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Golf Ball Monkey

Golf ball monkey business is to sell, buy, and harvesting golf ball of different color. It has built a reputable name in this business for some years now. One of the most important ways to attract customer to any platform is designing home page because home page has the ability to attract people or do otherwise, I had no issue with the way home page was designed and arranged, i got the needed information needed easily though it has one language. I observed that the platform has methods of payment that is convenient, widely acceptable and make it easy to transact. These methods of payment includes Paypal, Master card and Visa card. One of the disadvantage of online order is not getting physical access to product really sure of what you are buying, sometime the color on the screen may different from the exact product. This factor and other factors can make the buyer to return the product, i observed that this platform gave room for return of the goods. The condition is well stated on the return policy of the platform it gives 14 days after the delivery for to be returned. How the money is going to be return was well explain on the platform. This platform make provision for how the customer can be contacted, it make it official email address easily accessible. This a provision of phone number that can be contacted, for five days in a week from Monday to Friday. A official active social medial platform is also accessible for following the platform update. I noticed that the product description is well spell out, all the product images is bright, i did not noticed anyone that is blur on the platform. The product currency displayed has America dollar on the web. In my opinion the platform is user friendly, it provides step by step information on buying process and making an order was made simple on the platform. For example there are four simple process that was started on the platform when for buying process which includes preparation, packing, stacking and shipping this is well explain on the platform, this will make the sellers know and prepared on what need to be done. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Crossed Swords


Crossed Swords is a platform that sells fencing equipment, it came to operation since 1993 with good tracking records. It is family business with physical shop and online store that was stated in 2011. I had no issue using the web platform, i like how the platform was arrange. All the products are in categories, any product can be shop by brand, seize, product by type, and others. I found the platform to be user friendly. In my opinion the newbies will not have issue while using the platform. I will like the platform to add more language to solve the issue of language barrier. Forms of payment is well accepted, it has various ways of making payment on the platform, this makes it payment method flexible. Payment can be made by using Visa card, debit Card, Paypal and other means. Social medial platform is playing important roles in spreading information about the product and the platform. Crossed Swords made good use of the social medial platforms that is well know and active, it can be access on the web platform. I noticed that it has good shipping policy and return policy that stated the needed information. In my opinion the platform is transparent, it listed shipping cost, period to get access to product ordered, information about the product if it can be tracked, or covered by insurance and many more, this can be access by anyone. The shipping services used are well know, has many branches all over the world. It return policy allows 15 days for the product to be returned in good condition. In my opinion, the team behind this exchange can increase the numbers of days to at least 30 days this will give enough time for the customer to make the return. The products images displayed on the platform is bright and clear, i observed that each product on the platform has one fiat currency display which is America dollar. Getting access to customer review is amazing, because this will help in rating each product bought. Customer services can be access through email and telephone number, it has no live chat available on the platform. I will suggest adding live chat to the platform because it is one of the effective ways to interact since immediate answers to questions or enquiry will be possible and most customer prefer it. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Workin Curling

It is a platform that sells various product such as Bags, shoes, apparel, brooms, accessories and others. Payment method is import when choosing forms of payment it should be widely acceptable forms of payment, it has forms of payment that is flexible. I found the home page of the platform well arranged, and well designed. Navigation is very easy and smooth. I browse through most of the product on the platform, all the images speak for itself it bright and clear. Each product is well described with simple to understand grammar, i noticed that it has one currency display on the web which is America dollar. The platform can be contacted through email address, telephone number, it equally has a social medial platform that can be access. i had no security issue on the platform, it has a security measures that was put in place.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Runners Need

The store was established in 1982, servicing those has fitness goal. It sells footwear, men and women clothing, electronics, accessories and more. I like the home page at first sight, it has images that described what the platform offers. All the needed information can be easily accessible. In my opinion newbies will not have challenges on the platform because it is user friendly. It has frequently asked questions that covers wide aerial on the platform such as issue of Covid 19 and the store, delivery, return policy and many more. I noticed that it has 30 days return policy after delivery, this really make sense. Support can be contacted through live chat, email address, telephone number. I appreciate the platform for not only provide the running equipment but also make access to safety tip and guides available on the platform. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Just Field Hockey

This is one of the biggest North America store that is selling hockey equipment such as sticks, bags, goalkeeper tools, players protection, ball, accessories and many more. It has needed experience to handle the physical shop and online store, it has been in operation since 2008. I noticed that it has well known and trusted brand products on the platform for sales, i had no issue while navigating on the platform. Each product was arranged in categories that makes it easy to look for any product. I found it to be user friendly. All the product images are well captured it is bright, i did not notice any image that is blur. Description was attached to each product which gave the room to know more about the product. in my opinion each product can has customer review to help in rating the product. I noticed that the platform has put the return policy of 14 days to returned the goods delivered, i considered this to be good policy though more days can be added. Customer service can be contacted through email, and telephone number, it has active social medial platforms that can be access at anytime for more information and update about the platform.Tam incelemeye bakın

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ATR Sports

ATR Sports since 2008

It was established in 2008, it focusing in selling apparel, footwear, and racquet sports equipment. This platform has good tracking record. i noticed that it has forms of payment that is flexible, payment can be made through Visa card, Master card and Paypal. I found the platform very easy to use, it has frequently asked questions that help to provides needed answers to some of the questions that can comes to mind regarding the platform. It worth mentioning that it is only ship to united State of America and Canada for now. security is most import issue that need to be considered while using any platform, i had no security issue with the platform it is highly secured. I notice that it has effective shipping method that is using which is highly commendable. In my opinion the platform can add more fiat asset on the platform it only has Canadian dollar on it web. Return policy allows 30 days which i considered to be alright by me. It has effective customer service medium of communication, Chat, email address, Telephone number. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Sports Equipment Supplies

Shopping on a platform is more easier if all related product can be found in one place. This shop sells Sports equipment for both indoor games and outdoor games. It runs both physical shop and online store since 2009. I found the platform user friendly, despite the platform has many product listed it was arranged in categories which makes it very easy to navigate on it. I appreciate the platform for making the room for returning product after it was delivered, the return policy is 14 days in my opinion more days can be added. All the product is well described, it also has customer review that can be access by anyone on the platform. Customer services can be contacted through email, telephone number and social medial platform is also available for live chat on the platform even before registered on the platform.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Fitness Store Direct

Apart from sport serve a purpose of improving human health, some are really making money out of it. This platform sell various sports equipment and accessories such as football, swimming, rugby, cricket, basketball and others. It has been in the business since 2008. I really found the platform interesting and easy to use, each sport product was arranged in categories which make navigation very easy. I noticed that the payment method is flexible, credit and debit card can be used to make payment. The return policy of the platform allows 14 days to return any product in good condition, in my opinion more days can be added to be at least 30 days. I noticed that customer service desk can be access by using email and telephone contact, live chat is not available. It has social medial platforms that is well known and active that can be access for update about the platform. The displayed products is well described and has customer review that can be access by anybody, it equally gives room for updating the review by any customer that bought anything on the platform. I like the direct access to share any product on social medial. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Running Batch

Running Batch!

It is a family business that was established in 2004, sells running equipment such as footwear, clothing and accessories. It runs both online store and physical shop. One of the thing that makes the platform so unique is the access to giant assessment that make help the buyer to make a right choice especially in picking up the right footwear. I noticed that the platform is well organized and well arranged, the home page has the needed information. The product was arrange in categories according to gender, while accessories was also separated. Search box is also available for making quick search about any product on the platform. It has 28 day return policy that was made available on the platform with the condition attached to it, all the needed information can be access on the platform. The platform does not have live chat but it equally has email address and telephone number that can be contacted. Newsletter can also be signed on for latest news and update. In my opinion the platform is users friendly.Tam incelemeye bakın

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First Furniture

This platform sells furniture for Dining room, living room, Bedroom, Garden, Lightning such as wall light, floor lamp, and many more. It has 28 years experience in doing this business. Operate both physical shop and online store. I observed that the platform payment method is flexible, it accept credit card, debit card. Return policy allows 30 days, in my opinion this this is still good policy. I like the platform for giving all the product of one year guarantee. In my opinion considering any platform policies before making transaction on it is the best thing to do. All the policies on this platform is well stated. One of the thing i also observed on the platform is discount on product price, there are many discount provided to encourage the buyer. I had no issue of security on the platform it is well secured, I notice the security measure that can be trusted. This gives the level of confident to transact on the platform. Customer service can be contacted by through email address and phone number, the platform can also be followed on social medial platform.Tam incelemeye bakın

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