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Dell Technologies Capital is the venture capital arm of the renowned Dell Technologies. This area is dedicated to investing in business infrastructure and in the cloud. Based in Palo Alto, California, United States, they invest more than 200 million dollars annually in seed and venture capital investments, boosting the growth of more than 120 companies to date. One of the points of its performance that stands out the most is that within these more than 100 financed ventures, today there are See full review

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TeeChip is an online store that, thanks to an excellent handling of the logistics of e-commerce, allows customers and resellers to create and produce unique clothing. With an innovative selection and production system, those who enter its website will be able to select from hundreds of models, or also let their creativity fly and develop new and exclusive models. For this, they have succeeded in making the system take into account such important factors as respect for intellectual rights, andSee full review

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Team Aquatic Supplies is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of products for sports and entertainment in the water, focused mainly on high quality swimwear, equipment and accessories. With eight retail stores located in Canada and its online store, it is the largest marketer in its country of these types of products. To this sales platform are added three warehouses / warehouses where its wide assortment of product catalog is housed. Added to this physical structure are an expSee full review

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Evolution Performance Sports is a factory and online store of products dedicated to the exhibition and storage of sports equipment, with the majority of goods dedicated to Hockey. Founded by John Reed Jr., the company is dedicated to designing, building and manufacturing fully finished displays, and it does so both for those who market sporting goods and for those who want to have a space dedicated to sports in their homes, where their elements can be showcased. Mr. Reed, who is the foundSee full review

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StartUp Health is an investment management and empowerment company specialized in StarUps dedicated to Medicine and Health. Its Health Transformers area is an organized global community, which takes advantage of the current possibilities of communication through the network, to provide support to professionals from all over the world and thus enhances the collective intelligence of the group. It was born in 2011, the date on which it began to invest, with the aim of developing and strengtSee full review

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With its offices based in Los Angeles, California, United States, the company is an investment fund that specializes in boutique clients, and focuses on the global market. Unlike other venture capital investment companies, Knockout Capital also offers the possibility of investing in Public Markets, something that most of its competitors do not do. Another point in which they differ is that their website provides a lot of information so that visitors can know the markets and the options they See full review

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Altair Capital is a Venture Capital investment company, with a presence in the United States, Israel and Europe. He works on a scheme that seeks to enhance the positive aspects of financed projects, using productivity tools, and his experience in the world of technology companies. Its main function is the management of funds that will be invested in the most promising companies in the world, those where Altair finds great potential for profitability and disruptive ideas. Mostly betting on neSee full review

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Global exchange, which allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from different countries in the world. One of its salient data is that it has several programs and proposals to earn rewards in USDT, where we can highlight its referral program for which it delivers up to 15 USDT for each friend who joins and makes transactions for more than US $ 500, and the welcome program that offers 25 USDT, if we carry out transactions for more than US $ 5,000. In the latter case, it was not entireSee full review

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Revain was a crypto project that offered rewards in exchange for writing company reviews In recent months the company changed the rules of the game unilaterally, without prior notice, and harmful to the people who wrote for the platform. Those of us who wrote, receiving meager compensation, but with the expectation of leveling up and then charging slightly more worthy sums, have deceived us. Today everything written is useless, it is no longer useful to reach level 10 or be anSee full review

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Awarded with many awards, Selfridges & Co., has for sale an extensive inventory of products for sale, being chosen in the year 2020 as Best Retail Store by the Positive Luxury Awards. Arguably the biggest award this store received was being one of the Top 25 Large Companies to Work For in 2020, as determined by The Sunday Times. Harry Gordon Selfridge opened this store in the early 1900s, with a revolutionary vision of advertising in the retail trade, thus Selfridges flourished undSee full review

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SBIT500 is an investment platform that offers to increase the income of its clients thanks to algorithmic strategies of the best traders. As indicated on their website, the platform has been tested for two years, in which its founders, using their own funds, carried out a debugging, testing and negotiation task to ensure current good results. Founded in 2019, SBIT500 started operating on the principle of a private hedge fund. In this way they were building the algorithm system, maximiziSee full review

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SSENSE is a clothing store specializing in designer and high-end clothing. On its website we can find many brands of urban clothing type, with medium and high prices. Based in Montreal, Canada, it operates websites in French, English, Japanese and Korean, serving its proposal to have a presence around the world. In 2017 the company was classified as one of the 30 leading men's fashion stores in the world by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and The Business of Fashion. See full review

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Argonautic Ventures is a risk platform that offers its investment scheme through 5 segments of micro capitalization funds, of which four offer different investment portfolio proposals. Each fund presents a different investment proposal, which is adjusted to the mandate of its platform, assigning the investment in assets, adjusting them to the desired level of risk. This dynamic structure allows the deployment of options that are based on the analysis of the industries and the prevailing See full review

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For more than two decades, Top Tier has been investing globally, where consistency and integrity are the driving forces behind its investment portfolio. With more than 160 investments supporting the proposal of this company, its added value lies in its great accumulated experience in the knowledge of the industry and a dedicated customer service. Thus, this company proposes to work in strong collaboration with investment partners to help them develop their venture capital programs,See full review

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ENISA is the National Innovation Company SA created within the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain. As its name indicates, it is a national company, which seeks a benefit from Spanish society, from the Public Administration, to promote and support the development of new companies. To achieve these objectives, it offers the granting of credits and different tools to promote activities related to risk capital, with the aim of favoring the entry of liquidity in those Spanish comSee full review

american banker logo

American Banker is a magazine / digital information base where news is provided and serves as a reference base on the situation of the financial world in the United States, and to a lesser extent, globally. It is an essential resource for top executives in banking and financial services in the US, because it will keep them updated on new technological developments and vital information for decision-making. It focuses on: innovation, transformation and disruption; technology, regulatioSee full review

elliott management logo

Founded in 1977, Elliott Investment Management LP is one of the oldest fund managers of its kind, currently managing more than $ 41.8 billion in assets. With a team of almost 500 people, which includes 167 professionals specialized in finance, it is one of the largest companies of its kind in the United States. Based in Florida, with offices in different cities in the United States, the firm also has a presence in Europe and Asia, is led by Paul Singer, and gained internationaSee full review

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Since 1992, Highbridge Capital Management, offers financial advisory services and access to credit and investment for different economic actors. The company specializes in global alternative investment, providing solutions focused on credit and seeking to mitigate the volatility that they can bear. Thus, the firm seeks to generate attractive dividends, which are in line with the risk assumed by investors, who include, among others, financial institutions, public and corporate pension fundSee full review

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JumpStar provides financing and advice to help the development and growth of companies, providing valuable services in their development and bringing investment capital closer. Applications are currently open for their flagship program, Build Your MVP, a 6-week accelerated workshop for software founders. In this way, JumpStar, based on the experience and knowledge acquired, follow a proven plan to contribute and build efficiently to the development and growth of new companies, saving tiSee full review

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River Venture Partners provides startup capital financing through a partner scheme and supports and advises entrepreneurs to refine their strategy, finance, product management, and sales and marketing. In this way it empowers projects and provides presentations of talents, prospects and partners and its international network of investors for their growth. Another interesting proposal of the company, and that works as a complement to the financing of the start-up capital, is the Risk cSee full review

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