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OSA Token

osa token is a real life blockchain and artificial intelligence application for retail,the world's biggest industry. Osa token is the world's decentralized marketplace providing artificial intelligence driven solutions to retailers and manufacturers, and also consumers. Osa token blockchain immutable ledgers will provide more reliable product data to prevent businesses from abusing customer trust. To bring trust to it user's osa token reward users that holds it's token in their wallet there by keeping it's promise to it's user's. Consumers will enrich osa token artificial intelligence data model by providing relevant product information and purchase decision tree, and in turn the artificial intelligence will analyse this data so that manufacturers and retailers will effectively cooperate to optimize their own business strategy.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Dash Green

dash green is a masternode coin that enable instant and private online payment. By forming a highly secured cluster network servers, otherwise known as quorums, masternodes on dash green are able to provide a wide array of decentralized services such as governance,and instant transaction. Dash green has reached a big milestones when it launched it's own website making users believe that they have come to say for good. The roadmap of dash green is something to lookout for because many exchange's have already listed dash green on its site, also dash green users can perform global transfer in seconds and no transaction fee will be charged from it's users. I believe in the future dash green will exstablish itself has one of the best know crytocurrency in the world.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Ovcode is an award winning blockchain technology verification engine. Ovcode is a patented technology that verifies the authenticity and integrity of data using blockchain technology,it is reportedly a fully running system and has implemented real world use cases for government and Enterprise. Ovcode mission is to fuel the future of data verification and build the future of integrity and trust. With ovcode I believe the future of data is safe and secure, through ovcode wallet we can be able to store ovcode coin and use it for transaction. Ovcode is the future of crytocurrency and data, government also use ovcode to store life trusted data. Ovcode offers straight forward solutions to your agreement and approval needs. Ovcode provide nft infrastructure to create unique and immutable representation of your digital assets using ovcode nft. With ovcode I believe the future of data is safe and secure.Tam incelemeye bakın

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CYBR Token

cyber token is an Erc20 token and can also be use for trading. Cyber token is also know as cybertrade token,in common with other defi project cybertrade will offer token holders a guaranteed rate of return as a reward for staking cybertoken. To cover blockchain transaction fees and other blockchain computation or storage cost,traders will be obliged to pay for gas using cyber token. Cyber token are offered in highly favourable price bands, depending upon the initial investment of the consumer. Cyber token are not mintable meaning that the maximum of 260m cyber token can never be exceeded. Also cyber trade investors can propose loan financing proposal to cyber trade.the utility of cyber token arises from a staking mechanism for cyber token holders who wish to be rewarded by taking their cyber tokens out of circulation by staking them to receive guaranteed return of percentage of additional cyber tokens every year.Tam incelemeye bakın

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okschain is usbekistan based blockchain technology project focusing on a series fintech service that solve many of the biggest challenges facing current blockchain technology. Okschain platform aims to provide full suite of product and services which make finance easier and more affordable,while leading the industry in transaction speed,sucrity, reliability and convenience. Developed as a fork of the stellar blockchain technology used by the likes wires and IBM, okschain will remove barriers to entry for traditional financial product such payment and Savin, okschain is set to launch the first the first features of it's fintech platform in the first half of 2021, beginning with a multi currency, Fiat and cryto digital wallet, decentralized exchange and peer to peer lending service. Okschain was founded by a promising young tech entrepreneurs,with his team with the goal of solving technical problem such as storage, lending,and payment.Tam incelemeye bakın

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tokpie is the only one crytocurrency in the world that provide huge stakes trading solutions allowing it's users to earn,trade and invest as never before. Bounty stakes trading is the revolution in bounty common practice and a win-win Solutions for bounty hunters,smart investor and cryto startups. It simultaneously allows bounty hunters get both cash immediately after performing any kind of huge tasks and related project token later, investors gets the highest return of investment by obtaining promising tokens with huge discount. Startup boost their bounty campaign coin seles by allowing participant to trade earned on the tokpie platform. Many consumers have invested in this token which shows that it has gain alot of recognition all over the world with it's bounty staking of token.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Kuai Token

kuai token was formed by an international community of entrepreneurs,programmers and experts in cryto technology who United under the same mission,to leverage the full potential of blockchain technology and make it accessable to everyone through innovative product and sevices of real added value. As a pioneer advocate of prove of stake technology,kuai token has ever since improved and expanded it's product portfolio and released innovative application with a strong focus on decentralization and a unique approach to transperency and usuability. Kuai token aims to set a new benchmark for industry project and promote fair trade for consumers. It's ecosystem account for a variety of decentralized application including staking and masternode service, crytocurrency and arbitrage trading,kuai token mission is to help consumers leverage the full potential of blockchain technology through innovative product and services of real added value.Tam incelemeye bakın

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hashshare is the world first project combined Bitcoin mining system with a stakingnode. The project was developed with the establishment of an efficient and and stable bitcoin mining system for anyone to participate in. The hasshare team needed a crytocurrency to promote global participation in diverse business funded by mining profit and began to develop a network which could provide highest transperency. Also the revenue generated by hasshare project will be invested in projects,saperately prepared by the team,which will expand the use of hashshare token and participant can expect increase in the value of hashshare. The stakenode platform provided for the purpose of contributing to the expansion of the stakenode ecosystem applied to the hashshare network incorporating the mining business.Tam incelemeye bakın

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kratscoin is a decentralized digital crytocurrency that's aims to bring digital money in the world. It was launched 2017 with a great roadmap and unique wallet which allow users to have access to their funds and can use it for peer to peer transaction. Unlike other crypto currency kratscoin have been listed on a number of exchange's, it cannot be purchased with fiats money. However, you can still buy this coin by easily buying bitcoin from any large exchanges and then transfer to exchange that offer to trade kratscoin. It can also be used for trading on any online trading, that uses crytocurrency for trading, it's goal is to reduce centralization of payment systems by financial institution, allowing distribution on the currency network, which is called blockchain technology. Kratscoin wants to be know all over the world as one of the best decentralized coin with a good roadmap that will be great in the future.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Aerotoken is a inflationary crytocurrency token operating on ethereum blockchain. It see itself to be used as currency, a store of value,or an investment. With Aerotoken you do not need high energy, elaborate computers and multi million dollars to set up a mining farm. It has a unique wallet that is non custodial. This mean that only you hold the private keys that control access to your crytocurrency. And you can store,exchange,send and receive without ever leaving the security of ur wallet. Aerotoken has a good roadmap that has a great feature for the token, this token will be one of the best token that will compete with Bitcoin and bnb in the future. The Aeroken team are fully committed to full implementation of feature such as to secure it's wallet app with multi functionality. It's smart contract powerfully designed and audited by highly qualified developers.Tam incelemeye bakın

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