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Hello everyone who wants to know my opinion on the not-so-new iphone 12 in blue! But before you start talking about the new iphone, you need to tell me why I switched and, in general, my dedication to the apple ecosystem. I have been working with apple technology for more than ten years. I had both macbooks and iphones as well as ipad, ipod, airpods (first generation and pro version) apple watch and even had to work with appple servers. Buying an iPhone 12 was not news to me, but only a matter oSee full review

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Good resource for people who don't want to stress

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Binance! What could be simpler, more convenient and understandable for a user who only knows the world of cryptocurrency and exchanges. Simple registration, user-friendly interface and many guides in different languages help both novice and experienced users to understand how to work with this platform. The platform has the most popular currencies that most users need. And fast technical support will always help in solving complex and controversial problems. What else comes to mind when mentioniSee full review

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Convenient application for working with crypto

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I would like to talk with you today about such a crypto wallet as metamask! A convenient wallet that meets us with a necessary, but on the other hand, a fairly simple, intuitive registration, which consists of a checkout that must be remembered and never, remember, never lose. If you have coped with this task, you will find yourself in the inner world of your wallet, which welcomes only you and no one else. In the future, you need to choose the currency with which you are ready to start your actSee full review

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What can be said about the raven team. A fairly fresh ambitious project tuned to honesty and openness in the social space. A cool team of developers makes a review service that helps everyone, Quality sellers and companies to get an objective assessment and earn money by the author, which encourages more to write a review. It is also necessary to understand that the company helps to advertise those projects that are worthy of world criticism. The authors of this company become experts in writingSee full review

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Fast exchanger with not the best rate and interest

Revainrating 2 out of 5

What can be said about the swapswop project. When you need to quickly exchange bitcoin for ethereum and you go looking for an instant exchanger, then most likely you will find this project on the first pages of search engines and you may think that this project is convenient and safe! How will you be mistaken, and not even in the fact that this project is safe, but in the honesty and decency of this project! This site positions itself as a fast and simple exchanger with simple interfaces, a deceSee full review

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Сhic headphones for flights and for everyday use

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I want to start my story about this product from the moment when apple showed their first first generation airpods, which turned the market of wireless headphones and headsets! Of course, there were many varieties of headsets and headphones on the market that could boast of good sound or good microphone quality. And the headsets that were inserted into one ear were deeply hung in jokes about infestors or extremely business people. Later, drivers began to use them, which gave a lot of fun and forSee full review

bydfi logo

Let's talk about BITYARD today! What is it, what is new, and what is this service and why is it needed! Of course, everything that will be said below refers to the cryptocurrency markets, as well as the platform on which there are a lot of crypto coins and various products related to the blockchain! And so, if you decide to try your hand at investing in the future, or you are interested in a block chain, or you want to try yourself as a crypto blogger, then you are open to Byard! Convenient and See full review

disrupt motion logo

Hello everyone, today we will talk about crypto odessee. What can be said about this company and the team that decided to enter this interesting and exciting world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Personally, I learned about this project quite recently, and I was interested in their idea and approach to the development of our common world of cryptocurrency. And so let's start from the beginning and go get to know the team together. After we go to the main site, we will see an interestingly madeSee full review

coreto logo

Hello everyone, today I want to tell you about Coreto. What is it and why do we need it. Imagine that you are just entering the world of cryptocurrency, you are a beginner and everything is new to you. You are afraid of losing money and time, you understand that in this big world there are a lot of people who want to deceive you and get your money. And dealing with exchanges is so difficult and scary, with all their switches of various coins and rates, which either go up or go down, it is very dSee full review

gagarin launchpad logo

What can be said about gagarin.world or GAGARIN Launchpad An excellent platform for young investment projects that just need to enter this market. We all know about such giants as KikStarter. We know that this platform is rather strict and not productive in format if you need to work in the crypto space, both in the international market and locally. A lot of projects are faced with the fact that they meet a lot of questions from investors in the format of the country and the place of developmentSee full review

wodo network logo

What can be said about wodo.network A very interesting young project that allows us to join the world of NFT cryptocurrency and everything that we love so much What we say for the network, interactive interface and interesting software solution will allow us to approach the solution for our tasks in a more interesting way, and intuitively understandable APIs make the solution to most projects. What can be said about the team itself, a team of young and ambitious employees who are always ready toSee full review

roobee logo

What can be said about roobee An excellent, young and extremely interesting crypt to consider, aimed at good shorts and long-term investments in the future. I have been interested in this project for several months already, which prompted me to study this product in more detail. The token is extremely volatile and its good jumps allow it to be considered for short-term purchases in order to increase funds. So a huge plus of this currency is that it is traded on many well-known exchanges, which mSee full review

enhanced logitech s120 2.0 stereo speakers for improved audio experience logo

Before I need to clarify in the near future that work is in the procurement of technical equipment for my company and after the task has arrived, it is necessary to purchase speakers for some departments, I profitably went to look for suitable products on the market. After a while, I came across the Logitech S120 model The Logitech S120 2.0 speakers are exceptional for use when connected to a computer or laptop. For the manufacture of the original plastic, good sound quality is sufficient. In adSee full review

genius assets logo

Genius assets is an excellent team that is committed to helping people who understand the meaning of such simple words as investment and cryptocurrency in the financial well-being. Employees of the company with pleasure and zeal will explain all the necessary thoughts that are necessary to obtain a greater capitalization of your package and help you reach financial well-being or additional income in these difficult times. Let's start with the basics. By going to the project, we get a short but fSee full review

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