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Who are Revain Experts?

‘Experts’ is a special status on Revain platform which is given only to the most skilled and knowledgeable review authors and allows them to promote themselves among the whole crypto community.


They have a lot of benefits

experts earn

Experts earn substantially more tokens than other users. Exclusive airdrops and additional rewards are available to Experts

own rating

Experts have their own rating table and are highlighted as the platform’s top authors. All Experts are ranked by their karma

featured on top

Experts reviews on every product and company are featured on top of other user reviews


Expert’s likes/dislikes have more influence on user karma than non-Expert

How to become a Revain Expert

All Experts are currently chosen manually by Revain team. We give a preference to active members of Revain community and long time authors who write high-quality feedback with deep research and personal experience. All authors starting from level 1 and higher can apply for Expert status.