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In the crypto space we have different categories of market players with similar goals, such as investors, specialist and cryptocurrency start-ups but most innovative project find it difficult to locate these important categories of market players so as to join together for mutual benefits, that is why many high potential project end up unnoticed or even abandon. But to find solution to these problem GAGARIN LAUNCHPAD decided to create a large and active platform that will be able to satisfy the interest of all the categories of market players by bringing together the specialists, startups and investors using expertise evaluation performed by group of professional companies that partnered with the platform. How it works. GAGARIN launchpad search for high potential and innovative project at early stage then allow experts to evaluate the project and provide necessary assistance for the project to realize it potential, After evaluation, the project will pass through incubation and acceleration stage where the platform will provide needed service such as financial analysis, technical expertise, legal advice, software development, security audits, marketing support etc just to mention few. Then IDO stage where project will provide vital information such as roadmap, business plans and project description, fundraising details and others that will allow the platform to offer the project IDO. After IDO, investors will now decide based on experts evaluation. The most interesting part of GAGARIN LAUNCHPAD is that it allow the platform operation highly transparent to users by sending information about the project being incubated and selected for launch through the interface, it allow users to follow the Technical development of the project, it allow them to participate in IDO, they can also take part in marketing activities if acceptable by the project development. Also, investors Will stop investing in project without feature and futures, both experienced and newbies investors will Invest in innovative project that will give profit. I recommend GAGARIN launchpad platform because it's an innovative platform that has the ability to satisfy the interest of market players. It locate high potential project, provide experts to evaluate also provides investors that Invest in the project to become a successful project. So therefore, if you want to launch your project you are welcome to GAGARIN LAUNCHPAD platform where you wil receive the support needed for your project to become a successful project.  I
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NFT Compression Platform. Murlocs and cats

I welcome everyone! Today I want to tell you about a very interesting project that I recently found on the net quite by accident. A little background: about a year ago I started playing World of Warcraft, and sometimes during the game I have to search for information on the Internet. So, I came across a quest, according to which I did not know what to do and I went looking. According to the keyword murloc, I came across this site somewhere on the 3rd page of the search. As a fan, I was very interested in NFT with characters from my favorite game. About NFT marketpace As soon as you enter the project website, you are greeted with a pleasant color scheme and stylish design. To start working with the site, you need to log in and also connect your wallet in order to carry out purchase / sale operations. I connected, as usual, the Metamask crypto wallet. If you want to know about it, you can also read my review on it in my profile. So, after all the manipulations done, I decided to look at those NFTs that are presented on the platform. The variety amazed me - a huge list of murlocs for purchase. In fact, they all look quite funny and cool, especially some individuals. On the site, in addition to murlocs, cats were announced (I have already seen this more than once, for some reason cats are the most popular option for NFT). By the way, there are not so many of them as murlocs, but there are also a sufficient number, and they are not inferior in beauty either. Of course, Richass Murlocs Social Club is not such a large-scale platform as CryptoKitties, but it has potential, besides, murlocs attract fans of the World of Warcraft game universe, which adds an interested audience. I would soon be thinking about buying one for my collection, but definitely not for the sake of making money, because. in order to get a decent profit on this, the project must prove itself with a large number of users, which so far has not had time to happen. Final Thoughts Richass Murlocs Social Club is a really interesting and unusual project that you can invest in, but before you make a decision, you need to calculate everything. If, like me, you just want to buy one murklock or kitten for your collection, then you can do it without fear, perhaps even winning on this, while the project is only at the stage of its growth and development. Now there is already a fairly large number of NFT marketplaces that can offer a huge variety of tokens, but each is unique in its own way. Here the choice is up to each individual user.
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Blockchain. How Revain encrypts reviews in Bitcoin.

After writing a review and its moderation, the review receives the Published status. Further, the ratings of the review, the pros and cons, the review text itself are added into one long character line. You can view it by clicking on the blockchain link that each review has. we get to a page that contains the same information on all reviews and their updates. Since there are many reviews, Revain has been accumulating several reviews for some time. And for each such review, Revain receives a personal hash of the review. 1 - personal hash of a particular review 2 - hash of the whole block from 36 reviews 3 - a hash (identifier) ​​that is recorded in the bitcoin blockchain, a hyperlink, by clicking on which we will get to the website. For this review it is Review 4 Revain in the block writes the hash of the previous - the parent block - thus showing the continuity of the chain of such review blocks. 5 - indicate how many reviews and reviews updates are included in this block. The hash is calculated using the SHA256 algorithm. There are many services on the Internet that calculate the hash for text strings. For example Online text in SHA256 So.. For review Creative Pebble V3 Minimalistic 2 Review on Revain | Robiul Islam we got this hash (number 1 in the picture above) of this particular review (available by clicking on hash 1). As you can see, they match. 10d1928c2eca00d67e59fa266dc23a6c3e9d89c17cb1affa8efc2f0ddfa1e59a each of the 36 reviews was processed into such a hash and a chain was obtained from them, which can be seen if you click on the hash (in the picture at number 2). This chain also includes the hash of the review, which we are checking. For the entire chain, the hash is again calculated using the SHA256 algorithm. Actually, we see this hash in the picture at number 2 = Block hash. In our example, this 787d3788927056cc8b437c33a2291bc60251910100691ffc91d71850f9536e22 To write to the bitcoin blockchain - revain converts this code entry into a hexadecimal code HEX 37383764333738383932373035366363386234333763333361323239316263363032353139313031303036393166666339316437313835306639353336653232 . Then this code was written to the blockchain chain You can check this by inserting into any converter their HEX to STRING for example this one Best Hex to String Converter Online to Convert Hex to Text (Hexadecimal to Text) Entering the number written in the HEX blockchain into the HEX field, we get our block hash. 787d3788927056cc8b437c33a2291bc60251910100691ffc91d71850f9536e22
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