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Revain is a new-generation feedback platform, based on the blockchain technology that doesn't allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get rewards for creating them!

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My experience with Revain

Some months ago I was broke and a friend referred me to revain, I write reviews and I was able to earn really! Up to 50dollars and I have been able to invest my funds in launch pools and constantly…See more

The Revain community...

Revain is a dedicated and extremely honest review, feedback and complaint platform for discussing the trading cryptos and other related business activities. It's users Blockchain technology which…See more


Hi today I would love write about revain a transparent platform which pays users for writing credible content i.e base one their experience take for instance if Mr A, makes either deposit on any…See more

Reinventing Reviews; Revain

When in search for where to get quality reviews about a company Product, Revain is the best place to be. The reviews written on its platform are authentic, shows proof of user interaction and…See more

A big developed in revian platform

I first heard about stock exchange platforms and currencies from my husband Because he lost a certain amount of money, I did not want to enter for this Platforms and projects or use it . After that…See more

Why Revain is a leading platform in feedback and reviews for products, services, companies and their offerings.

Revain is a platform that allows users to share their experience on products, services and companies in the easiest form possible. The feedbacks written as reviews are collected on the platform and…See more

It's a project where we write reviews and make money.

My views on Revain... Revain is a very nice comment platform and it has been a platform that I really love right now. There are many features in it and these features are really nice features. Also…See more

Revain is a great review site

Hi friends, I want to share my ideas about Revain with you today, I hope you like it. First of all, as a revain user, I really like revain and recommend that everyone use it. Revain is a reliable…See more

Exploring Revain, The Authentic Reviewing Site

With the invention of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network, there has been an increase in the number of scam sites on the internet. This has made it very difficult for people, newbies…See more

Revain has a platform for improving business

My experience with revain has made me to realise the use of it. Revain is a very unique and preferrable platform to improve business and for the purpose of unemployment . Revain has helped me a lot…See more

Revain, The Most Authentic Review Site I've Ever Seen

I got introduced to the blockchain network recently by my younger brother. At first, I didn't want to join because he started with the trading field where he lost hundreds of dollars. It discouraged…See more