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Note. The exchange had security issues. https://support.bmx.fund/hc/en-us/articles/4411998987419

Description of BitMart

What Is BitMart? BitMart is a centralized exchange that provides crypto asset trading and investment services to over 9 million users around the globe. The trading platform offers numerous features for its clients, including staking, lending, savings products, derivative contracts, and expanded spot trading options. For advanced crypto enthusiasts, BitMart provides futures trading and margin trading that allow them to use leverage. Users also have access to major cryptocurrencies, a user-friendly and straightforward interface, a comprehensive knowledge base, a secure wallet, a well-designed mobile app, and an NFT marketplace. The BitMart network is committed to security, stability, and scalability, which is why it adopted an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture. A year after its founding, in 2018, the exchange launched its investment token BMX, built on an ERC-20 standard. Who Are the BitMart Founders? Sheldon Xia is the Founder and CEO of the company. He studied at the Stevens Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science. Xia specializes in the Financial Software industry. Before BitMart, he founded projects The SVIEF and Women4Blockchain. When Did BitMart Launch? The project came into existence in 2017 and became available to the public in March 2018. Where Is BitMart Located? According to Crunchbase, BitMart is headquartered in the Cayman Islands with offices in China, South Korea and the United States. The exchange is officially registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) in the U.S. BitMart Restricted Countries The global cryptocurrency exchange provides real-time trading services in over 180 countries with no KYC. Moreover, it can be accessed by U.S. citizens (except for such states as Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, New Mexico, New York, Washington). The list of banned countries includes Afghanistan, China, Congo, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and South Sudan. What Coins Are Supported on BitMart? The platform features more than 1000 crypto assets with 700+ trading pairs, among popular coins: BTC, ETH, AVAX, BNB, DOGE, LTC, SAND, SHIB, SOL and more. Users can buy cryptos with a credit/debit card, bank/wire transfer, or Apple Pay. How Much Are BitMart Fees? BitMart has a tiered fee structure that applies a Maker-Taker model. Fees start at 0.25% for price Makers and Takers. Trading fees are based on the trading volume over 30 days (in BTC) and BMX balance. Fees for futures trading are much lower and competitive, it has Maker fees of 0.04% and Taker fees of 0.06%. The platform doesn't charge deposit fees, as for withdrawal fees, commissions vary from coin to coin. Refer to the Fee Structure: https://www.bitmart.com/fee/en for more details. Is It Possible To Use Leverage or Margin Trading on BitMart? The platform offers margin trading. In the futures market, traders can exchange assets with a margin multiplier of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. BitMart's Futures Trading function officially launched in 2020.


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

BitMart is future

BitMart is a company that offers a global digital asset trading platform that provides real time trading services including trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether The features of the diversified system include spot trading, futures and over the counter trading. The company claims that its system trading has a robust security mechanism and a reliable underlying architecture, provide investors with a reliable trading experience. The Blockchain sector is in a phase of rapid growth where

  • diversified system
  • over the counter trading
  • trade show
  • underlying architecture
  • Integrated Experience
  • not

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Cryptocurrency exchanges centered on good work experience.

BitMart Trade has been around for 3 years and is now considered to be the most favorable trade among cryptocurrencies. Bitmart currently has more than $ 1 billion a day. Bitmart currently includes 317 exchange dynamic sets related to coinmarketcap. What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ” " It is normal to subscribe to Bitmart and only requires an e-mail and password that requires the source code to be sent by e-mail. To log in to the customer's account, the transaction sends a seed code…

  • The registration process is very straightforward and fast.
  • The market has large permanent cryptocurrencies and notes.
  • The general exchange device is aimed at market professionals and newbies.
  • There is a monetary system.
  • mining fees are higher than others.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

BitMart Exchange

Introducing BitMart Exchange BitMart Exchange has been launched for about 3 years and is currently one of the most traded exchanges among crypto exchanges. Bitmart currently has a good daily trade volume of over $ 1 billion. Bitmart currently has 317 pairs active for trading based on coinmarketcap. What is it like to enter an exchange office? Registration in bitmart is very easy and only requires an email and password, which of course requires an activation code sent to the email. To log in to

  • Exchange has a good reputation
  • High rate of daily trading volume
  • Convenient registration
  • It is suitable for both amateur traders and professionals
  • Ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through fiat currencies
  • Ability to work via mobile with the help of dedicated Android and iOS applications
  • In the referral program, this exchange from Sub Referees also gives us a commission percentage
  • The futures simulation section is abandoned and it is not possible to test ourselves by trading due to the large price difference between the lowest selling order and the highest buying order.

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about BitMart. BitMart is a crypto exchange created in the Cayman Islands in 2018. Although the exchange has only 3 years of experience, it has been more successful than some experienced and large exchanges. If we look at the statistics about the exchange, Bitmart has close to 1 million users, which is better than many other exchanges today and is an excellent display. In fact, I've come across hundreds of crypto exchanges and researched about them…

  • Although Bitmart has only 3 years of experience, it has now managed to surpass many old crypto exchanges thanks to excellent plans and strategies.
  • An exchange that does its best to please its users, we can understand this from the feedback of the users.
  • Users' assets are protected by the latest technologies, so no one should worry about Bitmart's security
  • I don't think Bitmart has a serious downside.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

About BitMart

Blockchain technology and alternative cryptocurrencies are currently taking the world by storm. However, due to the high volatility and lack of clear rules, crypto traders face many problems. For example, extremely high volatility values, speculative markets, low liquidity, trading games by big players, hacking risk and lack of reliable trading institutions. BitMart's trading system has a solid security mechanism and reliable architecture that provides investors with a reliable trading expe

  • Crypto trading platform with a customer satisfaction-oriented approach to advanced user interface and fast, satisfactory support
  • customer service is very relevant and answers your questions in a short time
  • a large portfolio of altcoins
  • withdrawal fees higher than other exchanges

Developed at the beginning of 2018, BitMart consists of a completely centralized exchange, it covers a wide cryptocurrency service section, so that it offers users different modes of trading with cryptocurrencies and tokens, through Spot and futures trading with leverage. up to 100x. Trading system The diversity of crypto assets that the exchange contains is very varied, in addition to having a good movement of liquidity in its main exchange pairs. The Spot exchange presents an advanced and…

  • The registration process is very simple and fast.
  • It has a great variety of crypto assets and tokens with great volatility in the market.
  • Its traditional exchange mechanism is adapted for experts and beginners in the market.
  • It has a coin staking system.
  • Allows the purchase of crypto assets with various payment methods in three different types of fiat currencies.
  • Includes several languages ​​on the platform.
  • It presents good liquidity in most of its main exchange pairs.
  • The response from the exchange server is a bit slow.
  • The interface of futures trading is very widespread and flooded with tools that confuse the trader.
  • The loan system that includes the exchange without updates.
  • The user interface requires more modern development.
  • Much of the minimum withdrawals of the listed cryptocurrencies is very high.
  • The mobile version has many negative reviews from users.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Is BitMart a safe and secured place to trade cryptocurrency?

Few investors would have imagined that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or the newcomer DOGE would reach such highs. The crypto sector is completely flowering, but the competition has only just begun, as fanatics enjoy the game and mainstream players begin to shift their focus. BitMart has quickly established a solid reputation and strong competitiveness as a leading worldwide digital asset trading platform by providing the best possible service to both our users and…

  • BitMart is completely safe for trading and digital asset management
  • Their customer service team is available
  • They are fast safe and secure
  • No bad comment as regarding this cryptocurrency exchange

t_ Another very reliable coin exchange. BitMart is a very young exchange, but this has not affected the trading volumes, BitMart just has a huge trading volume and works with most of the well-known cryptocurrencies. Most of the trades were executed very quickly at a favorable price for me. The downside is no margin trading. But the low rates are fine with me. The platform is very convenient, the connection does not disappear. Withdrawal fees are small - the exchange charges a low interest…

  • Good
  • No problems

Revainrating 4 out of 5

This exchange is up to date

Bitmart is an up to date exchange with locations in many countries making it accessible to millions of traders across the globe. That is also the reason for its heavy liquidity. The assets available on the platform are large enough to accomodate both individuals and corporate institution. The team behind the exchange comprisea of professionals in blockchain and crypto currency which means the company is in good hands. Since it was founded the exchange has remained very safe and free from…

  • Bitmart is an up to date exchange with more than 200 assets for trading
  • It has downloadable app for convenient and on the go trading
  • The exchange is backed by huge institutional investors
  • it is safe as it uses hot and cold storage to secure assets plus multisig feature embedded
  • Thr platform is easy to use
  • The platform supports over five million customers already
  • The team is made up of experts for m different countries across the globe
  • No negative comment

The only thing I could say is really good about this exchange is it's available for New York users. They have a wide variety of coins so you could easily deposit crypto into the exchange. Unfortunately it may cost you a lot to withdraw from the exchange. The phone app continuously crashes and updates every time you log in. Not to mention the phone app was the only way I was personally able to check my account. As the website never worked for me for what ever reason. The plethora of scam coins…

  • Variety of assets
  • difficult to withdraw
  • list a lot of scam coins/pump and dumps
  • faulty technology

Revainrating 5 out of 5

BitMart is a young but reliable exchange for selling.

BitMart is a young cryptocurrency platform that has gone from holding an ICO to a popular project. The exchange positions itself as a global trading platform, and this can be seen on the exchange website, it is translated into 8 languages, including Russian. The site itself looks nice and informative enough. Also, for the convenience of users, official applications for iOS and Android are available. BitMart does not work with fiat currencies, so you can deposit or withdraw funds only in…

  • Good
  • No problems

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Works for Bitmart users

BitMart is a successful cryptocurrency exchange with close to 1,000,000 users, managed by a team with market experience from all over the world. Bitmart has its own token and is traded on its stock exchange. Bitmart token is burned every month so that its value does not decrease / increase. There are a few features of BitMart Exchange from other cryptocurrency exchanges. These; + With Bitmart '' X project '', the stock market lists some coins and you support one of the listed coins…

  • Reference system
  • Earning income by locking coins
  • Regularly burning Bitmart coins every month
  • I have some concerns about its reliability

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Bitmart An exchange with new proposals

Global exchange, which allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from different countries in the world. One of its salient data is that it has several programs and proposals to earn rewards in USDT, where we can highlight its referral program for which it delivers up to 15 USDT for each friend who joins and makes transactions for more than US $ 500, and the welcome program that offers 25 USDT, if we carry out transactions for more than US $ 5,000. In the latter case, it was not entire

  • Referral and welcome program to earn cryptocurrencies
  • Special contests for users of your platform
  • Information on who your investors are is missing

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A new exchange is looming

BitMart is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies that, as reported on its website, was created by a group of investors who bet on digital assets. Headquartered in the Cayman Islands, the Foundation that serves as BitMart's sustaining instrument reports that it has offices around the world, offering different channels for immediate trading of digital assets. The web also offers other digital asset contract formats such as: futures contract trading, OTC trading a

  • Friendly website with a playful design
  • Good welcome promotions
  • Program to earn cryptocurrencies
  • Website with no information about who they are
  • It does not present differentials with the rest of the cryptocurrency exchange pages
  • Based in a tax haven such as the Cayman Islands

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great exchange with own token

This is one of my favorite exchanges I am actively using as there are great liquidity, enough participants and trading pairs. I like that they are doing a lot of promotions which is a great way how to attract users. I was rewarded with their native token BMX. I am a fan of the exchanges which supports native tokens which you can use for lowering trading fees. It would be great if they would enhance the tokenomics of BMX. The exchange offers a lot of features - future trading, yield account. I…

  • good liquidity and user base, lot of trading pairs
  • lot of promotions
  • native token
  • features such as app, futures etc.
  • saving feature
  • more yield products will be welcomed
  • more use cases for BMX native token

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Future trading exchange

Great exchange that I have started using because they lure new members on great promotions. I have to confirm that they kept promises and it was quite easy to get free crypto and their native token BMX. They support enough interesting trading pairs. They have reasonable volume and good userbase so there is no lagging or not enough liquidity with trading. They have native token BMX which is used for fees but I can imagine that it could have more use cases. The fees are at the average level. The…

  • enough trading pairs
  • good volume
  • great promotions
  • futures
  • native token BMX should be better positioned
  • not enough staking tokens (yield generating products)

Revainrating 4 out of 5

BitMart: Another good Asian exchange

Due to the lack of standardization when working with crypto-currencies it is necessary to have several exchanges to better operate with crypto-currencies, there are many in the market, some good others not so good, the difference is made by the functionalities they offer, the security, the volume of daily transactions, the speed and of course the commissions per transaction, this exchange is definitely a good option. Its desktop web portal is very good and easy to use, it is also available…

  • It has many operational options.
  • Very safe exchange
  • Good liquidity
  • It accepts a good number of crypto currencies and many pairs.
  • Easy to use
  • Operations Emulator
  • Good bonus incentives.
  • It has many strategic alliances
  • Nothing to say

Revainrating 1 out of 5

BITMART is bad. STAY AWAY. Their are better Crypto sites to use

I would tell people to stay away from this platform. I was sending tokens from Bitmart to another wallet. As we know the address is long and most up us copy and paste so no errors occur. I did this but for some reason it want to a completely different address. The address was completely different from what I entered. This is where their customer service stinks. They will not help me and offered for me to pay for them to look into why it went to a different address. In my experience this is…

  • Offer Cryptos that other sites do not
  • They do not represent their product well and have horrible customer service

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Reimburse holders their SafeMoon tokens

If I could give bitmart 0 star I would have done so. You do not come out publicly and annouce things then turn around and do not honor them. Does bitmart understand the dammage that they have cause to token holders by not fixing the situation of their hack in timely manner? It has cause more losses that what bitmart has lost . We will take legal action to recoup our loses and take bitmart out of the crypto space because we do not want these discouraging practice. Reimbourse SafeMoon holders…

  • easier accessibility for new time buyers
  • Irresponsible for their own failure and treat holders unfairly. refer to their recent hack on their wallet in December and holders still can't withdraw their funds #Safemoon

Revainrating 4 out of 5

BitMart - crypto-currency exchange review

I appreciated Bitmart's efforts to provide the finest liquidity for traders. My concentration would be on trading exchanges that offer their clients a lot of liquidity. The exchange platform features a user-friendly interface and offers high-quality trading capabilities when it comes to trading facilities. The exchange platform, like many others, levies a modest fee to traders who use its services. They also provide traders a discount when they pay for trading using their own token, resulting…

  • The transaction was really safe.
  • It has a wide range of possible collaborations.
  • For me, withdrawal costs are extremely expensive.