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Bitmart is an up to date exchange with locations in many countries making it accessible to millions of traders across the globe. That is also the reason for its heavy liquidity. The assets available on the platform are large enough to accomodate both individuals and corporate institution. The team behind the exchange comprisea of professionals in blockchain and crypto currency which means the company is in good hands. Since it was founded the exchange has remained very safe and free from attacSee full review

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Flow capital is a venture debt company that is opened to start-ups who are innovative in the field of technology, Saas and other highly marketable areas. Flow capital is giving attention to start-up from US, UK and Canada. They are not really opened to seed or early stage as they prefer companies that are matured yearly revenue greater than $4m. The form of financial support provided is in form of term loan and bullet loan. The team is exceptionally experienced and the number of the team membSee full review

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IBB ventures is a Berlin based venture capital that is totally established for the growth of Berlin based entrepreneur. IBB invest in seed and early stage founders. They work together with other angel investors and venture capital to provide strong support for startup. The sort of support privided by IBB ventures is impressive. They give all available resources to ensure that a startup succeed. This could be in form of finance, mentorship, equipment, marketing and many more. The way the team See full review

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Gemba capital is a family investment office / micro venture capital in Mumbai, India. It was established in 2017. The company focuses on pre seed and and early stage investment. Accordingto the founder, Gemba capital invest on people not on company. This means that the company targets founders that brand builders, that are innovative and can bring to the consumer taste. They also appreciate founders who already have ready markets for their product. Being a micro venture capital, the companSee full review

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Hercules capital is the largest non bank lender(venture debt) company that is backed by venture capital. It is based in Palo Alto, California in the United States of America. Currently, it has five locations across the USA. The company provide funds startups for founders in the area of life sciences, tech, Saas, finance and more. This company isnhige in terms of capital base. It has $3bn Enterprise value with $2bn market capitalization. The company has spent over $1bn on 530 startups since See full review

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A venture debt is a capital and investment company that provides growth capital for atartups. It may be for the purpose of kick starting a company or for facilities like mortgage. Innoven capital is a such company and it was founded in 2015. It has headquarters in Mumbai, Singapore and Beijing. The company provide fund without any deposit or collateral for startups to grow their companies. They care for early stage and late stage entrepreneurs. Among the most impressive part is the fact that See full review

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We all know that to get someone to invest in one's idea is not easy and getting government funds is way too hard too. However companies like Picus capital have been turning things around positively. Since 6 years, Picus capital, a private venture capital company cares for seed, series A ventures, early stage and late stage ventures. All founders at any stage with good idea in tech base sector, e-commerce, health, renewable energy, finance and insurance and real estate are welcome to source foSee full review

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Viola credits is an Israeli venture debt company. It was established 21 years ago and currently, it is headed by Ezad Friedman. The company has 9 team members and that is considerable enough for fair decision making. As a debt venture, the company has the mission of lifting up entrepreneurs at any stage and working with them till they achieve success. Viola credit provides funding through growth lending and fintech lending and the company has most interest in tech based companies. As a compaSee full review

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It is my pleasure to write this review on Coast appliances. Coast appliances is one of the Canadian most famous and leading online stores that sells all kinds of home appliances. It has been around since 1978 and it has expanded into a big store with both physical and online stores, with locations in 13 places across the country. The website an easy search tool that allows user to input any appliances and with just a click, the items will show. Also the items are from different brands, each wSee full review

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Goedeckers is an online store for all sorts of household and office items like furniture, electronics and many more. Most of these itema are from popular brands making it easy for customers to get to choose from the best I am particularly drawn to the method of display and description of the items. i will say unlike what is commonly found in most online stores, Goedeckers provide full description of the each item in a non clumsy manner despite the fact that there are many items to feature. A sSee full review

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The development bank of wales is working according to its name: it is developing the economy of Wales and the UK by funding seed stage, early stage and late stage entrepreneur. It also provided funds for mortgage, supporting both private and public enterprises. As a result of this, the economy of wales is impacted by helping to create jobs through these funded entrepreneurs, who also pay their taxes. It is opened also for coinvestors to harness the opportunity to find a viable investment. The See full review

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Counterpart advisors is a venture capital and consulting firm that was established in 2017. It is liacted in California, USA. There are many such venture capital in the US. As would be expected, counterpart advisors services seed stage, early stage and late stage companies. The company itself is headed by Kevin Brown and the team members are just three. Personally, i doi dont like a financial institution and capital investment firm with few team members. Usually, it affects decision making. See full review

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Verlinvest is a venture capital and investment company that has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. It has expanded into various part of Europe, US, and many parts of Asian countries. The company is a leading capital investment company that aim at building a community of purpose led brands by investing in committed, goal driven and solution oriented entrepreneurs to the end of achieving global change in consumer industry. The company investsin companies with focus in digital and e-commercSee full review

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KFW is a specialist bank. It is totally different from the usual banks commonly characterized by deposits and branches. KFW was established since 1948 and it was founded for the purpose of providing funds for developmental purposes and sustainable development. It is a public company, owned by German government. As a matter of fact, 80% of its equity belong to the federal government of Germany and the remaining 20% belong to the federal state. As a result, it is obvious that the funds are govSee full review

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It is my delight to write a review on RTA ventures. The company is a venture capital that was born in 2011. It is located in warsaw, Berlin, piland and aim to reach other areas across the globe. The comoany has three team members and headed by Lubomir Jurczak and Piotr Kulesca. The company is targeting early stage entrepreneur from healthcare sector and online businesses like siftware as a service and the likes. Their interest in online ventures will help to reach as many startups across EurSee full review

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Innova Memphis is an accelerator company based in Memphis, United States of America. It was founded in 2007 and currently, the company is headed by Ken Woody as its pits president. The company is opened to different technical areas like biosciences, agricultural tech, artificial intelligence, supply chain and many more. From the application page it is obvious that innova Memphis is opened to different levels of startups starting with companies that only have idea and nothing more, prototypSee full review

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The strength of a state is measured by its iits internally generated revenue(IGR) which equally depends majorly on the number of industries available in the and how well they are doing. Elevate venture is a venture capital company and an accelerator based in Indianapolis, United States of America. It was founded in 2011 as a private organization with rhe objective of elevating pre-seed, early stage companies and startups in other to build the future economy of Indianapolis as a state that can cSee full review

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I usually love it when years of existence tallies with growth. Summit partners are investment company that deals with Early Stage Venture, Grant, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity, Seed. It has been in existence since 1984 and the number of their investments so far is numbering into five hundred. The company is more than just a venture capital as can be seen above. They are also a privatr equity company. The testimony from member community expresses nothing but reliability and transparency. See full review

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Webb investment network was established by Maynard Webb in 2010. As somebody who has worked with big companies with huge portfolios, he thought it right to impact people's lives by creating something that can turn ideas into value, hence Webb investment network was born as an outfit to groom early stage companies into successful companies alleviating the rigors involved in growing alone. With the large portfolios of companies in WINs community, the landing will always be soft for member ewrly See full review

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DCM ventures is a venture capital company with very large capital base. The company was established in 1999 with the objectives of assisting startups and new entrepreneur to grow and by providing them with funds and mentorship. DCM venturesis well rooted capitally. They have a lot of funds in their portfolio hence they are nit dependent on external support. However to access this fund, a startup must provide a solution to a common problem that is affecting the masses which will make the inveSee full review

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