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What’s Revain widget?

It’s a simple web application that brings reviews from Revain right into your website. Revain has 30.182 authentic reviews on projects, exchanges and wallets

Who is it for?

Companies can use Widget to display user feedback on themselves, while a service aggregator with a lot of listed tokens, projects, etc. (like coinmarketcap or cryptocompare) can add reviews on all сompanies

Why should I use it?

It’s super easy to install, customizable and it’s based on blockchain technology. Also our widget can give customers the confidence they need to use your product and increase your trust among crypto community

What makes Revain Widget so good?
Easy to customise
Revain Widget integration into your website is a matter of a few clicks. Just copy one line of code, insert it on certain pages and let your users enjoy the reviews.
widget integration
flexibility and customization
Responsive and code-free
Revain Widget is designed with flexibility and customization in mind. You can choose between four types of widget depending on your priorities. After that you can easily customize it by a number of options.
Users stay on your website
If your users would like to write a review, they don’t need to go too far. Registration and writing process are smoothly integrated into Revain Widget and done without leaving your website.
Write a review
Blockchain all across
Revain is the first ever blockchain-based feedback platform. All reviews, comments and updates left on our service are stored in Bitcoin blockchain and can’t be changed, deleted or manipulated by any party. Therefore, your users always can count on transparency and incorruptibility of the feedback they read.
Why widgets are safe

Widget installation process is safe

To put it on your page, you just need to copy the generated iframe code and paste it into your site.

This iframe displays the reviews that are stored on our site. However, we do not receive any information from your page or from your users. So, from a security point of view, everything is fine. And for cybercriminals, the widget is absolutely not interesting, but more on that later.

Widget technology

You don't have to leave your company's website to read reviews. Reviews are read and written through a widget that is easy to install. We record all reviews in the blockchain and publish the hash of the block.

If you search for this hash, you can make sure that the block contains exactly the information that we show on the site. This ensures that it does not change over time and that no one can change the text of the review.

How fast does the page load?

Since the iframe displays information from our site inside itself and does not interact with the partner's site in any way, the page loading speed does not depend in any way on the loading speed of this iframe.

We are using distributed servers, which zeroes the chance that the server will not respond. Even in case of problems on our server, this will not affect the page loading speed in any way.

Where does the computation take place?

We perform all calculations in the Microsoft Azure cloud, which ensures reliability and high speed of work. We get information for the widget directly from our database, without using the resources of the partner's site, so the widget loads quickly.

We do not receive user or site data, since the widget works autonomously and does not require any information from the site that installed it.

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