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Intel Capital

Venture capital companies serve as a sure link to stimulate the success of companies in conditions of weakness, formation process or seed. Intel Capital is part of that group of organizations that connects financial resources and business strategies with investment products and entrepreneurs. As it does? Intel Capital seeks to create the necessary solidity in companies that will guarantee its sustainability and profitability in the global market. To do this, it establishes a set of strategies for the growth of both the corporation and those who will be responsible for carrying out business management. These strategies include: • Design of policies to mitigate costs • Risk reduction parameters • Detection of business opportunities • Drafting of financial management reports • Establishment of commercial connections between clients and investors • Promote ethics and transparency in corporate management With these and other policies, Intel Capital aims to empower companies to ensure their success. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Summation Technology

Do you want a high performance printer to guarantee an impeccable service to your customers on their labels? Run out of ink for your office printers? Look no further, Summation Technology is the perfect solution for you! Simply enter their virtual store to find a large inventory of the best equipment for the service of high definition label printing, spare parts and pieces, inks and consumables of all brands available in the market. With Summation Technology there is no reason to be suspicious. Your printing equipment has the original guarantee of certified manufacturers that serve as suppliers to our store. With Summation Technology products, every retail label printing carries the certified quality assurance. And best of all, you can find the advice and technical support you require from qualified personnel with professional experience always ready to help you. The store's services include: distribution of video files, labeling service for businesses and different sectors of industry and society in general, disc advertising in different public and private organizations, among others. Its payment methods include Paypal platform and credit cards. And if you do not have money, we will finance your order through PO, because we have the Envision Capital Group LLC alliance. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Pets Domain

Having a pet is having the responsibility to take care of another living being with total commitment and seriousness. To help him fulfill this mission, he has the help of the store of products and accessories for animals: PetsDomain. Regardless of your pet, PetsDomain provides you with a large inventory of products for all types of animals. From reptiles to horses, we have everything your pet requires to have a healthy and healthy life. Why do customers prefer PetsDomain? And it is that in PetsDomain you will not only find food and accessories, but instructions and recommendations for the care of each type of animal that is in your charge. It's very easy to shop at PetsDomain. Their online store is easy to use and has special sections for each pet, to facilitate your search. And when it comes to offers, PetsDomain has the best in its catalog of articles for animals. With PetsDomain you don't need to be a professional to purchase the products that your pet requires. We have trained personnel in our facilities to help you successfully fulfill your task: guarantee the health of the animals. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Keeping all areas of an office equipped takes time and money. However, if we have a web portal that allows us to buy without leaving the office, it will save us important time that we can invest in other tasks. Quill allows you to place an order quickly from the comfort of your office and with the guarantee of taking advantage of the special discounts offered by its own brand products. That's right, at Quill you not only save by shopping but you also find everything you are looking for in one place. From office chairs, stationery, janitorial and cleaning supplies, printer consumables, assorted agendas, first aid equipment, to name a few, it's part of everything Quill has to offer. It does not matter if you are looking for a chair with an ergonomic and sophisticated design, at Quill you will find it. You can also enjoy printing and copying services, promotional gifts and use coupons for exchanges or special discounts in their physical store. With Quill, shopping for the office is a simple and time-consuming task, thanks to the efficiency of its website and its attentive store staff. Quill helps you save and enjoy your shopping experience! Tam incelemeye bakın

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Do you want to boost the management of your company? Do you want to automate operations to reduce personnel costs? There is no business success without the solidity of a technological infrastructure in accordance with the demands of the competitive financial market. In this sense, MESCHAIN serves as a reliable provider of a set of blockchain services and products that guarantee the appropriate solution to each requirement within your organization. Why choose MESCHAIN among so many providers? MESCHAIN is a comprehensive ecosystem that not only provides efficient and effective services to each situation, but also has the appropriate virtual machinery to optimize the management of your company from an operational and financial point of view, by allowing: • Transparency and security in the administration of economic, human and asset resources. • Allows monitoring of manufacturing processes to increase productivity levels • Promotes the efficiency of financial management • Optimizes the performance of the resources used in manufacturing • Promotes the search for quality in each operating process The work of MESCHAIN is to serve as a technological tool to help companies optimize their resources and maximize the profitability of their management. Tam incelemeye bakın

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For Efficient Management

For efficient management within a corporation or government, adequate facilities and equipment are required for the jobs that our employees will occupy. OnTimeSupplies offers an efficient solution as a supplier of office supplies and equipment, having a large inventory of: • Chairs of different models and designs • Stationery shop articles • Printer supplies • Printers of different brands • Cleaning articles • Desks • Cabinets With OnTimeSupplies equipping the facilities is an easy task, since you can create your account, review your product catalog, place your order online and follow the instructions to pay your invoice. For the convenience of its customers, OnTimeSupplies is subscribed to the legals agreements and has also been recognized as an authorized reseller. Shopping with OnTimeSupplies is easy! Tam incelemeye bakın

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Companies, whether large or small, need adequate conditioning to provide comfort for both visitors and employees, so having comfortable furniture and facilities is vital. Shoplet allows you to equip your office or premises with comfortable furniture for your employees' day and for the reception of your clients, offering you chairs suitable for each particular function. You will also find in your virtual store or in your facilities, the desks, shelves and filing cabinets to keep all the documentation of your company organized. What else do you find in Shoplet? In addition to the most varied furnishings, Shoplet has a large inventory of air conditioning equipment, stationery supplies, consumables, printers, and everything you need to equip your business. Why do customers prefer Shoplet? • Variety of articles and furnishings • Competitive prices • Quality of your products • Ease of buying online • Supports ecology Shoplet fuels small business growth by making it easy to purchase your minimum office furniture requirements. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Due to accidental reasons or health issues, many people see their abilities to mobilize themselves diminished, seeing the need to use accessories and personalized mobility equipment. Hoveround considering this situation, is dedicated to manufacturing the appropriate mobility items for each need, such as: • Electric operating chairs • Facilitator of lifts • Scooters for transfers • Ladder implements • Among others Hoveround has a history of more than 25 years as a manufacturer of special mobility chairs and accessories, to facilitate the life and movement of people with disabilities of this type. Why do users prefer them over other providers? • Hoveround deals directly with the buyer, which allows him to pay additional costs to intermediaries, since he receives the product directly from the manufacturer. • The accessories and mobility chairs are designed with every detail in mind, to reduce the movement difficulties of the users. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Amols' Party & Fiesta Favors

Every achievement of a family member, birthday or anniversary is a reason to celebrate. We know this at Amols Party, a distributor of supplies for all kinds of parties, whether children's, weddings, baptisms, baby showers or bachelor parties. No matter the reason, we accompany you with everything you need to set the mood and organize your celebrations. In our facilities you will find everything from balloons to Mexican hats for your theme parties. And it is that in Amols Party, we have a long history accompanying Americans in planning their special events. For more than seventy years, bringing joy to your events with the most colorful and varied party supplies. No matter what the theme of your event is, we, through our website or in the friendly company of our sales consultants, help you choose the right accessories to make your party a surprising event for your guests. Amols Party began as a family-owned business that has managed to stay at the forefront of the party market, generation after generation. It has Mexican suppliers that bring the charms of the culture of that country to the US and also provides support to local artisan communities. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Reading allows us to immerse ourselves in an imaginary journey to the places that the text takes us, whatever our literary preference. For lovers of reading, Counter-Print offers a virtual window to the widest variety of texts, classified by literary genre and age. It also allows you to purchase a variety of stationery items for school work or crafts. On the Counter-Print website children have a special section that allows them to select everything from clothes to school supplies, games, toys and accessories for storage. Like there is a column dedicated to household implements. And if you are looking for a special card to express your feelings, Counter-Print has a large selection of cards of the most varied and special designs for every special occasion. And when it comes to books, it has a wide range of options for all audiences, with texts of beautiful illustrations and delicately elaborated prints, which reflect the professionalism, love and dedication that its editors leave marked on each page. Counter-Print began its operations as a family passion, but throughout its history its founders have taken up with enthusiasm and commitment the challenge of the evolution of the publishing business. This has earned it its solid position in the bibliographic market. Tam incelemeye bakın



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