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Revain is the first blockchain-based review platform. It guarantees the reliability of reviews by storing data on the blockchain and the high quality of content by applying AI filters. In the unique gamification system, authors get XP and other rewards for writing reviews and participating in competitions. If you have ideas, suggestions, or just want to share your opinion - go ahead and write a review. We appreciate all kinds of feedback.

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3 years later and all I can say is….NICE 👏

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I'm waiting for the project to be updated and will do more research after that.

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The Complete Guide to the Revain Platform

By Rinat Arslanov, CEO at Revain


Even with a decade of development under its belt, blockchain is still considered a nascent industry. It is highly unregulated and there exists very little reliable information and resources for those interested in learning more about the industry. The projects and companies rely heavily on marketing to achieve their goals and reach new users. This has led to a lot of exaggerated hype and fake news about blockchain being circulated on social media and other marketing channels.

There was a dire need of an unbiased, humble and to-the-ground analytics platform that would enable potential users and other people to get accurate and factual information on different blockchain companies. Enter: Revain, which was created for this very purpose, a platform where in-depth reviews of different blockchain setup are available to the public.

Revain is a blockchain-based platform that leverages the immutability characteristic. To provide readers and investors with access to reliable information, Revain hashes the reviews in blockchain. Each review is locked and cannot be tampered with after publication. The platform employs artificial intelligence to weed out any low-grade or biased reviews. To uphold the quality of its publications, each review that passes the AI test is subject to manual scrutiny. These two stages of moderation ensure the high quality of content and objective analysis.

1. Revain Team

The Revain Team consists of nearly two dozen professionals who are dedicated to creating (and enabling others to create) innovations in the online reviews market.

Rinat Arslanov

Rinat Arslanov has been the Co-Founder and CEO of Revain since its inception. He describes his passion for Revain as a life project for him. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and is expected to complete his doctorate in 2022.

Grigor Aproyan

The second Co-Founder of Revain, Grigor Aproyan is the Chief Financial Officer. He has a Specialist Valuation certification from the Russian state’s Financial University. He also has another degree from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Alexey Belashenko

Alexey Belashenko is a legal expert, with a degree in Jurisprudence from the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs. He has worked in the legal system, focusing on international law. As the Chief Operating Officer at Revain, he is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the platform.

2. What is Revain and How Does it Work?

Revain is a blockchain-based platform that is dedicated to providing unbiased information and reviews of other companies/products.

Modern businesses rely heavily on word-of-mouth and influencer marketing. Many users don't have enough special knwoledge and can be easily influenced by carefully crafted sponsored news, articles, and press releases. This only leads to the users being dissatisfied.

Revain not only provides balanced and true to fact reviews of companies, products, and services but also ensures that there’s no chance of its reviews being manipulated. One of the many unique advantages of blockchain is its immutability. Data, once recorded on the chain, isn't editable unless 51% of the node operators agree on it.

Using blockchain itself, the company publishes the reviews on the decentralized ledger. This means that all reviews on the blockchain are permanently recorded, providing readers with the peace of mind that what they are reading is factual. Each review has its own unique hash code. This hash is what actually becomes a part of a block. If any change is made in the review, the hash would also change. But the hash code recorded in the blockchain would not.

Revain allows any party to check hashes in order to make sure the published review hasn’t been altered in any way. All any interested party needs to do is to go to the blockchain webpage of the platform and select a block. The hash can be calculated via web tools and compared against the published Action Hash. A set of matching hashes will prove that the review is the original one. Along with this, manual reviews of submitted data, combined with AI and IoT helps in creating content that helps businesses, small and large, expand and inform the world of their services.

The Gears of Revain

Revain allows users to write reviews of companies, products, and services. While many websites allow users to sign up and publish reviews, Revain believes in the importance of feedback from the company that is being reviewed.

The company in question has the right to clarify, comment or object to a published review if it feels there are facts that are wrong in the review. This allows for opinions of both sides to be reflected and make reviews more objective.

Revain uses a five-star rating system to determine how a project is performing in the eyes of its users. Authors must provide a rating for the project in question, in addition to writing a review. More than one author or user can give a review to the same blockchain company. These ratings are aggregated and an average is calculated by Revain.

Public reviews, this way, allow customers to read and get a fair idea of how good a company or a product is, helping them make a much more informed choice as to which company or services they are going to choose. Leveraging the security and immutability of blockchain also gives confidence to the readers that reviews are authentic.

To make sure that there are no biased or low-quality reviews by Revain users, the platform has very strict rules when it comes to submitting one:

  • AI Filtering: As soon as a person submits a review, the data is run through Revain’s custom-built Review Automatic Filtering (RAF) system. The AI-based system detects spam, fake reviews, grammar errors, and even the quality of content such as plagiarism. If the RAF raises a flag, the submission is automatically rejected.
  • Manual Verification: After the review is published, a moderator will go through the whole document as a manual checking of the review. If there’s a cause of concern, the moderator has the right to hide the review from the public.
  • Company Defence: The company that is the subject of the review has the right to read the published review. If the company finds anything in the review they feel doesn’t represent the actual position, they can comment on the review and even object to it.
  • Moderation: If a dispute arises, the moderators investigate the situation to ascertain the truth. Any decision made by the moderators is final and binding. The moderator can also penalize a company or an author for their attempts to influence or create bias. Serious violations can lead to the suspension of an author’s or a company’s account.
Published reviews are written on the blockchain, stored permanently, and are not editable, giving people a chance to read up and decide if they want to do business or receive services from the said project or not.

3. Registering on Revain.org

Although Revain accepts reviews from the public, the user must take some steps before they can leave a review on the platform. To be able to write a review on Revain, users must first sign up. The registration is meant to mitigate the possibilities of spam.

Potential users can head to the Revain main page and click on the purple Sign up button in the upper right. The applicant will get a registration form. Although the signup button is the same, the registration form is different for individual reviewers and the projects that want to be represented on Revain.

Author Registration

Selecting Author on top of the registration form allows individuals who want to be reviewers to signup on the Revain platform. Users can register by entering the following data: 

  • Email: The email of the users. All official communications by Revain will be sent to this address. It is also used as the username for the author.
  • Password: Revain advises to have a strong password of at least six characters in length.
  • Notifications: A user may opt-in to receive notifications about different promotions and news about the project. This is optional.
  • Revain Review Policy: To signup on the platform, people must agree with review policy of the website, acknowledging that they’ll abide by the conditions set.
  • reCAPTCHA: To ward off any bots attempting to signup and influence the platform, Revain uses the industry-standard reCAPTCHA method so that only humans pass the signup process.
Users can then press the Register button to continue. Alternatively, individuals can also sign up using their Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn profiles.

Company Registration

The companies can also register on the Revain website. This registration allows them to interact with Revain directly, connect with users and demonstrate their readiness to communicate. The registration process for companies is very similar to the signup for individuals, with the following additional requirements:
  • Company name
  • Domain
  • Selection of the type of services provided (project level, exchange, wallet etc.)

In both cases, once the signup data is submitted and the Register button is clicked, Revain will send an email to the registered address for verification. Individuals and companies, both, will need to check their inbox and open the email. Clicking on the verification link in the mail will confirm the authenticity of the applicant and the account will be active.

4. How to Read a Review

People who have signed up and verified through their email can instantly start reading and writing reviews. There are two ways to go about it. Both involve going through the top menu of Revain. Users can either select Category and choose one or go further to the right side of the menu to select Write a review. Authors can also use the search function presented further on the right.

Category Listings

Selecting any category from the drop-down menu will take the user to that specific listing. Each category listing will have four different insights available:

  • The name of the company
  • Ranking: the ranking is based on the number of users interested in the project. A higher number of reviews will give the company a higher ranking. This takes the most interesting and popular projects to the top of the category.
  • Rating: Each reviewer gives a company/product a rating. The rating shown here is an average of all the aggregated ratings given to the project.
  • Total number of reviews.

To make it easier for people to find the company they’re interested in, there are two tools. Users can sort the list by rating, the number of reviews, or how new the project is. The second tool is filtering companies by rating (one to five).

Direct Search in Listing

Sometimes, reviewers prefer to jump directly to a specific project. They might not even be sure in which category their preferred company would be. This can be true for a company that offers multiple services. Crypto.com, for example, is a wallet, an exchange, and even has Visa-enabled cards. It can be in any or all of the three categories.

For these, reviewers can use the Write a Review function or the search option next to it. Both essentially serve the same purpose. The only difference is that in the search function, users can search the name of the project they’re after directly and in Write a Review, another page opens where the user can look for the project. All the possible listings are displayed against the keyword entered.

5. Company Page

Once a specific company is selected, the reviewer is presented with the Company Page. Here, users can check out past reviews, as well as pen their own. On the right side of the screen, users can find the company overview. This is a small snapshot of the company and its achievements.

There are five tabs at the bottom of the card, each one catering to a different aspect of the company.


Each review contains basic information, such as the reviewer’s name, ranking, how many reviews have been written by the author, and their level on Revain. Under this information, the actual review is placed. The presentation is standardized by having the complete review first, followed by bullet points, which describe the pros and cons of the company.

The interactive section is just under where the review ends, with social media-like options for up-voting and down-voting (like/dislike, etc.) and comments. The comment section is currently limited to level two and above reviewers only. This restriction is in place to allow only mature and responsible people to comment. Once they’ve read one review, all the user has to do is go back to the company’s page and continue scrolling to find more reviews of the company further down the page.

In a similar fashion to how filters can be used to rearrange the order of search listings, reviews can also be sorted by most recent and most valuable, and filtered by the star rating.

Company Guide

Apart from review, Revain also provides detailed  guides for the companies being reviewed. These guides are among the most detailed available online. Essentially, they cover all the ins and outs of the company, including history, how to register, using the services, any limitations or regulatory issues, and an honest opinion of the project. To uphold the highest quality and fairness, the company guides are written by the Revain Team.


A company that signs up on the platform has the option to provide its social media links.

6. How to Post a Review

Revain encourages its users to write reviews that are unbiased and fair. As soon as a person signs up, they can write a review. Users must go to the company page of the project they want to write about. Authors will find a star rating below the company card. Selecting the star level they wish to give to the company/product will take the users to the review-writing page for that company.

In order to ensure a certain level of coherence and standardization to the reviews, Revain has created a number of steps that need to be followed by anyone writing a review:

  • Rating: Users must first give the project a rating. Although it might already be selected when the reviewer clicked on the review card on the company/product page, the rating can be adjusted as long as the review has not yet been submitted.
  • Pros: Reviewers can enter all the positive things they feel and have experienced about the company. Each pro must be listed separately. The ‘plus’ button under the pro data field allows users to create as many fields as they want.
  • Cons: Same as the pros, cons should also be listed. More data fields for cons can also be created by pressing the relevant ‘plus’ sign button below.
  • Review: This is the review that a user can write. It should be as detailed as possible in order to be comprehensive and cover all the details. Although there’s no upper limit for the word count, the review has to be at least 500 characters long.
  • Title: This is where the review’s preferred title can be input by the author.
  • Attachments: Authors can add images in the text of their review and upload a specific image as a cover for their review. The cover will be displayed among other reviews on the Main Page.
The review author can click on the Check my review button at the bottom of the page after all information has been entered. Once submitted, the review will immediately go to the RAF for evaluation by the AI. If the review passes the RAF, it’s passed on to the second stage of manual moderation by the Revain Team takes place afterward.

If all goes well, the review will be recorded on the blockchain and published on the Revain website. With the hash code written in the Bitcoin blockchain’s decentralized ledgers, readers can be assured that the review is genuine and they can find out for themselves if the review has been tampered with.

Each review can be checked by any user. At the end of the review, on the button right, there is a Blockchain button that reveals the details and history of the review. If it’s accompanied by a green shield icon, this means that the review has been recorded in the Bitcoin blockchain and is now uneditable.

The button can be clicked to see the summary, review ID, and the hash code of the review. It allows users to compare the hash in the blockchain. If the hash codes match, the review is genuine. Any tampering of the review will make its hashcode change, which would then not match with the one recorded in the blockchain, thereby identifying that alterations have been done.

7. How to Write a Good Review

There are a few guidelines and rules set by Revain in order to maintain a consistently high quality of reviews. Understanding these will help in creating good-quality content and give them a greater chance to rise in the author ranks. Authors can read up on the complete Review Policy. Each point describes what is allowed or not, in clear and easy to understand sentences.

Apart from this, there are a few things that Revain strictly prohibits on its platform. These include:

  • Clickbait: Any method of attracting readers to the company or service that is based on a false or deceptive premise. Reviews are neutral and should not be used as marketing material.
  • Promos: Inclusion of any referral links, campaigns, or promotional codes in the review.
  • Outside Links: No external links to websites or social media groups or pages.
  • Single Account: Revain restricts users to one account per person.
  • Language: Vulgar, inciting, or inappropriate language is not allowed. The reviews are to be written in a neutral tone.
Revain also provides shortened versions of the project rules and notes on how to write a good review on the Review Writing page for authors to quickly consult from time to time.

8. Authors on Revain

Each registered individual on Revain is classified as an Author. As soon as a person registers on the platform, they can set up their profile to show who they are and what they do. This profile will be visible to readers and other authors. When an author writes and delivers quality content, this will be reflected in the statistics on their profile page. As an author starts climbing Revain’s ladder, other users can see how good the author is and read up on other reviews by that user.

The Author’s Profile

When reading a review, a user can click on the author, and the reviewer's profile will be displayed. Just as on the company profile page, the author will have their own card, which contains their name, photo, number of publications, and their Karma. Karma is the net sum of likes and dislikes the authors receive.

Within the card and below this data, there are three tabs. Reviews, the default tab, shows all the reviews that have been written by the user. The second tab shows all the comments the author has posted on other reviews. The third tab is for achievements that the user has collected.

Revain uses different tiers and levels for authors, each one bringing in more advantages and other rewards. This is through different achievements. This is available for public viewing through the Achievements tab in the profile card.

On the right side of the profile page, there are static cards that give more information about the author. The first card on this page contains details on the author’s level and experience, followed by hints on how to maximize the experience points gained by doing specific tasks.

Below this part is the biography card, giving a short introduction of the author, followed by where the author’s current employment, their country of residence, and the time when the author joined Revain. Any social media contacts the author wishes to share can also be made available in this section.

Filling up the author’s profile with real data such as name, biography and social media shows that they are real persons and sincere about writing reviews, leading to more people reading their works.

9. Author Rankings and Levels

Authors are awarded experience points for different tasks and actions they take. As more points are gathered, the levels increase, unlocking achievements and allocating more benefits. All author points are available publicly, as this also helps them showcase how active they are on the platform, enabling them to attract more readers to their reviews.

Experience Related Actions

Experience points are allocated and awarded based on six different actions taken by the authors:
  • For writing a first, second, or third review of a Featured Company, level 1-9 users get 20 XP
  • For getting likes on their content Level 1-9 users get 0.1 XP per like.
  • For writing comments, Level 1-9 users get 0.5 XP per comment.
  • For writing a fourth or higher review of a Featured Company, level 1-9 users get 10 XP, while level 10 users and Experts get no rewards.

Author Levels

Author levels increase as they accumulate XP. Each level gives the authors more access to different services and task options:
  • Level One: The first level is automatically given to all authors upon signing up to Revain. Authors can only complete their profile data and write reviews at this level.
  • Level Two: The ability to comment on other authors’ reviews and like or dislike is accessible at the second level.
  • Level Three: Level three gives authors the ability to give likes and dislikes to comments.
  • Level Four: Experienced and with a good track record, level four users have the ability to point out incorrect data and information in reviews and comments.
  • Level Five: Authors can also invite new users via the referral system.
  • Level Six: Authors can make updates to their previous reviews, adding in more information.
  • Level Seven: When authors reach this level, they can communicate with the Revain team, getting more insights and giving their feedback on different aspects.
  • Level Eight: No additional privileges yet.
  • Level Nine: Authors who have shown their commitment to not only the Revain platform but have also demonstrated their ability to write high-quality reviews are eligible to apply for the expert status.
  • Level Ten: The highest level.

The Weight of the

Although the ranking employed for different companies listed on Revain is an aggregated average of the rating by the reviewers, Revain also takes into consideration the impact of the authors. As authors rise in levels and unlock their achievements, their reviews and ratings carry more weight than others. By default, authors have a weight value of one. As their individual weightage rises, each rating by the author carries more value.

Take an example of an author that has a weightage of two and decides to give a “four” rating to a crypto exchange on Revain. Compared to this author, it will take two fresh authors to give a “four” rating that has equal strength in the weighted average. Experienced and dedicated authors with a history of unbiased reviews carry more weight.

There are three different ways a weightage of a rating by an author is determined. The first is the popularity of the author’s reviews. For each like an author receives on the review, the overall weightage of the author rises by 1 percent. This also goes in the other direction. An Author’s weightage drops by 1 percent if a dislike or a downvote is received. To protect authors and at the same time to hedge against exploitation, the weightage is based only on likes and dislikes from verified users.

The author’s experience also comes into play. As levels increase, the rating by an author is given more importance. For all authors, the default value is one. After level-six, the weightage is increased to two. Level-eight sees the weight increased to six and then to 10 for level-eight and above authors.

The final component is the age of the review. Older news and data can have a significantly less impact and importance. Similarly, older reviews on Revain can quickly become outdated and irrelevant. Weights drop as the reviews become older. A month-old review has a weight of only 0.8, three months old will see it go down further to 0.5. Review more than a year old has only 0.2

Author Status

To showcase their command over their reviews, authors have another option of displaying their prowess. Unlike other methods that rely on numbers, this is more qualitative in nature. Each achievement and level unlocked gives the authors different status badges that they can display in their profile. Each status spells out expertise. The authors can only use one status at a time:
  • Experienced: Unlocked at level five
  • Stager: Unlocked at level eight
  • Cryptomaniac: Available for level nine authors
  • Inhabitant: Available after unlocking Lasting Nature achievement (penning one review per week for a month)
  • Enthusiast: For Permanent Resident achievement (writing a review every other week for three months)
  • Resident: Available after achieving Home, Sweet Home (one review per month for six months straight)
  • Active Follower: Unlocking Active Follower achievement gives the author the option to use the eponymous status. The achievement is enabled after writing a dozen reviews for the selected Companies of the Week.
  • Expert: When an author is accepted in Revain’s Expert Panel

Author Referrals

Authors on Revain can help expand the review platform by bringing in more authors. This referral program not only allows for high-quality content creators to come on board but also awards the people who invite their network to join the platform.

To refer a friend or another author, the user needs to have achieved at least a third level. Users at this level can go to their account settings by clicking on their name on the upper right side of the Revain interface. In My Accounts, they will find the option for Achievements. Within it, the authors must go to their levels section. There they will find a special link, highlighted as “Your invitation link”. Authors can copy this link and send it to their friends and families, or recommend it to their network.

People who receive the referral code need to sign up using that special link. If the link isn’t used, Revain won't credit the invitee as a friend or acquaintance referral of an existing author. Each successful referral can lead to the original and the new user receiving 0.5 RVN as an incentive. This reward is only given out if the invited author reaches level five.

10. Corporate Accounts

Since users can sign up as authors and write about companies/products on Revain, the other side of the equation demands that these companies/products be included in the Revain ecosystem. Revain’s team believes that the authors and the companies they’re reviewing should form a close relationship.

The reviewers should be encouraged by the companies when they write an honest and insightful review. This also helps the companies to build a community of authors who can not only help them build their reputation but also take into consideration their experiences and use the feedback to improve their product or service.

Сompanies need to sign up to be a part of the community. As explained in the registration section, companies can also sign up on Revain. When the registration form has been filled and the basic verification through the email is done, moderators on Revain review the company and its registration manually.

Once approved, the company will get its own public page on Revain. The company representative can then go to the company’s profile and make the necessary entries and edits, such as uploading the logos, entering the description, and responding to any reviews that have been made about them on the platform.

Revain’s team created plenty of company pages on the platform so that authors can start uploading reviews without having to wait for the brand in question to create their profile. This means that if a company page already exists on the Revain platform, the relevant company’s corporate account will automatically link with it.

Author Rewards by Companies

Each brand that signs up on Revain can define the number of rewards they will give to any author who writes a review that they accept. To do that, the companies need to first fund their Revain internal wallet with the stable coin RVN.

The company should first deposit Revain’s utility token, the REV. If a company has yet to acquire REV, they can buy it from a number of exchanges, including Bittrex, HitBTC, and KuCoin. The purchased REV tokens then must be transferred to the company’s REV wallet on Revain. These can be then redeemed for the US Dollar-pegged RVN.

Once the RVN coins are acquired, the company can set the amount of RVN per review that should be awarded to authors. Although Revain doesn’t allow brands to influence the writing of reviews, it does allow the companies to encourage users to write reviews. To do so, the brand in question can display the text the Company rewards authors for reviews on their Revain page.

Please note, that these rewards do not substitute the standard rewards for posting reviews and rewards for views. Authors receive additional bonuses.

Companies of the Week

Every week, Revain selects a number of companies on the platform as Companies of the Week. Authors who successfully publish reviews on these selected profiles are awarded extra XP and RVN coins.

Selecting Companies of the Week

The companies or products on Revain are chosen by the Team and moderators. There are no specific criteria. Each project is selected randomly or based on market conditions. One week’s theme for selection could be, for example, crypto wallets, while the next week’s selection could have its criteria based on any recent news that is attracting a large number of views. Revain may select a company if the Team feels that the brand hasn’t received enough reviews.

Revain makes it easy to figure out what are the current companies of the week by allowing users to check their notifications or simply searching on their achievements page.

11. Categories on Revain

To make it easier for authors, companies, and people to use the platform, Revain has distinct company categories. Each one is catering to a specific area of the decentralized industry.

Among other categories, Revain has a few blockchain and crypto categories. Those are still relatively new markets and we will briefly explain each of these categories.


Blockchain systems listed in this first category on the Revain platform aren’t ecosystems by themselves, but offer cryptocurrencies or monetary services. Within this category, authors and viewers will find another five sub-categories. The first is the complete list, followed by the second sub-category, stable coins. The third listing is for decentralised finance projects (DeFi), with the last two categories covering Ethereum's ERC20 and TRON’s TRC20-compliant token respectively.


Cryptocurrency exchanges play a huge role in the crypto economy. Exchanges allow people to buy, sell and trade their cryptocurrencies. There aren’t any sub-sections for this category, with only a single list being maintained.


Digital currencies are stored in digital wallets. This is a very large sector in the overall crypto industry, with several products providing wallet services to crypto users for their cryptos. Similar to the exchange category, there are no sub-sections in the Wallets category.


Good as they are, cryptocurrencies are still only slowly being adopted into the regular lives of their users. These digital tokens and coins can make transactions swift, but still, nothing beats the ease of swiping a plastic card. Crypto debit and credit cards allow users to spend their digital assets as if they are using fiat through cards. This allows the crypto economy to merge with the traditional financial systems, enabling use of crypto for day-to-day purchases.

There’s an increasing number of crypto service providers who issue debit and credit Cards that are powered by cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Games

Blockchain-based gaming is another way that has proven how decentralised technology can be applied to industries and sectors never before thought possible. Games have always used in-house credits and tokens that are earned by players by completing different tasks. The tokens earned stay within the game, having no value outside. The rise of dedicated blockchain platforms that allow players to use their earned tokens not only in the gaming realm, but also in real life, was inevitable.

This category caters to reviews of blockchain gaming systems.

Bitcoin Mining Pools

Most cryptocurrencies rely on Proof-of-Work (PoW) to maintain the security of the network and keep the ledgers in order. As more people join the network to compete for the rewards of new token issuance and transaction fees, the PoW difficulty increases. Many cryptocurrency PoW (such as Bitcoin’s) have become so difficult that it's impossible for anyone to make profits unless they invest a significant amount of money in top-of-the-line computers and servers.

Mining pools are the answer to this dilemma. A group of individuals and organisations can come together to create a virtual server that can pool all the computer processing powers available and compete with big players.

The Bitcoin Mining Pool category caters for reviews of these groups. Readers can get a fair idea of which mining pool will benefit them by reading these reviews.

Training and Courses

For people who are new to the crypto world, the complex nature of blockchain and how it operates can be intimidating and confusing. Many companies around the world provide different types of training, text or video-based guides and even proper courses to educate the public.

12. Tokenomics of Revain

Revain is a blockchain-based review platformy. To encourage authors and companies to come together and interact, Revain tech wizards have created a two-token system. Both are native to the Revain platform, with one acting as a medium of exchange and the other one is a utility token.


The REV is the utility token of Revain. It is publically available and is being traded on exchanges. REV runs on both the Ethereum and TRON networks simultaneously and, according to CoinMarketCap.com, it is among the top 100 tokens and coins globally.


To counter volatility, Revain has created a stable token, the RVN, which makes rewards earnings on the platform practical.

Unlike such stablecoins as USDT or USDC, Revain has no method to stabilize the value of RVN and its peg to USD. Instead, the review platform relies on three different stable coins as the underlying assets.

The price of RVN is calculated using the average of the sum of values of USDT, USDC, and TUSD:

1 RVN = (1 USDT + 1 USDC + 1 TUSD)/3

This makes RVN as stable as possible.

Cashing out RVN Rewards

Being the internal stable coin of Revain, RVN only serves the economics of the platform. It has no other application. Authors who have earned RVN and wish to redeem their tokens need to have a REV-compatible wallet.

Authors can initiate a withdrawal request by going to their profile and selecting the Wallet tab. Here, they can enter the wallet address to which they wish the tokens to be transferred. There's no upper limit on the amount of RVN tokens that can be redeemed at a time. However, the platform has two requirements:

  • The user need to get verified via the Telegram passport. This can be done by going to the profile settings and choosing the option to do so at the bottom of the page.
  • A minimum of three RVN can be withdrawn. There's no upper limit. A user can even withdraw all of their RVN holdings in one move.
The manual review takes place once a withdrawal request is made. The Revain Team checks the request, and, if everything is in order, approves the transaction.

Since RVN is an internal token, it is converted into REV at the current market price and deposited in the given wallet address.

13. Educating about Blockchain

Revain is more than just a platform that allows people to write reviews and get rewards. The platform is a place where people from all over the world can visit and obtain in-depth and trustworthy facts about different blockchain services. Revain has embarked on a mission to clear the cloud of confusion and deception that plies the crypto industry.


In continuation of its efforts, Revain has also created what it calls an Academy. For novices and newcomers to the crypto and blockchain sphere, the complexity of decentralized systems and their tokens can be overwhelming. At times, even people with years of experience face difficulties in the crypto world. The Academy contains different articles that can help both novice and experienced people learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. One of the most useful items in the Academy is a comprehensive glossary that contains comprehensive definitions of important terminologies used often in the industry.


There's a dedicated blog section on the Revain platform with articles and news of the platform. The blog is more than just a place where people can read up on the latest happenings of Revain.

The For Business section is dedicated to the implementation of reviews and users’ feedback in business and the ways Revain can help companies.

There's a Beginners’ Section that’s designed to be a blog for people who have little knowledge of cryptocurrencies. The articles in this section cover major news, have different guides, and explain complex topics in simple ways.

The Expert Stories shed light on the careers of Revain experts. These stories give Revain readers and users' confidence since professionals are involved in maintaining the review quality.

14. Revain Widget

As a review platform, Revain creates a unique way for companies and products to promote themselves. Companies and organizations that are listed on the Revain network can use the reviews themselves and publish them on their websites to showcase genuine feedback from users in an attempt to market their products and bring in more users.

The Revain Widget is a simple and streamlined application that websites can display on their own pages. The widget makes all of the company’s reviews available on their website for the users to read. This allows the companies and their users to rest assured that their displayed reviews are both authentic and reliable.

Revain Widgets are easily customizable. Another feature of the widget is that if there are users who wish to leave a review, they don’t need to take the long road of signing up on Revain and posting a review. The widget has registration and sign-in options integrated into it, so users can share their opinions without leaving the company’s website.

15. Conclusion

Revain has a unique method of blockchain application. Leveraging the immutability of decentralized systems, Revain has created a platform that provides a reliable understanding of companies and products. This allows people and readers to make well-informed decisions. The use of artificial intelligence has greatly enhanced the quality of reviews, creating an automated filter that rejects low-quality and fake reviews as the first filter.

The stable coin RVN works as a reward system that encourages writers to pen unbiased, high-quality content that’s actually useful to others. The ability of registered companies to give the tokens as rewards creates a friendly, encouraging atmosphere, allowing both the authors and the projects to co-exist in a mutually friendly environment.

Revain is run by industry professionals, who’ve created the platform out of their passion for blockchain and their commitment to bringing clarity and accountability to the crypto world.

Cryptocurrencies are not real money and are not backed by any physical asset. The digital coins and tokens are subject to market fluctuation. Revain is not responsible for any loss incurred by individuals or organizations investing in the companies listed on the platform after reading reviews. All users are advised to do their own research and due diligence before committing to any financial investment.