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Description of FlatQube

FlatQube (ex. TON Swap) decentralized exchange. Dexs allow peer-to-peer crypto transactions online securely and without an intermediary. Swap and exchange crypto tokens within the Everscale blockchain (WEVER, USDT, DAI etc.) Benefit from passive earnings with framing prrograms (earn up to 204% APY). Provide liquidity in pools and receive fixed rewards.


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Type of review

A few words before we start the review Hello to everyone. Today I am going to write to you about TON Swap. TON Swap is a decentralized exchange backed by the Free TON project, which has recently become very popular. I've done research and written reviews about the exchange more than I can count before. Some of these exchanges have ceased operations as a result of competition with larger and more powerful exchanges, while others are still operating. Operating exchanges are divided into…

  • It has a great user interface, even those who are new to an exchange can learn to use it easily
  • Thanks to the information on the website of the exchange, we can easily learn almost all the features of the exhcange, and I also liked the fact that there is video narrated informations.
  • The satisfaction level of the users is very high, and people rate TON Swap very highly in the feedbacks.
  • Users' assets are not held by the exchange, nor is their wallet information held, so I have no concerns about security.
  • I have not encountered a very important and remarkable bad feature.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Detailed information of TON Swap exchange.

The experience of using the TON Swap exchange is unique to me, and while I have not had the opportunity to use it extensively, I will make every effort to provide you with as much information as possible. Let's go to the review then! The UI of TON Swap is simple to navigate. Users like the UI since it is as simple and clutter-free as that of other popular DEXs. Anyone may utilize the platform, even those without previous knowledge. It's good to see that TON Swap's entrance has reduced some of…

  • Although it is not a well-known exchange, however, it is notable in terms of volume.
  • Security protection is very strong.
  • High-speed transactions and high liquidity.
  • In terms of fees, it is competitive in the market.
  • The platform works a bit slow.
  • The number of supported currencies is now low.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

revolutionizing Decentralized Finance with a Powerful and lucrative Exchange

After being immersed in the Free Ton ecosystem for approximately 1 month and learning about the valuable products it has to offer to the market, I have come up with one in which, according to my short experience, can become a very important rival for more veteran projects in the industry, and I'm of course talking about the decentralized Ton Swap exchange. Once again, with the help of the Broxus team of professionals and developers and within the framework of the creation of the defi Alliance…

  • Built on the Free Ton blockchain, which is considered by many to be the most scalable network ever created, it offers its users safer and more efficient access to decentralized finance.
  • The Exchange is open source, and anyone can view its information on sites like Github
  • The fact that important data such as price, commissions or liquidity are shown, helps users to make better decisions
  • Ton Swap represents a very valuable opportunity for all users especially when we have seen the high commissions that other exchanges of this type charge.
  • It is planned for the end of 2021 to add one billion of liquidity that will be directed to yield farming programs
  • The broxus team has added a unique section in the Exchange, and it is the possibility of creating your own tokens under the Free ton blockchain, which I think is one of the most positive aspects of the platform and that differentiates it from the rest.
  • honestly, I haven't found a single negative to highlight. my experience has been very pleasant and I hope you continue to do a great job

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Have you mined tokens since you became a frequent crypto-trader? Did you receive earnings just by completing step-by-step processes on the act of swapping? Or did you all became conscious of the value that this represents for the current marketplace? A process that has been constant as the wind For weeks, lots of traders, researchers, and informants have been delivering content about a completely innovative project. Free TON is, among other reasons, a project with over-developed qualities in…

  • It is a growing alternative that brings more support to the mass adoption of TON as a productive token.
  • It is receiving a good integration into the marketplace. More exchanges are listing this token to their public trades.
  • The process to swap is active and simple. During the last week, there have been great results.
  • The farming pools available are conditioned to receive hundreds of processes during a single day.
  • As with other features of the TON Community, the web page still works slowly. Updates take time to be developed as well as transactions to be confirmed.
  • No more negative aspects have been found.

Hello, respected and thoughtful writers of the crypto world. Today, I would like to share with you the story of my acquaintance with the Ton Swap exchange, which has been made available by the Free Ton company, which has been mentioned on many platforms recently, and my experiences during my time in the stock market. Before I tell the story of my acquaintance with this stock market, I would like to present a general information about it. Registration and Use. The Tone Swap exchange has a design

  • Offers a user's guide for novices (written as well as in video format)
  • I made big profits with the farming system.
  • You can avoid wasting time thanks to easy installation.
  • transaction fees are low enough.
  • Shares about the stock market are increasing on many platforms. (confidence for users)
  • language options urgently need to be multiplied.

TON Swap, is composed of a decentralized exchange with ample security and guarantees good options and tools to perform decentralized trading with a variety of popular cryptocurrencies in the crypto world, also guaranteeing good trading of its native WTON and TON Bridge tokens, with the variety of cryptocurrencies supported on the exchange. TON Swap is an exchange that has a good linkage with the TON Crystal Wallet, where users have stored their digital assets, thus ensuring an optimal and…

  • Ensures the right tools for secure and fast decentralized exchange.
  • It provides users with a farming guide, which is accessible and guarantees a good learning about farming.
  • It has good liquidity pools, with a good percentage of profit in APY.
  • Guarantees an easy, fast and secure connection with the TON Crystal Wallet Dapps.
  • Integrates a reliable program to generate good profits, integrating a reliable farming program with good results and even easy to choose from a variety of liquidity pools.
  • TON Swap does not allow linking with Dapps wallets other than TON Crystal Wallet.

Choosing a decentralized exchange to operate and exchange assets from different networks is very common today. There is a fairly long range of DEX platforms to choose from in the market, but what was born as an innovation that sought to create a more accessible economic environment, has completely moved away from that purpose and has become a stone in the shoe for many users. . The problem of the high cost of transactions of some DEX, added to the slowness when making a transaction, is seen as…

  • The project has added in its short time in the market, a large portfolio of clients who are attracted mainly by the benefits it provides in its yield farming program
  • There is something that I must highlight and that is that there is a section that is in beta mode and that will allow developers to launch their own tokens under the Free ton blockchain as Tip-3 tokens.
  • It has a very comfortable interface that does not represent any challenge for any user
  • Another important aspect is that the rewards are distributed daily in the agricultural pools, something very beneficial for many of us
  • After trying to do a transaction in the Exchange, my experience was very smooth, so I have nothing bad to add

Revainrating 5 out of 5

TON Swap, The powerful Free Ton blockchain exchange

Introduction To understand well this promising and futuristic project it is enough to investigate well about it, then its wallet following with the innovative bridge to finish with its exchange Ton swap and it is precisely what concerns us in this review, order as defined in the great competition that launched the Free Ton project in our Revain platform, on the other hand I do not think it will be the last competition, It will be the last for now, I have no doubt that there will be more in the

  • Fast and easy to use exchange
  • Decentralized without custody of your assets
  • Developed in open source and sources available in github repository
  • For a decentralized exchange it has good liquidity
  • Brings good profit by betting on your agriculture on the exchange
  • If you bring liquidity to the pairs you can also earn some profit
  • Fairly low commissions when trading on the exchange
  • The very high speculative commissions on the ethereum chain, tarnish the excellent development made with the bridge, as they make it prohibitive to minority investors.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are divided into 2. 1) Centralized exchanges. 2) Decentralized exchanges. Today, decentralized exchanges are becoming more and more common. Because they are more reliable than centralized exchanges. Since transactions are carried out instantly over many blocks, the risk of fraud is very low. TON Swap is an example of a decentralized exchange. Some of the advantages that TON Swap offers to its users are as follows; 1) Transactions are executed on the TON blockchain.

  • I like the design of the websites, and there are many videos on how to do things. In this way, even if you do the transactions for the first time, you can learn immediately without difficulty.
  • You can earn high profits in your own pools. In fact, this way you create your own blocks on the TON ecosystem
  • TON carries out many interrelated projects.
  • -

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Why You Should Farm on TON Swap Platform?

The FreeTON project has been busy this summer, expanding its offerings for users, working to bring in and support promising, newbie projects and advances in the DeFi industry. Now the team has completed the overhaul of the TON Swap DEX, making it much easier to use while at the same time empowering it with great new features. I had to follow a simple process to provide liquidity. First, I had to choose the tokens that I'd like to provide liquidity. At the time of writing, there were…

  • Very low gas fees relative to ETH
  • 24-hour and 7-day trading volumes for all pairs
  • The APYs of these pools enough money to stake in each of these pools.
  • trusted avenue for passive income
  • Easy and fast swapping
  • both yield farming and providing liquidity are not possible with regular TON

If you are familiar with decentralized exchanges, TonSwap will be a good fast and cheaper alternative in buying with its main competitors. It is only necessary to download and install the wallet extension in a compatible browser, have funds (buy them in an exchange) that if you have to use the main TON network. They have a complete beginner's guide to TON and TonSwap. In general, it is necessary to have some experience when using decentralized exchanges, the procedure to use it is similar

  • Easy to use, just download the wallet and that's it.
  • Fast transactions compared to other networks.
  • It currently has an attractive APY compared to other DEXs (especially for Stablecoins)
  • Some transactions are not easy to carry out (I mean adding funds).
  • If you could withdraw funds directly from a CEX or buy directly with another crypto TON it would be easy.
  • It is still little used, but this is surely due to the methods they have to send funds to the main network.

TON Swap is one of the decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that operate on the TON blockchain. It encourages its network members to engage more by providing attractive incentives. It provides numerous advantages to DeFi users. It is a platform that allows the exchanging of tokens as well as the contribution to liquidity pools. The TON Swap platform is able to deliver DeFi services, such as staking and farming, to the community at a reasonable price. It gives users several earning opportunities…

  • Since it was first introduced, the success of this service has skyrocketed.
  • The trading platform has gotten many good reviews.
  • Fees for trading are lower than others.
  • No RED flags as of now.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the best DEXs I've come across

FlatQube is a DEX, although I regard to it as an exchange, so don't compare it to others. This trade distinguishes out from the rest due to a number of distinguishing characteristics. To begin, I must clarify that this exchange allows you to complete all transactions safely and without the need of middlemen, which is something that an experienced trader would enjoy. One of the best parts of the exchange is its farming activities. These ideas might help you make a lot of money while you sleep…

  • Flatqube offers a number of benefits that may pique your interest, including quick transactions and low transaction costs.
  • Flatqube has a highly user-friendly interface, and even newcomers to exchanges can easily learn how to use it.
  • I think there is nothing.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

It is a very reliable and useful exchange.

Friends, after a long time, I decided to write reviews again. The subject of my new review is the FlatQube exchange. Recently, there are too many exchanges in the crypto world, both centralized and decentralized. But we cannot trust all of these exchanges. Therefore, it became necessary to do some research before using the exchanges. One such exchange that was created recently is FlatQube. FlatQube is a DEX created and developed by a company called Broxus. If we want to do research on the…

  • It allows us to create our own Tip-3.1 token.
  • Belonging to the Everscale network causes low transaction fees.
  • I don't think it's bad for now.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm more of a CEX fan, but FlatQube has changed my view of DEXs.

Hello everyone, my other review today will be about FlatQube. FlatQube is another platform operating on the Everscale network. Like the other Everscale platforms I've written a review about, FlatQube has its own unique features. Thanks to these features, the exchange plans to promote itself and increase its user base. Now let's move on to more comprehensive information about FlatQube. FlatQube was known by the name TON Swap until a few months ago, but like other Everscale platforms, this…

  • It has almost all the features you would expect from a decentralized exchange.
  • I can trade Tip 3.1 tokens easily and quickly.
  • Nothing about it.

Hello to everyone. Our next review will be about FlatQube. FlatQube is a fairly new platform, like Broxus' other projects. FlatQube is a decentralized crypto exchange. But this exchange has different features from other similar exchanges. So what makes FlatQube different from others? Let's find the answer to this question. As I just said, FlatQube is a newly created decentralized exchange. The purpose of the platform is to access the exchange through your own Ever wallet and not to endanger…

  • You can't keep your assets on this exchange, so it's almost impossible for scammers to steal your assets.
  • The official website has enough information to satisfy users.
  • I don't think it's a bad feature.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

It's one of the few exchanges I've researched and liked.

Today's subject will be TON Swap. TON Swap is a brand-new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. For the time being, the user base of this exchange, which has very little experience, is fairly tiny, but statistics show that it is growing. As I previously stated, the low number of users is due to the fact that this exchange is new and hence not widely known. However, owing to the exchange's creators' methods, more attention has been paid to ads, increasing people's interest in the exchange. I…

  • We can quickly understand virtually all of the functions of the exchange thanks to the material on the exchange's website.
  • In addition to functions like swap, pool, and farming, the exchange also allows you to generate cryptocurrencies.
  • Fast transactions and minimal transaction fees are only a few of the advantages that pique your interest with TON Swap.
  • I have yet to come across a very noteworthy flaw.

I have always been on the lookout for a more secure and user-friendly exchange. Because, while the majority of today's exchanges are simple to use, I can't always count on security. Because I trade crypto on a regular basis, one of the most important things to me is security. Because I'm new to TON Swap, I had to do a lot of research on this exchange. Firstly, I must state that this exchange outperforms many similar exchanges in terms of some characteristics. However, I do not believe this…

  • Because any currency can't be deposited in TON Swap, I don't think there will be any problems with the security of the exchange.
  • It has a very user-friendly design, and even people who are new to an exchange can quickly learn how to use it.
  • Fast transactions and minimal transaction fees are only a few of the advantages that pique your interest with TON Swap.
  • There are no significant drawbacks.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The little I know about TON swap exchange and FLATQUBE

Ton swap exchange as the name implies is a friendly user interface. I made a deep research and I found out that this TON swap is a replacement of centralized exchanges. So easy to use, very simple to navigate. Even the least individual with the little knowledge can make use of TON swap thereby making it a starting point for the Novice and amateurs. I haven't been opportune to make use of this exchange platform but believe me this exchange platform(Ton swap) is a good choice and option for a…

  • It has a friendly user interface
  • Its very simple to understand
  • Speed and accuracy 100%
  • Less expensive
  • I personally don't have any negative comment

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My overall review about TON Swap exchange.

TON Swap is a simple, user-friendly, all-in-one online interface that replaces centralized exchanges' numerous barriers with a single streamlined system, while also encouraging liquidity to its pools and incentivizing traders to supply it. It's simple to understand, as well as a starting point for learners, because the switch interface is as simple as day. Ton Swap is a great option for an exchange if you are a TON-based trader and you want a simple, safe platform where you can access the most

  • Getting started is quick and simple.
  • Interface that is both simplistic and attractive.
  • By supplying liquidity, you may get incentives.
  • One of the most prominent and trusted exchange platforms.
  • Only coins created on the TON blockchain are available.