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Even with a decade of development under its belt, blockchain is still considered a nascent industry. It is highly unregulated and there exists very little reliable information and resources for those interested in learning more about the industry. The projects and companies rely heavily on marketing to achieve their goals and reach new users. This has led to a lot of exaggerated hype and fake news about blockchain being circulated on social media and other marketing channels.

There was a dire need of an unbiased, humble and to-the-ground analytics platform that would enable potential users and other people to get accurate and factual information on different blockchain companies. Enter: Revain, which was created for this very purpose, a platform where in-depth reviews of different blockchain setup are available to the public.

Revain is a blockchain-based platform that leverages the immutability characteristic. To provide readers and investors with access to reliable information, Revain hashes the reviews in blockchain. Each review is locked and cannot be tampered with after publication. The platform employs artificial intelligence to weed out any low-grade or biased reviews. To uphold the quality of its publications, each review that passes the AI test is subject to manual scrutiny. These two stages of moderation ensure the high quality of content and objective analysis.

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