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How ratings, number of reviews, and prices affect your purchase.

The availability of reviews on the webpage can increase the conversion of users to buyers by 270%

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The buyer usually spends more time choosing and reading reviews for more expensive products

According to the data presented in the study, the presence of reviews on the cheap toys page increased the conversion to sales by 190%. And for expensive toys, the conversion rate increased by 380%.

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Sales per month (toys)





With reviews
Without reviews

Posting negative reviews on your site helps build customer trust

Instead of trying to eliminate negative reviews, read them and respond to them

Readers are skeptical about overly positive reviews. Research has also shown that readers spend 4 times more time on the site researching and dealing with negative reviews.

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of buyers specifically look for negative reviews

The buyer needs to read 5-10 reviews to form an opinion.

The "Spiegel" discovered this data by analyzing aproximately 15.5 millions of page views, 1800 unique products, 7.8 millions of users for a year, following the number of pages, biews and sales as the number of reviews for each product has been growing.

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How Revain’s Review System Develops Consumer Trust.

Reviews can help you to deal with abandoned carts, lower advertisement costs, and even...

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