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Crypto exchanges

Exchanges are an essential part of the crypto community and having trust in them is more important than ever. You can write review and rate each exchange.

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poloniex logo
788 reviews

Poloniex is a proven, reliable cryptocurrency exchange offering a multitude of crypto assets for trading, headquartered in San Francisco, Northern California. From bitcoin and ether to popular altcoins, Poloniex exchange supports over 60 cryptocurrencies across the world. This variety makes it one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms in the... See more

binance logo
782 reviews

A world-class cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance is a distinguished global leader among cryptocurrency exchanges, renowned for secure and seamless crypto asset spot trading experience. Binance supports trading over 130 cryptocurrencies and features lightning-fast transactions with the capacity to process over 1,400,000 transactions per second. In... See more

abcc logo
544 reviews

ABCC is a world-class Digital exchange, that aim to provide a frictionless, user-centric trading experience. ABCC focuses on helping investors identify valuable Decentralized Technology assets, offering a secure online trading platform and providing professional trading services. See more

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okex logo
434 reviews

OKEx is a subsidiary of the large Chinese cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin. The project was launched in the spring of 2017, its distinctive feature is to provide customers with opportunities to work with futures, after this section has been closed within the framework of the OKCoin platform. Traders have access to trading in 4 main markets - PTS, ETH... See more

dragonex logo
392 reviews

DragonEx is a cryptocurrency exchange with more than 200,000 active users, and $45M to $75M on a daily transaction volume at the moment, continuing to grow. Registered in Singapore, Operation Department headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, also with customer service in Malta and Belarus, DragonEx open for all cooperation opportunities in the field of... See more

bittrex logo
344 reviews

Bittrex Global is a state-of-the-art digital asset exchange platform inspired by industry-leading security practices to provide dependable exchange execution administrations for wide-ranging customers around the globe. A revolutionary cryptocurrency trading stage, Bittrex exchange offers accessibility to over 347 cryptocurrency markets and continues to... See more

kucoin logo
315 reviews

KuCoin is an elaborate and safe crypto-to-crypto transaction platform founded in 2017 to furnish users with convenient digital assets exchange services that are both secure and incredibly reliable. The KuCoin exchange token is abbreviated as KCS for KuCoin Shares, and every KCS holder entitled to a variety of impressive perks including access to... See more

bitfinex logo
265 reviews

Originally launched in 2012 as a P2P exchange platform for Bitcoins, Bitfinex is a trailblazer for many ideas that are now a standard in cryptocurrency trading. Indeed, today Bitfinex exchange is a quintessential go-to platform for many crypto enthusiasts seeking a fully-equipped spot trading stage with advanced trading features and a wide selection of... See more

yobit logo
264 reviews is a modern digital currency exchange where transactions on buying and selling a wide variety of cryptocurrencies are performed around the clock. However, the exchange has other functions: here you can get free cryptocurrencies, the service also begins to trade in ISO-cryptocurrencies. See more

huobi global logo
202 reviews

A financial hub for crypto holdings since 2013, Huobi Global is an international digital asset exchange platform providing secure and authentic trading mechanisms to millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts throughout the globe. Huobi exchange features an advanced decentralized structure built to protect against DDoS and other potential threats with the... See more

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