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Review on Binance by Sergey Stetsenko

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Good resource for people who don't want to stress

Binance! What could be simpler, more convenient and understandable for a user who only knows the world of cryptocurrency and exchanges. Simple registration, user-friendly interface and many guides in different languages help both novice and experienced users to understand how to work with this platform.

The platform has the most popular currencies that most users need. And fast technical support will always help in solving complex and controversial problems.

What else comes to mind when mentioning this platform is, of course, that, unlike complex and not friendly sites, binance meets us with a fairly convenient mobile application. The purchase is made to a local wallet, from which you can then transfer it wherever you need without any problems.

Registration and authentication is carried out quickly. Connecting a two-factor security system is quick and simple. You can clearly observe the course, set the necessary monitoring for one or another lot of interest.

Binance is also a kind of island of stability in the crypto world, has established itself as a reliable company that has been supporting mining in the world for many years.

The company also shows a detachment from world politics, which gives guarantees of the adequacy of the owners. Since world cataclysms are of course bad, but finances are money, which we all want to be safe.

I would also like to note that this company is a kind of guarantor in the exchange market, since not every altcoin can get from this site. And if it hit, then this coin becomes more volatile and interesting in the eyes of the public!

I have been using this platform for more than 3 years, during this period I was represented on this site, as well as a miner and a simple ordinary user. Never had any problems or questions.

Of course, it is necessary to mention the disadvantages of this platform, of course they are.

One of the major disadvantages is the commission of this platform, which calls into question the profitability of trading in small volumes.

There are also problems with the transfer of funds from some banks (but these are already problems of payment systems and banks)

In conclusion, I want to say that I am satisfied with the platform and will recommend it to both friends and colleagues.

Of course, there is nothing ideal in the world, but there is something to strive for with this definition. One of the few services that really deserves your attention to perform various tasks and implement your boards!

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Updated 2 years ago
Rating has not been changed

I would like to express my gratitude to the site and those who support binance. I had a problem with the loss of the phone on which the Google auntifier was connected. There was no way to restore the phone and I had to contact those support for help. Employees asked a number of clarifying questions about currencies and recent transactions. After that, they disabled 2 factor authentication and I was able to restore access to the account.

  • convenient and clear interface
  • transfer of funds from some banks

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