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Excellent product as all Dell brand, I am a systems engineer and my computers either desktop or portable are Dell brand, my preference is due to the high quality of the products of that brand, very well made equipment and really seem indestructible, the case of this portable has an excellent resolution and a fairly fast processor, I have had Dell Inspiron laptops in various models and I never tire of recommending it over other brands.See full review

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ROOBEE: Financial platform for investment

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Interesting project born in the UK which breaks with the paradigm that investments are for individuals or groups that make strong professional investments or advised by them in the various stock exchanges, Roobee opens a door to small investors with little knowledge in traditional investment methods, It is based on the Ethereun blockchain using the versatility of smart contracts and the BSC chain, the project is fully decentralized and is based for its operation artificial intelligence tecSee full review

router mobile 4g lte advanced mobile wifi hotspot mf950v logo

Excellent product, it has been very useful when I have to travel and carry the internet in my pocket, I can connect up to 10 devices, I have also used it as a backup to my internet, when my main internet is down, I have this option as a backup. It is a portable 4G LTE router that can connect up to 10 devices to the internet. It supports speeds up to 150 Mbps. It has a long battery life that can provide up to 10 hours of use. It is unlocked, so it can be used with any carrier. It is small anSee full review

smart tv jvc 42 logo

Excellent product in terms of smart TVs. buana image quality, and internet browsing is very fast, the finish of the tv is impeccable, can be used as a monitor for your computers, brings HDMI connections, USB ports, and diverasa output and video inputs. your JVC remote control is of good quality, solid and smooth and reisitente keyboard with clearly defined functions. If you deeas you can also use an external keyboard as the tv has Bluetooth support capability, the tv exceeded my expectations whiSee full review

💾 superior performance and massive storage: seagate 4tb 7200rpm hdd logo

Mass storage disk,Tb The most important technical data for this device are SPECIFICATIONS: *4TB STORAGE * SATA CONNECTION *INTERNAL *7200 RPM ROTATION SPEED *COMPACT AND MODERN DESIGN *3.5" SIZE * * HDD STORAGE TECHNOLOGY My direct experience with these Seagate disks are not only personal, I have a computer company with a small division whose activity is maintenance and repair of equipment, there I have been able to evaluate many products of the company Seagate, and the experience hasSee full review

📶 techkey ac1300mbps dual band usb wifi adapter - high gain 5dbi antenna, 2.42ghz/5.8ghz, support windows 10/8.1/8/7/xp, mac os x – desktop laptop wireless network usb 3.0 logo

Wife signal amplifier receiver antenna Technological advances especially in the area of computing, increasingly bring us items of great utility, which become part of almost everyday accessories, such is the case of this small usd adapter device capable of receiving and amplifying wifi signal to our pc, it is a plug and play device that connect and you have its functionality to amplify the wifi signal. first of all I must warn from my own experience that these USB devices are a bit delicate, See full review

arpa chain logo

This year has definitely been a tumultuous year for the cryptocurrency market with regulations and bans have impacted it negatively.However, in October the market experienced an interesting recovery, I think mostly due to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in European countries. Payments giant PayPal will accept 4 cryptocurrencies initially in the United Kingdom. Now to ARPA. I am a firm believer that many projects will disappear, and it is a fact that many are already inactive. I do not think See full review

kucoin logo

If you are looking for a safe, fast and very good exchange house, here you have it. It gives the impression that they took the good things from other changes and added it for their creation, Many benefits, Founded in 2017, operates in Hong Khong, operates with many cryptocurrencies and tokens, has a high volume processing capacity, additionally it has a very attractive incentive package, includes being able to earn interest, the lowest commission on the market. Every company has to have more thaSee full review

blockster logo

Introduction to Blocktres. The blockchain technologies maintain its sweeping advance despite the regulations and prohibitions to which it has been subjected this year, which have had a great impact? ..... Yes, but it has not stopped its advance and we see how today there is a significant recovery of the crypto market, many believers in conspiracy theories speculate about a new economic order, and do not realize that they already have it under their noses, the possibility of doing business gloSee full review

flatqube logo

Introduction To understand well this promising and futuristic project it is enough to investigate well about it, then its wallet following with the innovative bridge to finish with its exchange Ton swap and it is precisely what concerns us in this review, order as defined in the great competition that launched the Free Ton project in our Revain platform, on the other hand I do not think it will be the last competition, It will be the last for now, I have no doubt that there will be more in the See full review

octus bridge logo

The problem and what leads to create an Ethereun Ton Free bridge? Many will ask, and rightly so, why create a bridge to a blockchain as successful as Ethereun if it has a market cap that exceeds 400 billion dollars, and the answer lies precisely there in large part, a liquidity as colossal as that requires a platform that will have many transactions and that is the big problem of the Ethereun chain, It scaled to a very high level which resulted in a bottleneck that makes the blockchain very heaSee full review

ever wallet logo

What parameters to evaluate when deciding which crypto wallet to adopt. The financial world with the emergence of cryptocurrencies has been evolving in a dizzying way, the convenience of transferring currency from one person to another in a fast way without intermediaries is the raison d'être of the wallets, that is precisely the first parameter to take into consideration when choosing a wallet, It is very easy to write about wallets, They all pursue the same functionality, only the differenSee full review

everscale logo

INTRODUCTION Given the completeness and extensiveness of this project I considered it pertinent to divide my review into 4 bodies or sections to give the most information without extending too much and these are: An INTRODUCTION to the project, WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WORKS I will outline what it is about and briefly explain how it works, INTERESTING PROJECTS ALREADY IN DEVELOPMENT section in which I will describe some projects already developed and in the process of it using this platform takingSee full review

ethereum logo

Since the appearance of cryptocurrencies I have always followed the subject with great interest, I think that if ethereum had appeared on the scene first, today Ethereum cryptocurrency would be the queen, Many people think that ethereum is only a cryptocurrency, but it is not, it is all a technological platform based on the Blockchain. I consider that since cryptocurrencies appeared at the beginning the boom and growth was exponential, The first ones took a high value, then came in a fall, lateSee full review

nxt logo

It has its own chain of blocks on which there are very specific features, is considered a child block of the Ardor platform that we remember was composed of multiple blocks in a hierarchical tree with the main block Ardor. Under this product operates the exchange of assets completely decentralized, I see it as the module that manages the financial part, under this chain of blocks can be issued any token for multiple uses at the discretion of whoever issues the token. Other relevant functioSee full review

ardor logo

Ardor ARDR: Development oriented platform

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great project created by the company Jelurida of Swiss origin dedicated to the development and maintenance of software at the service of Blockchain's technology whose objective is to give support for developers to create new products or services. It has its own main block chain and a series of secondary block chains, it works under a tree scheme, the main node is the parent block chain and going down we find chains of child blocks following a parent child hierarchy, the interesting part is thaSee full review

meschain logo

MesChain is a complete system created by the company Genesis Crypto Technology which has the important function of monitoring all phases of the production line of a given product in a given industry. As a computer professional I can attest that this type of system is one of the most complex that can be developed in the area of information technology, I had the opportunity to develop one in an electronics manufacturing company that produces electrical components for a transportation system knSee full review

michaels stores logo

The bazaars are stores that do not specialize in a particular type of article, at least here in my country we know them as such, they sell a variety of products for gifts, crafts, toys, ornaments, portrait holders, office supplies, desks, clocks, colors, paints, canvases, school supplies and more. Michaels store is characterized by the variety of products at reasonable prices and the number of stores available in the United States. It has a lot of benefits for purchases, depending on thSee full review

provident metals logo

Company with a strong economic power that is not just around the corner, I say that by its nature as it sells precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum and others of lesser value such as copper. At first glance anyone could say that this is a large jewelry store, but that is not so. It is a powerful company in which you can buy or sell gold bullion, considerable amounts of silver, platinum and copper, additionally you can buy coins in these metals of various denominations that have See full review

evoqua water technologies logo

More than a hundred years of experience in water treatment products, purifying filters, water treatment plants, equipment to recycle wastewater for crops and many other products that help to preserve the precious liquid. Products not only for individuals or companies, it also interacts with municipalities and other organizations in order to protect this natural resource. To have an idea of the importance that this company has acquired, the numbers do not lie. According to statistical dataSee full review

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