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Isaac John

Wrote a review onFlitpay

23 minutes ago

Flitpay has a future.

Asia are well know continent, when it comes to Crypto Exchange. Many exchanges have emerged from there, mostly from Singapore. Although Other countries are stepping up.The exchange world now is very…Read more


Mayra Coba

Wrote a review onNewYorkCoin

57 minutes ago

The New York cryptocurrency

NewYorkCoin (NYC) is the cryptocurrency of the city of New York (as its name says), it will serve us for what are the transfers of digital assets instantaneously without problems thanks to the use…Read more


Isaac John

Wrote a review onKoinim

1 hour ago

My review on koinim Exchange.

. hardly any country in the world without an Exchange. Exchanges are now available in almost every sphere of the world. This is due to its importance in Cryptocurrency. Turkish are well known…Read more

2 hours ago

Normal website.

The creation of this project uses solar energy to accelerate and also rebooted its own currency. It has the overall goal of offering an ecological clean incentive for the production of system energy…Read more



Wrote a review onZennies

2 hours ago

Medium project.

I must tell you that I did not trust this project. For some they do not provide information about what, for some purposes it offers the market and some services. Because it did not have good…Read more


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