tuned by the same engineering team that developed the 800 Diamond Series speakers used at Abbey Road Studios. By the way, I ordered them and have been waiting for more than 5 months, logistics in our turbulent times is clearly suffering. Well, I won't distract) And so, the speaker grid is covered with a cloth with the designation of the right and left earphones. A slight unevenness on it is associated with the presence of a protruding sensor. I note right away that it does not bring any discomfort. The ear pads are filled with a soft material that easily changes its shape, and covered with high-quality artificial leather, not super natural, but probably for the better, because you still sweat when you wear it and all this would be absorbed into the skin, and then it would become dull and cracked .. .. So that's just a plus! The fit of the headphones is very tight, but at the same time quite comfortable thanks to the filler of the ear pads. Does not press on the head) Passive soundproofing is at a good level, sound leakage is minimal - even in a quiet room, others will not hear what melody I get high from. Unless, of course, do not listen in the "Maximum" mode. The headphones stay on the head just fine, Bowers & Wilkins PX7 is one of the few full-size models that is quite comfortable to use for a long time. I fell asleep with them a couple of times) And everything is fine, waking up I hear soft music with notes of deep bass on the bottoms) Bowers&Wilkins PX7 will obviously appeal to bassheads like me) The low frequencies are accentuated and assertive, but without excessive boominess, there is no baying and incomprehensible prezzhanie. The middle is quite even and well-developed, but against the background of the bass it is a little lost, but it's like that. In general, the sound of the headphones is quite beautiful - of course, everyone has their own tastes, but they came to me. If we talk about subjective feelings, then in compositions with complex arrangements and an abundance of vocal parts, you will have to get used to their sound, but in genres like techno or house, they show themselves very interestingly. I always listen wirelessly paired with an iPhone 12 Pro Max just for him and took all the photos in this review, by the way, read my review on it) Tam incelemeye bakın

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