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Nothing really! The fact they provide great documentation for their products helps me understand them better so I'm able to implement what's required without any issues at all (actually none). So far it seems like no project management features are needed as long there isn't much automation involved - which we're not doing right now but will be soon enough once our needs grow :) Haven’t encountered anything bad about conden yet though ;) Would definitely recommend considering using this product if your team has people who would prefer something simple than coding themselves or just those used-to having everything automated already :D.Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like how it is easy for end users with little knowledge about project management tools or spreadsheets can use them without getting confused by complex formulas etc.. It's also very helpful when you have multiple projects going at one time as well which makes keeping track easier than having all this in separate excel sheets (which would be more difficult). Not much dislike from my side but i do think there could possibly some improvements regarding its UI & UX design - maybe they should try working together w other software companies suchas MSFT who has better designs nowadays? Also not so great support team compared others out here! Excellent tool if your looking into creating financial models quickly while being able manage various aspects simultaneously!! Tam incelemeye bakın

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DBI Staff-Scheduler

The ability for it be able send alerts/reminders using multiple different methods (such as email or text). It is also really easy in terms how simple yet effective all its features are when creating workflows! I've had nothing but good experiences with this software so far - would love if they could add some more advanced scheduling options like custom hours instead just fixed shifts though that might require additional customization from our side which isn't always feasible at times too.- Creating timecards has never been easier either!! Tam incelemeye bakın

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NCheck Bio Attendance

I like how it can be used in many different ways by being able to have multiple users all using one card. It's very user friendly when you need help they are always willing to go above an beyond to make sure your satisfied! There isn't much i dislike about this product but honestly there really shouldn't be any problems at all once set up correctly. If anyone has been looking into something similar please do yourself some research before purchasing because if not done right then it could cost more than just buying another program from someone else who knows what they're doing. We needed software we were paying too much money every month so decided to try out ncheck instead seeing it was cheaper option compared to others out there. All the features are very useful especially when you have multiple branches in one building. It's reliable but sometimes it can be slow at times. We've found out that our employees don't like using this app because they think its too complicated. But we really needed something better than paper logs so I guess what makes us continue using it is the security aspect. Overall satisfied with A few minor issues were solved when implementing this software. Tam incelemeye bakın

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The ease in which it integrates with our payroll software makes this product very easy to use for both employees as well as employers/managers alike! I like how simple everything has been made - even using Excel or QuickBooks (which we also integrate) was not difficult at all. There are some things about cQEEL that could possibly improve upon; however nothing really comes across when you look through their features list, so there's no reason why users should have any problems while utilizing this time clock application. We've used many different applications over the years, but none compare to the simplicity offered by cQEEL. Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like that you can create shifts by date or time, and then assign them to different shifts. This is great if you need to make changes to an existing schedule. The interface is very simple, but not too user friendly. There are some things that could be improved, such as allowing for more customization of the schedules. We use this software for managing our employees' schedules. It has made scheduling much easier. I like that we can see all of our employees' schedules at once, so if one is absent or sick they're not hard to find. It's also nice because it has an option where you can make changes right away instead of having to wait until next week. Sometimes when people are out sick there isn't much else to do other than change their schedule in advance. This helps us keep track of who will be working which shifts throughout the day. Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like that it is very easy to use as well has helpful tools for creating schedules in no time at all! It's free so there are not any downsides either!! You can create your own templates or you may want other people who have different job roles than yours (such as marketing)to be able to view their schedule too if they wish. There really isn't anything i dislike about this scheduling app but maybe just because we haven't figured out how much more could possibly become available with future updates? Maybe adding links between employees would help make things easier?! Tam incelemeye bakın

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TimeForge Scheduling

I like that this software has been very helpful when creating our schedule of events! It's easy enough so even my 5 year old could use if he wanted too :). The only thing about timeforge i don't really care much fo but others do - sometimes you have an event scheduled twice which makes no sense since there are two different times listed next each other (but maybe thats just me) otherwise its great!! We've used many schedulers over years including pencil &paper- we always had problems keeping track once things got busy because people would forget what they were supposed tdo etc.. This helps us keep everything organized without having any issues later downthe road.-it also allows everyone involved access at anytime via their smart phone/tablet instead o waiting around trying toget permission from someone who may not be available right then&#x2F0A ;-).Tam incelemeye bakın

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The user interface of scraim really helps me manage my projects efficiently with multiple team members working together in one place at any given time (even when they are located far away from each other). However it's not always easy managing tasks that have been assigned by different people who may or might be using their own task manager software like Asana etc., In such cases I would recommend adding additional features which will make things easier as well add more flexibility while assigning/submitting work items alongwith comments so everyone can see what others added into his respective section without having direct access - this way you also get notified whenever something has changed within someone else’s area if there was no comment made about changes done elsewhere. Tam incelemeye bakın

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The app is very user friendly, it's easy for anyone who knows how computers work (even if they don't know Python) but has no programming experience at all can use this tool without any prior knowledge or training whatsoever; It allows you create your own rules using variables like dates so I am able to customize my reporting in many different ways depending on what data needs analysisI need from our database; Easy access control through roles which makes managing permissions much more efficient than working directly by hand with files/directoriesPermitiendo administrar los permisos mediante cargas que se basan en róles. Tam incelemeye bakın

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