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Revain Review Policy


Date of Last Revision: 2022-05-04

These Rules are for the Revain platform (hereinafter “Platform”), including the website with domain revain.org and it's subdomains (*.revain.org) (hereinafter “website”) served by Revain LLP (hereinafter “Company”, “we” or “us”) and governs the content of reviews posted by users who choose to use it (hereinafter ‘User’ or ‘you’). By using the Revain platform, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of these Rules. By posting messages or reviews on the Platform you must follow the following rules.

1. The review should be about a Company which is listed on the Platform at the moment of writing the review. The user undertakes to specify the full name of the company without using abbreviations. It should be clear which company the review is written of.

2. The review must be written only in languages of the Platform which are English and Chinese. You should choose the language of a review according to the language you use in the Platform.

3. The review should be original. The user should make the review his\her personal creative work without involving third parties

4. The review must be written solely on the basis of personal user experience with a company, its product or token.

5. The review must be reliable, that is, not contain deliberately false information.

6. The review should be evaluative, that is, contain the personal opinion of the user rather than summarized and publicly accessible information about companies.

7. The review must be unique. The user shall not post a review on the Platform that repeats the review of another Revain’s user or other Internet sources. Copying the information from the Internet as well as from companies’ sites is prohibited.

8. The review should be informative. The user should present the main features, advantages and disadvantages of the company in the review.

9. Updates of the review should present new experience or interaction with the company. Do not repeat or re-write the same information you used before.

10. Think about the way your review could be useful and informative to other members of the cryptocurrency community.

11. The heading of the review should present your general opinion of the mentioned company.

12. It is unacceptable to use other information but advantages and disadvantages in the “Pros and Cons” section.

13. The review must not contain information about several companies at the same time. Each review should be written about one specific company, exchange, token, etc.

14. The review must not be untruthful, illegal, misleading, offensive or scam.

15. The review must not violate the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights

16. The review must not discriminate or encourage discrimination against people based on personal attributes such as race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, medical or genetic condition.

17. The review must not contain\express support to or praise of the groups\persons that are involved in violent or criminal behavior.


Strictly prohibited

  • using clickbait headings and content to attract attention and deceive expectations of users;
  • using referral\partner links or codes, campaign hashtags or promo codes;
  • using links to social media accounts or any other websites;
  • creating more than one personal account. If we disable your account, you should not create another one without our permission;
  • using vulgar or inappropriate language.

Messages or reviews violating the rules will be blocked without warning and without any obligations from the Company. User posting messages or reviews violating the rules may be forfeited by permanently withholding REV tokens from his balance.