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BKEX is a trading platform for Crypto traders to auction and buy any digital currency built on a distributed ledger technology. It's an exchange platform with its headquarter in the British Virgin Islands where it's regulated as a certified trading platform with its service available across different geographic location with just a few exclusion. BKEX creates a high level of trust by being regulated. The regulation is the assurance traders have that if at any time the exchange decides to clSee full review

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BitYard is an online trading platform specialized in crypto transactions. It was established in 2019 as one of the digital brokerages that give traders direct access to interact with a variety of the most actively traded altcoins and tokens in the crypto market. Being able to interact with virtual assets can be quite risky without the help of exchanges and so they have evolved to be a handy component of the virtual currency economy. One of the reasons I was quick to register and start tradingSee full review

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Disruption Motion is a company that helps blockchain projects create visual content for a project's products, solutions, and services to engage their target audience. Not minding the current phase of your project, be it pre-launch or launch phase Disruption Motion has the ideal visual content to help market and promote your brand in an exceptional way using high-quality videos ranging from animation, Live-action videos, and graphic design. It's been proven and ascertained by 85%-98% of marketerSee full review

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Thousand is an exchange platform for digital assets transactions launched in the year 2021. It's a Columbia digital currency exchange with it's service available to the global market connecting the South Americans to the crypto market. Unlike major centralized exchange trading platform Thousand has a plan of being a more diversified ecosystem offering a digital market for both Fungible and non fungible tokens commonly referred to as NFT. It's an exchange platform trying to build an infrastructurSee full review

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Coreto is a blockchain project that creates a platform for those with the same ideology in the crypto space to converge, grow, learn and earn. Coreto plans to accelerate the growth of the crypto market by bringing together everyone that makes up the crypto space such as investors, influencers, and developers. Making a research is one of the fundamental tools in making wise investment decisions as a trader although it can be time-consuming going through the net looking for vital and accurate infSee full review

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The Authentic platform for investors.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

ROOBEE is a blockchain investment project that gives investors an opportunity to put in their funds on its platform ,the project allows both top investors and new investors participate by allowing investors to start with as low as $10 upward. You can invest with either your debit/credit cards using flat currencies or with popular crypto currencies like ETH and BTC. ROOBEE has a team of experienced personnel which makes the platform really fascinating,the interface comes in two language transSee full review

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Launchpad are fundamental units of the cryptocurrency market helping both traders and investors maximize opportunities by creating a trusted platform where both investors and project developers can interact. Gagarin is a launchpad, it allows project developers raise funds for their projects through a decentralized funds raising platform from groups of investors on its launchpad community. This way project get access to a large target audience and build their own community. Investing in earlySee full review

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Stealth the non custodian Exchange

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Stealth Exchange is a custodial exchange where you can trade without providing any information about yourself. This is a DEX exchange and for that reason you are given absolute control over your account and your asset without entrusting it into the hands of a third party. On Stealth exchange there is a chance to trade almost 400 different coins by swapping it with the coins you have in your possession or buying it using fiat through by the use of Visa cards. The exchange Isn't so very popular ,See full review

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Wodo network is a platform offering developers a range of solutions, tools, and API that facilitates the adoption of the blockchain technology in the gaming industry. The is a revolutionary project set to transform the present status of the gaming industry. Wodo game is positioned as being a gaming hub that connects developers and with an active community. Their infrastructure has been designed to help startup gaming platforms launch through the seeding funding, it's one of the newest projectSee full review

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Genius assets is a blockchain platform that offers traders an opportunity to invest their money in different assets asides from cryptocurrecy. The nature of most blockchain projects has limited the access to investors to only crypto assets neglecting people's access to other investments with long-term income generation potentials. There is a wide range of revenue-generating assets you can invest in on the Genius platform. real estate, sports, arts (NFTs), air traffic & highways. These are lucSee full review

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Midas is an investment platform launched in 2018 by a team of experts in crypto and financial technology. Over the last 4 years of operation as a DeFi investment platform, it has been known to give one of the highest yields in APY/APR to users. By providing the best yield and being a reliable platform for investors they have attracted over 20,000 users to their platform and user's assets worth over $200 million are locked on their protocol. Thave been able to generate yields for investors thSee full review

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Like every other sport store online Clubb Sport store isn't different, it has different premium quality gadgets and equipments in store for games like football, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, soccer, golf and many other game but it's is a store with great distinction and that what distinguishes it from other sport store. Clubb sport store distinction comes in different aspect and I'm absolutely impressed with these cause it has given the store a great status quo ever since they commenced their See full review

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Players sport is a seasoned expert at the sales and distribution of high quality sport gadgets and equipments to equip players at the field in any types of outdoor sport. The online store has been able to succeed and accomplish this much cause the store has a very secure website making it quite convenient for customers to add stocks to the cart and make payments without any fear of their money being diverted or not being able to receive their goods cause the payment system are secured, transpareSee full review

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Michelle's ribbon and lace is a company that deal with clothe embellishments and accessories like ribbons, zips and buckles. This is a place for every for every one who has an involvement with clothing making to get fabric accessories to give the clothes some extra smart fittings and look. Their store doesn't offer any online service to customers cause they didn't include any of that on the site for viewers to see and I perceive the only people that can get in touch with them are those who can See full review

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My mind eye is website where creative art works are brought into reality to wow people's mind. There are several fancy stuffs offered at different prices to the general public,they look so beautiful and amazing starting from home decoration items, banners, tabletop, gifts, cake toppers, baking cups and a lot of other exciting items that fall under other categories. The prices tagged to every single one of the creative work display on the website are great , I couldn't believe my eyes when I saSee full review

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Bonsai Cricket is a Netherland online Cricket store selling all types of cricket stuffs like the cricket helmet,gloves, cricket bat, batting pad, cricket ball and cricket gears and all other important cricket accessories. From the founders experience he talked about how very important having a good quality tool could be of great help in playing cricket, this ain't mere words cause having the right tool will definitely allow any player to do very well on the pitch most especially when such plSee full review

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I was recently making a research on sites where I could get almost all kinds of sport equipments and items cause most store rather focus one the sales of some particular type of sport and sells only equipment vital to performance on such sport on the field. 3W Giant Mart is a dealer of nearly all types of sports I can ever imagine cause the list of sport items included on the website was endless ranging from gymnastics, boxing, football, hockey, basketball, golf, badminton and the rest. 3See full review

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Crafts home is an online site that displays hand made wooden crafts made by one of the most experienced and equipped craft makers from Pakistan. The crafts displayed on the website are given at an auction price to the general public so that those in dear need of these crafts can easily purchase them and get them delivered over to them via ship dropping service around Pakistan. Their store had all types of house hold essential items like key holders, kitchen utensils, jewelry box, key holders, trSee full review

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The ornaments girls is a site dedicated to teaching ladies how to make lovely and adorable ornaments for gifts and Christmas. On the sites there are different sets of free video's each taking individuals through the process of knowing and mastering the skill of making nice looking and colourful ornaments design. This tutor is quite very experienced at what she does, she's passionate about it and she wants other ladies out there to also partake of her knowledge by sharing out her ideas to theSee full review

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Lacrosse 4 All is a online sport store dealing only with the sales of Lacrosse equipments and materials to lacrosse players and customers. Lacrosse 4 All has a great supply of all Lacrosse field and pitch kits like the helmet, shoulder guard, bags, goal net, lacrosse sticks / shafts and arm guards or gloves to prepare both the armature and professional players for the pitch training and sporting events, all this essential materials can be gotten from Lacrosse 4 All store from Mondays till SundaySee full review

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