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ARNO: Combining Energy Efficiency with Blockchain Technology

ARNO is a Nano technology project. A physical project blended with high liquidity potentials. The technological know how that drives Nanomaterials particularly carbon Nano tubes, Intercalated graphite and Implemented for industrial use it is on for couple of years now, producing addictives of various types for various fields of application ARNO its native token serves has the main medium of payment driving the economy of the project. The totality of its economic system runs on active use of the ARN token, with no room for other tokens, this I see has not too good enough if global acceptance is its drive. ARNO being a physical project makes it first of its kind birthing new energy efficient systems for the future ARNO runs on ETH platform with total supply of 50 million with one ARNO equalling 2 dollars This project has great Potentials, but time will tell.
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StandardBit500: An up and coming Crypto exchange with good services but still a long way to go

StandardBit500 (also known as SBIT500) is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can make transactions with digital assets and currencies. It is an investment platform that helps in growing traders’ income with the use of algorithmic strategies. The exchange platform is mainly dedicated to only gather information about digital currencies and assets, lookup trading partners, negotiate and conclude transactions on digital assets with other traders. Although the StandardBit’s exchange website is not directly accessible for users from my country (Nigeria), I was able to access the website through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). I found the website simple and flexible to navigate. It was designed for the convenience of users with a simple and intuitive interface. The StandardBit’s fee structure is designed with the two main cryptocurrency game players in mind: the “Makers” and the “Takers”. As the maker, you are paid when you add liquidity to StandardBit’s order book, when you place a limit order under the last trade price for buying and above the last trade price for selling, while as the taker, you are paid when you remove liquidity from StandardBit’s order book, when you place any order that is executed against an order of the orderbook. The fee payment structure on this crypto exchange is in three categories for all existing 13 trading pairs on the exchange. The structure for the fees payment includes: Standard, Special, and Premium. 1. STANDARD: Makers fees is 0.10% while Takers fees 0.20% 2. SPECIAL: Makers fees 0.08% while Takers fees 0.16% 3. PREMIUM: Makers fees 0.05% while Takers fees 0.10% The exchange platform keeps adequate security in perspective with the availability of 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) to protect your exchange account and in effect enhance your privacy and security. StandardBit gives you the liberty to diversify your portfolio and get a reliable tool for making profits by allowing you to invest in the CTFs of other traders in order to reduce the risks of trading and multiply your chances of making more profit. It is noteworthy that SBIT500 does not involve in digital asset transactions either as a buyer or a seller and equally does not make any provisions for any sort of services that has any relationship with the deposit and withdrawal of currencies of any country. I opine that SBIT500 needs to up the game in this unforgiving crypto terrain. there is a strife competition in the crypto space where the weak is swallowed by the strong and mighty.
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ARNO: Testing the unknown waters of DeFi with a new untested technology

Cryptocurrencies is filtering through all works of life. In the beginning of digital currencies, the norm was for financial institutions to dabble in DeFi, but in recent times, many organizations such as technology companies, social media organizations that have nothing to do with the finance industry have started investing heavily in cryptocurrencies. ART NANO (ARNO) is a Belarusian project which has its specialties in producing nanotechnologies. It is one of the latest Tech projects to declare its interest in investing in cryptocurrencies in order to adopt the use of blockchain technology to attract additional financial commitments from investors into the development of the project. The technology company produces carbon nanomaterials also known as carbon nanotubes which is developed and implemented for industrial capacity with future plans to deliver a variety of products and services globally, in cogent works of life such as transportation, infrastructure, and environmental development. ARNO token is an Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 based token with a total token emission is 50,000,000 which can be acquired through, airdrops, referral programs, and community offers. The ARNO token is in the process of being added to crypto exchanges which will in effect trigger a chain reaction of activities on the whitepaper one of which is auctioning some ARNO tokens for sale by crypto traders and thereby stopping the crypto input on the platform for up to a year. It is noteworthy that the plan of the company is to make ARNO token available for active usage on the ecosystem which will eliminate all forms of adoption of widely known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin so that ARNO will be the only medium of exchange in the company’s nanotechnology project. I am particularly fascinated to see how this ARNO project will pan out. The company is making a bold statement by not adopting any popular and well-established cryptocurrency in boosting the value of the ARNO token .
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My review about Arno

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Farhad Muradov

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Sanjar Meredow

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This is a project.

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