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About is an Electrum based open source native cryptocurrency wallet for ARCO, NEVA, LANA, TAJ and NETKO.

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Cryptowalletsi-a virtual link to Electrum

Since the appearance of the first cryptocurrency in 2009; A wide range of digital currencies have emerged in the crypto market, each with particular characteristics but with a common purpose: to become a tool for universal and multifunctional use....See full review

CryptoWallet, allows the easy and secure storage of various types of digital currencies

CryptoWallet, allows the easy and secure storage of various types of digital currencies, such as AquariusCoin (ARCO), LanaCoin (LANA), NevaCoin (NEVA), TajCoin (TAJ) and Netko (NETKO). This wallet client operates in Android mobile devices, with an...See full review

Unknown crypto wallet.

Can we use this wallet where we are afraid to use many popular wallets? After I downloaded the wallet, I felt that it was very weak in terms of security. They have no planned road map and the development process is very slow. They just developed...See full review

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Cryptowallet. Si: A wallet not fulfilling its intended potential

CryptoWallet. si is an Electrum server based open source and non custodial wallet for open source cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2018 and it is a wallet for android mobile devices. It is an Open sourced crypto wallet for alternative...See full review

CryptoWallet Si: A Wallet From Electrum that Requires Improvement

CryptoWallet Si is an open-source Wallet that as everybody knows comes from the Electrum wallet support. In fact, it shares many similar features to it, and how that wallet is not very functional for the current needs of crypto-holders and traders...See full review

a very unknown wallet with very limited capacity to store assets

If there is something that all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts value when storing our assets, it is the levels of security that the wallets we choose must have. It is no secret to anyone that there are many wallets, most of which have very...See full review

A Crypto wallet for specific coins.

At first glance the crypto wallet looks empty (obviously) but its a mystery why it still supports so few coins. At the time of writing this review, its your go to mobile wallet for storing $ARCO $LANA $TAJ $NEVA and $NETKO in a safe and...See full review

Electrum-based non-custodial wallet

A wallet based on Electrum, consists of a simple design, adapted for any user without inexperience in cryptocurrency wallets can handle very easily. Mainly aimed at mobile devices, it is included in the Google Play and App Store stores, which one...See full review

Review on Crypto Wallet

Crypto wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet Platform established in 2018. Is an electrum server based wallet available for Android mobile device Platform and can be downloaded on Google play. Crypto wallet is easy to install, meanwhile the...See full review

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