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About Hotbit

Hotbit is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that is poised to offer crypto investors the ability to trade a long list of coins. It offers a digital asset exchange platform that is well designed, intuitive to use and has support for the major cryptocurrencies.

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Hotbit: A Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchange With Listed With Multiple Types Of Tokens.

Hotbit exchange is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. It is one of those exchanges that is quite popular and used among cryptocurrency merchants and traders. To become a user, you can download the app on Google play store or on apple store...See full review

They took my coins and dont want to give them back

They took my coins and dont want to give them back (i write with their support for more than a month now). I made 2 transfers to my correct hotbit wallet and only one of the transfers (much smaller amount) went through. I sent transaction links to...See full review

Hotbit is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchange

Hotbit is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchange platform. From my experience on using Hotbit is designed and layout is similar to that of binance, this exchange platform is a bit complex as it requires special training before one can understand...See full review

Hotbit crypto-currency exchange review

Hotbit is a well-known exchange that has been functioning in the crypto market for a few years. Although it isn't particularly well-known or competitive in the market, it has provided excellent service to its consumers by offering a wide range of...See full review

Exchange with high volumes of trading pairs for users

_A fairly well-known Asian exchange for those who are interested in new coins. The number of pairs is huge, voting for the listing of new coins is periodically held, what no liquidity is present for most pairs. Of the advantages of this exchange...See full review

HotBit is a popular cryptocurrency exchange

Hotbit is a cryptocurrency exchange that debuted in January 2018 and allows users to trade a variety of odd coins. Although there is no specific information regarding HotBit's registration location, this centralised cryptocurrency exchange is most...See full review

Hotbit exchange and trading platform.

Hotbit is a trading platform that provides the purchase and promotion of various cryptocurrencies, assets and tokens. Hotbit is a global exchange covering almost every country in the world, sponsored by various vendors such as Myself. Generally...See full review

Hotbit exchange - an exchange with high daily volume

The user interface of Hotbit Exchange is simple. It's simple to use and comprehend. Because this Exchange's website isn't mobile-friendly, they've created a mobile app for mobile users. Trading, Deposit and Withdrawal, and a kind of staking known...See full review


Hotbit Trading is a Chinese cryptocurrency buying and selling company. This is a completely well-known change utilized by cryptocurrency investors and traders. To turn out to be a consumer, you may down load the app on Google Play Keep or Apple...See full review

Hotbit is one of the top-rated crypto trading platform.

Hotbit is a trusted services and a trusted company. It has high liquidity and provides support for a small but significant number of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the dashboard is constantly up to date and includes several areas where users can...See full review

Hotbit is a digital currency exchanging stage that can help practically all clients change their foundation.

On April 29, 2021, Hotbit.io suspended all administrations to examine a genuine assault on a cryptographic money trade. Truth be told, the residents are said to have attempted to get into the hot totes of a trade that contained a little part of the...See full review