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First Trustworthy Review Platform, Built With Blockchain Technology.

Version 0.3 is released


You can buy, sell and trade R token on following exchanges


  • Quality Reviews Make ICO Investment a Breeze

    The developments in the Revain project would be crucial for forging a reliable ICO market but it will also be a chance for a host of other Internet-based systems and services to usher in an era of trustworthiness. Read more

  • ICOs Jumping Into The Next Business Wave Integrating Blockchain And AI

    Revain does not aim to replace human input with AI input; its objective is to enhance user input using AI filtering. This way, the more the platform is used, the better the AI component will become at filtering, and the more value users will be able to unlock from the information they will get. Read more

  • Revain Builds Review Reliability via New Blockchain Tech Platform

    The e-commerce industry is plagued by fake reviews and and rating manipulation. In addition, negative reviews are often deleted by business and sites owners. All of this jeopardizes the entire online world, ruining the reliability of honest businesses, elevating companies offering lower-level products and services and shattering the online experience of buyers. In order to solve this problem, Russian startup Revain is advancing a next-generation unbiased feedback platform. Read more

  • Market Solution To Determine Good ICOs And Crypto Assets From Scams

    As an ICO participant, it’s crucial to scrutinize the technology, the team, the token distribution plan, the problem it aims to solve, its competition, its challenges and more. That’s why it’s extra important to do your due diligence before contibuting to any cryptocurrency launch or digital asset crowdfunder. REVAIN offers its users an incentive to write lengthy audits or criticisms. Read more

  • Blockchain-based Reviews Platform Revain Wants to Build a Trustless, Consumer Feedback System

    Taking into account the above-mentioned, Revain has a potential to transform the current online reviews industry, becoming the first platform ensuring total transparency and authenticity of online recommendations. Read more

  • Revain: Building a Trustless, Consumer Review System on the Blockchain

    As far as I can tell, Revain is the first foray into creating a trustless review system. If successful, they will allow online reviews to become what they have always been promised to be, but have never achieved: a truly market-based communication system between businesses and consumers. Read more

  • IoT Evolves Faster Than Expected, Creating Need For Blockchain-Enabled Verification Like Revain

    The Internet of Things threw down a new challenge, and Revain – an Ethereum blockchain-based platform that rewards users for providing feedback on products, services and businesses – accepted it. Read more

  • Revain entra para o mundo dos games

    Ao entrar em parceria com startups que estão abalando a indústria dos games, a Revain realmente está expandindo seus horizontes para monetização também. Múltiplos módulos para cooperação resultam no crescimento do envolvimento e lealdade do usuário, o qual, por fim, contribui para o ecossistema global da Blockchain. Read more

  • REVAIN e a Internet das Coisas

    Além disso, é um fato comprovado que 60% de todas as avaliações são falsas ou geradas por milhões de bots. A Internet das coisas lançou um novo desafio e a REVAIN o aceitou trazendo uma nova plataforma de geração de avaliações (reviews). As avalizações na REVAIN são com base em opiniões humanas e disponível para solicitações de robôs, o que significa que a máquina envia a pergunta e recebe a resposta como se fosse um pedido humano. Read more

  • Revain: Vamos a crear un sistema de revisión de consumidores sin fideicomiso en Blockchain

    Actualmente, Revain solo está preparando sus sistemas, pero a simple vista, están creando un sistema que comenzará a eliminar la necesidad de confiar en esas revisiones en línea y nos permitirá saber que son honestos. Read more

What is Revain?

It's a new generation feedback platform, mostly based on the blockchain technology that doesn’t allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it!

What is the concept?

Using blockchain technology, we managed to create an economic model, which allows common users to stay highly motivated because of our token - RVN. Using the second token - R and nonlinear conversion mechanism, Revain acquired an absolutely stable internal token. And finally, due to Ethereum platform, we were able to create a transparent system, guaranteeing immutability and incorruptibility.

Network effect

Authentic feedback

Revain will create automatic artificial intelligence review filtration system. KYC will give companies confidence in getting authentic feedback from the market.

Internet of things

With development of M2M (machine-to-machine) relationships the world is going to need a base of authentic human opinions and "wisdom of the crowd" for computers, because it has none. Revain will help.

Market research

The real problem for today's review market is fake reviews and rating manipulation. Revain has аsolution.

Social regulation

Reviews might actually help to regulate the market. Companies with bad reviews and rating will get less clients without improving the product, but the market will help companies with good reviews to gain popularity.

Why you should use Revain?

Artificial intelligence

Our service is developed in close collaboration with hi-tech IBM AI systems.

Stable token

RVN token, inner platform currency, isn’t volatile at all.

Review's immutability

Review's immutability

Due to blockchain technology and Ethereum platform especially, all the reviews can't be deleted or changed.


Users get a reward in our tokens for every review. The only requirement - the review should pass filtration stage.

Automatic filtration

We're using machine learning and neural networks for detecting all types of unwarranted texts: spam, flood, abuse, etc.

Trustless system (1)

Unbiased system

We’re creating a system that doesn’t need a user to trust a platform to perform any actions. DAO and smart-contracts will defend it from any kinds of fake reviews.


Anyone can check all the reviews or transactions. Also, we have public Github page so that you can explore our code!

Quality feedback

Improve your product and business processes by getting a real experience of hundreds of your users.




Our interface provides simple and comfortable work with all platform features made for all devices.


Crowdfunding instrument made on the Ethereum blockchain. 70% of tokens will be sold during the crowdsale.


This token is designed to be stable inner currency. All the operations inside the platform use RVN, so all the costs will be fixed.


Independent storage, based on Ethereum smart-contract. It allows anyone to check all the reviews, which were written on our platform.


We use Tone Analyzer and Natural Language Understanding for building review platform with the automatic filtering system.

Segments we cover

Reviews on ICO

Make sure that ICO you’re going to invest is reliable. With this service, you’re allowed to have a look at other users experience and stem a risk.


Trade, buy and sell on platforms trusted by thousands of other people. Save your time and money and let others know your opinion.


Surf the web securely. Make every purchase pleasant. You'll find out more about e-commerce sites you wanted to visit.


Daily things seem better when it's easier to choose. Restaurants, markets and shops are waiting for you. Read about what others think about them.