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About DragonEX

DragonEx is a cryptocurrency exchange with more than 200,000 active users, and $45M to $75M on a daily transaction volume at the moment, continuing to grow. Registered in Singapore, Operation Department headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, also with customer service in Malta and Belarus, DragonEx open for all cooperation opportunities in the field of blockchain related, by providing with fund or technology support for startups and helping with user base establishment in Asian-pacific area.

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DragonEx Cryptocurrency Exchange

I hereby report my findings about DrangonEX which is an exchange located in Singapore and going by track record Singapore is one of Asia continent’s biggest founders of cryptocurrency exchanges, DrangonEx is US citizens compliant and it has a good...See full review

My review on DragonEx.

DragonEx has been hit by a storm of hackers so be informed about this platform. There's hasn't been any relevant information concerning it recovery of it encryption key but we still look forward to it. It is a singapore based crypto exchange...See full review

dragonex one of the best in user experience

DragonEx is a digital asset exchange and trading platform based in Singapore that issues cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017. DragonEx is a cryptocurrency exchange that issues Dragon tokens and pays transaction fees. The safety of DragonEx is...See full review

dragonex review

If one of my friends asks me to introduce him to a good cryptocurrency exchange, I will not introduce dragonex at all! I used this exchange for a month and it was not a good experience. They have long since disabled deposit and withdraw a large...See full review

DragonEX exchange, is not the best choice

Dragonex, commonly known as Dragon Exchange, is a Singaporean exchange that first opened its doors in 2017. Dragon Exchange is one of the exchanges I'm familiar with, and it allows cryptocurrency traders to swap their assets with ease. It's a...See full review

DragonEx a wise platform for traders

DragonEx is a Crypto wallet which has over 200,000 users,a trading volume of about $169 million and trading pair of 110. It is opened for mostly coporation opportunities with crypto Blockchain related goals by giving them Technological support...See full review

DragonEX crypto application that support all crypto exchange

Dragon ex Exchange is one of the exchanges I use for daily trading. This exchange takes place in Asia, especially in Singapore. Singapore is a house that is regularly traded most of the time. Now I am from Singapore, I let Maine start my personal...See full review

This exchange has a high number of members so high complain rate comes into their meesage

Dragon ex exchange is one the exchange I used on daily basis trading transaction. This exchange was founded in Asia, but specifically from Singapore. Singapore have been a home for good exchanges most time. Though they are some had exchanges that I...See full review


DragonEX is a cryptocurrency change specifically positioned in Singapore, which affords buying and selling channels for traders who change cryptocurrency pairs. DragonEX may be utilized in about 103 energetic markets. Trade with Dragon tokens at...See full review

DragonEx cryptocurrency exchange with over 200,000 of active users

DragonEx My review on DragonEx is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established with its headquarter in Bangkok Thailand with many branches in Malta and other places. DragonEx has over 200,000( two hundred million) of active users and very high...See full review

One of the most convenient exchanges for trading coins.

_Let's ask ourselves why I need an exchange. Today, cryptocurrency trading should contain reviews of all the leading cryptocurrency exchanges so that users can find the best cryptocurrency exchange site for themselves. This time I would like to...See full review