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About Kogan operates as an online retailer of consumer electronics products for hotel, motel, and accommodation projects in Australia. It offers LCD and LED televisions, computer monitors, photo frames, Blu-ray and DVD players, and set top boxes; TV mounts, cabinets, and accessories; gaming products, including video game consoles and videogames; and home appliances, including kitchen and cooking products, heating and cooling products, personal care products, cleaning and laundry products, and accessories as well as hardware, tools, and decorative products. The company also offers digital cameras, lenses, and memory cards as well as accessories such as bags and covers, batteries, camera flashes, lens filters, lens hoods, and tripods; and audio equipment, including digital radios, head phones, iPods, MP3 players, and speakers. In addition, it offers tablets, laptops, and home networking products; and phones, gadgets and toys, electrical appliances, and personal video recorders. Kogan was founded in 2006 by Ruslan Kogan and it delivers products to customers in Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, and United States.

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Kogan: Colossal department store serving Australians

Powerful department store ideal for companies that require products to provide their service, but in general terms is open to any buyer, almost 20 years of experience with a large growth since its founding with what today even sells products made...See full review

Any program ought to be referred to for any program.

The greatest street isn't only the quality and kind of existing, yet the most recent mechanical turns of events, for example, sunlight based fueled biogas plants and sun based controlled force units. You can further develop places. At the point...See full review

Kogan Online Store

Kogan is an online store with a general layout of items that contain almost everyday items. These products include innovative accessories, books, clothing, and more, such as refreshments such as espresso and cola. is an organization with a large...See full review


Kogan is an Australian online shopping retail platform that offers product and service to it users ranging from household accessories, computers, phone accessories, toys to different users and in different countries and localities. products can be...See full review

My experience with Kongan

So now we are talking about Kogan, a site that represents an online marketplace with many different things that are well sorted and placed so that it is as easy as possible to find the specific item we want. The site consists of a huge number of...See full review

Kogan is universe marketplace

Kogan is an Australian company founded in 2006 by Ruslan Kogan. Scope extends to Australia, New Zeland, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Finland and other countries. Kogan is an online shopping platform for consumer electronics. There are TVs, air...See full review

Kogan Company

I will like to share my own side of view on KOGAN stay turned. KOGAN was launched in 2006, is a company that specialized on Electronics it supplies worldwide, it a company that has many consumer all over the global. Their products basically use...See full review

the ceapest site

The dear readers. Today I want to share with you my own experience with Kogan. This web site really very useful and easy to buy thinks what you need. I bought a watch as a present for my dad for his birthday. In my country that watch was expensive…See full review

Kogan is Definitely a store to consider for your next shopping

ThE Kogan store is one of the best definition for a good store. They deal with various fashion accessories and wears as well as other electrical accessories. They have show and display proffesionalism in the services they delivery the store has...See full review

My thoughts about Kogan

Hello there. The review I will write today will be about Kogan. Kogan is an Australian based company created in 2006. This company is professional in Australia and some other countries in the sales of electronics, insurance, travel, mobile and some...See full review

A preferable sales store serving many different countries and places.

Kogan is a retail store established in Australia and entered the market approximately 15 years ago. This store takes its name from its founder. It is very easy to log in to this platform and create a new membership, and it will be very quick to...See full review