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Emirex is one of the many centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform with high security technology to protect users assets from any kind of intrusion and with amazing other features like low transaction fees. Emirex are used to trade digital assets and cryptocurrencies coins and tokens with management tools and charts to serve and use for market analysis before entering any trade. Emirex was launched in the year 2017 by Grigory Rybalchenko and Irina Heaver developed this in the middle east tSee full review

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Crex24 is one of the newest and youngest cryptocurrency exchange platform that was launched in the year 2017 providing traders with a large range of cryptocurrencies assets and ather related services. Crex24 with the launching of the amazing cryptocurrencies exchange platform have listed of both popular and common coins and tokens like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Bitcoin and lots more and coins and tokens that are not too popular and common like Bittolerant(BTT), Doge and Tron (TRX)See full review

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Hotbit is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchange platform. From my experience on using Hotbit is designed and layout is similar to that of binance, this exchange platform is a bit complex as it requires special training before one can understand fully how it works, but with the experience of trading on binance it will become easier. Hotbit is a Chinese cryptocurrencies exchange and has over 150 listed coins and its trade based on pairs. It has stable coin called USDT which is available as trSee full review

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Piixpay is one of the best and unique Estonian cryptocurrencies exchange platform with one of the best and most unique features launched and started operating in the year 2014 and led by Hannes Kree. It is made simple and easy with friendly user interface for both beginners ( novice) and professional traders to trade efficiently and ease. Piixpay is well known for allowing it users or traders to trade notable fiat currency specifically Euros and Dollars to exchange for cryptocurrencies like BiSee full review

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Coindeal is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that was founded by Adam Bicz, Kajetan ma and Filip Dzier is an exchange own by a group of people with which was launched in early 2018 but has already been known and popular in the global market. Coindeal has over 500,000 users globally and is the among the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world based on coinmarketcap ranking. Coindeal has well pleasing transactions fee cost is fast and reliable with firm transactions and traSee full review

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C2CX is a chinese based digital assets exchange dedicated to providing security, liquidity and advanced functionality with top notch technologies. C2CX is targeted for advanced traders looking for to trade digitalize assets by using blockchain and decentralized technology making them to be easily transferable and exchange able. Users on this exchange can receive and transfer digital assets with ease with less transaction cost with total security. There are availability of wide range of diffeSee full review

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Coinsbit is a centralized exchange that is into sales and buying of various and different types of cryptocurrencies with low transaction fee ( gas fee). Coinsbit support many types of tradding with amazing and unique features like p2p lending and trading, gateways and OTC trading. This amazing exchange allows its user to benefit extra and crypto assets through staking pool. Coinsbit is an exchange where you can trade your cryptocurrencies assets with ease, less stress, secure user friendly andSee full review

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Gemini is a cryptocurrencies exchange that is fully registered and licensed by the United State government in 2015 which make it to be trustworthy for holding different types of cryptocurrency assets and also exchange with ease and confidence, it's highly secured and safe. Gemini offers upto four different types of trade which is Market, Limit, MOC, and IOC. And the most popular cryptocurrency in the exchange is MTC and ETH. The only flows I noticed with this exchange is limited to some countrySee full review

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BtcTurk pro is one of the best and most searched bitcoin exchange based and popular in Turkey. BtcTurk pro offers multiple and amazing tier of system that is aim at offering amazing discounts for different types of trading options. It is programmed with user friendly interface and easy navigation even by newbies. There are flows in this exchange which when remove will increase the numbers of users, its limit the user from high number of transactions and also with many process and procedures toSee full review

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Vinex Network Exchange is one of the newest and becoming popular cryptocurrencies exchange and it's based in Singapore with many branches. Vinex Network Exchange is a centralized exchange which makes it different from most of the cryptocurrency exchanges that are decentralized. Although being a centralized exchange still gives it unique features and other advantages and that does not means users assets are not safe and protected. Since the invention of this exchange there have never been a coSee full review

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Liquid is an online cryptocurrency exchange where the user can buy and sell more than 100 different types of coins and tokens with easy and efficient. The exchange is protected against cyber theft where also hodling of different types and assets can be done which are well secured and protected. Liquid is a Japan based exchange that allows trading of many cryptocurrencies like the common one are Eth, BTC and exchange of many currencies. Liquid exchange offers one of the best and amazing serviceSee full review

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BTC-Alpha is one of the best exchange that was established in the year 2016 owned and controlled by British in the United Kingdom. BTC-Alpha is known for trading most popular and major coins like AGLT, PTS, ETH, XMV and more and there also availability of some minor coins and tokens for exchange, there are more than 80 different types of coins and tokens on the exchange platform. Trading are conducted on different markets and also there is availability of stable coins which is USDT just like oSee full review

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Coinbase pro is one of the best, major and most popular exchange platform all around the world owned and operated by coinbase company. Its designs and arranged to users and made easy and simple for users to be able to sell and buy cryptocurrencies with ease and simplicity. Coinbase pro is an updated version of coinbase and is made for advanced meant for professional cryptocurrency traders around the world with advanced features with wide range and varieties of cryptocurrency assets. It was estSee full review

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Latoken is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange platform and become more popular when it was listed in coinmarketcap as Top 50 in July 2018 focusing on liquidity for new tokens. Latoken is not only into cryptocurrency exchange it is into users can participate in selected Tokens presale and crowd sale stages which is an added advantage and very few exchanges give this amazing offers. Buying coin at pre sale is an added advantage because it's gotten at a cheaper rate and more quantiSee full review

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BitMart is a global cryptocurrencies exchange with a lot of amazing features and special offers. It was founded by group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gurus, fully registered and licensed for operation. It has offices in many parts of the world which make it very trustworthy to hodl and exchange as many coins and tokens that are available for exchange on the platform. BitMart is known and its it hallmark for providing smooth fast, and more secure trading experience with less tress and secuSee full review

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tKraken is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges which 2as established in the year 2011, during its operations and performance it has attracted the attention and recognition of major media as one of the best exchanges, media such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and Business Week. Kraken promotion of its activities and mode of operation is very active on the social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this has generate a greate turnover and customers interest in using this aSee full review

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Indodax is an online exchange platform where buying and selling of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major digital and cryptocurrencies are executed. Indodax formally known as Bitcoin Indonesia was originated in Indonesia and is the largest exchange platform in the whole of Indonesia which allows it users to trade that's buying and selling of different types of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and many other coins that are not even popular in some exchanges. Indodax is on a miSee full review

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ATOMARS is one of rearest cryptocurrency exchange with lots of amazing features that are not found in many cryptocurrencies exchanges. It headquarter is situated in Sychelles and established in the year 2019 with high and very fast support teams with user friendly interface and easy navigation with low transaction fee. These exchange is made very simple that if there is any challenge there are availability of fast customer care response to guide and rectify issues within short period of time. TSee full review

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HITBTC my review on this amazing cryptocurrencies exchange platform. Hitbtc is one of the first, most reliable and fast cryptocurrency exchange platform that was established in the year 2013. HITBTC is famous for housing many coins both popular and unpopular Altcoins which is very simple and easy to use. The amazing exchange platform has fast transactions and offer lower gas fees for all transactions. The security and transactions are kept save and there are no access for scamming activities.See full review

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BitPay Card is one of the best and most reliable, trusted cryptocurrency card among the many and various types of cards. There transaction fee is incredibly favourable and cheap and show its customers how to avoid extra charges and fees. BitPay Card is a prepaid card which means it requires loading and reloaded after the previous fund has been exhausted. Bitpay Card can be gotten when you download the app from play store for Android users and Apple store for ios users, then register and order See full review



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