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About BKEX

What Is BKEX? Established in 2018, BKEX is a global digital asset financial service platform, focusing on the discovering and absorption of high-quality assets, as well as an innovative international digital asset station for global users, offering trading and investment services between a variety of digital assets. BKEX has 10 million registered users from around the world. It has launched 1000+ high-quality cryptocurrency trading pairs and 100+ crypto Derivative Futures. The platform offers the following products:Spot, Derivatives (Perpetual Futures, Ultimate-M, Copy Trade, Principal Guaranteed...
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BKEX, The Trusted And Reliable Trading Platform For Cryptocurrency

BKEX is a professional exchange platform established by a team of experts in the Crypto and blockchain industry to give the most preferable trading experience to all sorts of traders be it newbies or seasoned traders who indulge in futures and…

Review of BKEX cryptocurrency exchange

Bkex exchange has been operating since 2018. In this year, many large exchanges stepped into the arena. Honestly I have not used this exchange before today and I did all my research today. Overview of BKEX Bkex exchange has more than 1.5 billion…

An Exceptional And Ideal Trading Platform

BKEX exchange was esta blished in 2018 to provide trading services to Blockchain traders across the globe. It is a trading platform with unique trading attributes making it an attractive hub for digital currency traders. There are several…

My Personal Review on the BKEX Exchange Platform

It's no doubt that there are already hundreds of Cryptocurrency exchange platform today and that brings up the question, why use another exchange platform. As a Crypto trader, I currently use about 10 to 12 crypto exchange platforms actively, and

Bkex: The composition is simple but effective for buying and selling liquid.

BKEX Center, a change in the British Virgin Islands. Armed with a number of cryptocurrencies and providing great trading on its platform, I can support you to continue to buy and sell large quantities on your platform and continue your outstanding…

A great cryptocurrency that offers a lot of pairs and cash to trade.

BKEX Center, a change in the British Virgin Islands. Armed with a number of cryptocurrencies and offering great buy and sell on their platform, I would recommend you to continue trading for your platform and continue your great searches as the…

My first review on BKEK platform

Hello everyone! My name is keziah Zachariah from Nigeria, am a new author on the revain platform. This is my first ever on the revain platform. Hopeful, that I write good contents on some products, projects and companies available on the revain plat


The cryptocurrency in 2021 led to a bullish year for crypto exchanges.Bitcoin,the digital coin created in 2009 that was once worth a fraction of a cent, rode Covid anxiety, investor thrill-seeking and mainstream adoption to a nearly $69,000 price last year. In 2020 i have joined my first crypto exchange #BKEX for the very first time for what i learn from this experience is each platform is a bit different, though most are available via mobile apps as well as their own websites. The most popular ones offer a clean, simple menu allowing users to select what cryptocurrency they want to buy or sell and the amount they want to spend. Some charge lower fees the more a person trades, or they may tack on other fees depending on how you pay. I recommend #BKEX because it is implemented professionally & it has a clear plan for further development.It's made by a very professional & experienced team.This is one of the best exchange and easy to use crypto trading platform out there.It's…

MY review on BKEX exchange platform

BKEX has been in existence since 2018.i haven't used this exchange before. But I did all necessary research about this exchange 1.BKEX has close to $2billion trading volume according to CMC. Even the exchange which I use(kucoin) isn't even up to BKEX. BKEX has about 663 pairs in the spot sector which also include popular currencies like bitcoin, ethereum etc 2. I'll be talking about the registration process. The registration process is very simple, easy and fast. Your registration can be done either by email registration or phone number registration. Everything moves easy and fast and its less time consuming. 3. About BKEX withdrawal, there is a limit set for withdrawal of currencies for each user level account. But with your authentication procedure processed the limit can be extended. Users that did not authenticate can only be eligible to withdraw 2BTC. Also if you want to make withdrawals, the minimum is 25USDT and its fees is $11. And lastly, It has a spot section like many…

i chose BKEX amony many other options because BKEX is simple enough !

because i like BTC coin and i want to fowllo more information about cryptocurrencies.i have chose BKEX as the best way to buy and learn about cryptocurrencies.i like how easy it is to use. I remember the first time I signed up to be a member of BKEX, I found it very easy!Only one email address is required to complete the registration, and KYC certification is not required. However, if you want to participate in the BKEX benefits subsequently, then you must complete KYC certification! this something i feeling good! and anofter reason is because BKEX charges just as little! It's one of the least expensive crypto asset trading platforms!

Pros & cons

  • the dapp design is beautiful,the experience is smooth, and all the processes are very easy to operate.
  • the activities of the platform can be more exciting, so I may recommend more of my friends to join BKEX.

I have been using BKEX for a while,IT feeling good! talking about my thoughts!

I wad recommended by a friends to follow bkex.The most profound impact is that you need to complete KYC as soon as you register on other trading platforms,while BKEX does not. the most impoortant things is that i bought a lot of cryptocurrencies from BKEX and gained a lot of profit,i am very happy and i hope bkex will continue to persist in its efforts to dig more valuable projects.Especially the hottest areas of the moment, such as metaverse, NFTs,GameFi etc. maybe someday bkex will hoid an ffline meeting and I hope I get that chance to attend live to see everything BKEX has to offer up close! hahahahah ~that is fine!

Pros & cons

  • the projects on the platform are good and can make me money!
  • i feel that the version update is a little slow!i hope BKEX can be improved

BKEX exchange is very good, I would recommend it to everyone

The discount is particularly strong at the time of the event, and the customer service is very patient. I have played on this exchange and I can receive money. It's very fast to charge and withdraw. It's a more comfortable interface than other exchanges I've used. The trading process is also very simple and especially user-friendly. The platform also has funds, mining, etc., which is basically very suitable for newbies and veterans. I basically like to play new coins on this exchange. The new coins on this exchange have a high rate of increase, and many high quality coins are on this exchange only after other exchanges are on it.

Pros & cons

  • Customer service 7*24 hours online Super activities Smooth transaction Charging and withdrawing in seconds
  • Customer service consultation volume is relatively large, sometimes may wait a while

BKEX trading platform review

BKEX trading platform is quite interesting and it has a solid selection of altcoins which is an advantage for it's users. BKEX trading is an exchange headquartered in British Virgin islands . BKEX trading offers leveraged trading on it trading platform and leveraged trading can lead massive returns on the contrary also to massive losses, BKEX trading view is simple and easy to understand for both professional traders and new folks in crpyto currency trading. BKEX platform doesn't accept Fiat currency deposit and due to this new investors might have issues in trading with this platform. BKEX trading fees for takers is 0.20%while markers enjoy a slight discount on the trading fee ,they trade with a fee of 0.1. Their withdrawal charges is 0.0008btc which quite exactly in line with the industry average. Security is top notch with multisignature and digital asset are stored in cold storage. BKEX support team is available 24/7 to attend to customer issues If you are contemplating to trade

A wallet that offers a variety of activities

BKEX is an exchange created for crypto money, working on blockchain technology. BKEX supports its users in five languages. There are ten trading pairs. Mining transaction volume has been among the top three many times. You can use BKEX exchange on both desktop web browsers and mobile devices without any problem. The best feature of the BKEX exchange is that it stores a certain percentage of total users' funds in cold wallets. This shows the importance it gives to its users. BKEX exchange has API support. For users who make leveraged transactions, it allows you to trade without taking your money from the exchange and risk-free. Highly profitable leveraged transactions can be made with "Super Contracts" on the BKEX exchange. There is a full 100-fold leverage trading opportunity. I have been using the BKEX exchange for about three years, but I have never kept a large amount of crypto money in my account because I think the security measures are insufficient. I keep a lot of altcoins

Your money is at risk Bkex scam

For a month I cannot withdraw my money from the account without giving any real reason from the support. I really do not know how investors still trust this platform. Your money is at risk with them , bxex fraudulent platform, What happened in my account is not new to the platform. After tracking them well, I discovered that they seized the money of many investors’ accounts and stole their money. This is my personal experience with the platform. You can believe it or deny it, but really your money is in danger with these fraudsters.

Pros & cons

  • There are no positives, it is just a scam
  • just a scam


Very good investment experience and super high rate of return, I have done what I want to do here. The experience of App makes me very happy.

Pros & cons

  • Fast
  • No

About BKEX USE Experience

I have been using BKEX for 3 years. Occasionally, when I encounter problems, I can always explain it to you professionally after finding the customer service. It is convenient to manage funds, and the deposit and withdrawal are also faster. The user's transaction experience is better, especially as the version is updated, it is easy to use. It is getting more and more convenient, even a beginner can operate it very well, I hope it will be better and better.

Pros & cons

  • easy to use
  • version update too fast


I have been using BKEX for 2 years, and it is very convenient to manage money. I can use it anytime, just withdraw money. Based on the experience in the past two years, the client terminal is getting better and better and more practical. We are optimistic about the follow-up development of BKEX!

Pros & cons

  • The interface is beautiful, practical and easy to operate
  • I think it's all good

BKEX is one of the best exchange products I have used.

BKEX is one of the best exchange products I have used. The app has complete functions, especially in line with users' usage habits and trading habits. More important is the security of funds, which can be transferred in and out of assets at any time. It is a great user experience. Every week, there will be new trading pairs online, which gives me more investment options. Whether new or old users, BKEX will be the best place for you to know and trade crypto assets.

Pros & cons

  • in line with users' usage habits and trading habits
  • No

Its wealth management products are very good Review by Anonymous User

Its financial products have a very good annualized interest rate, and the risk is almost zero. I have been investing for about a year, which is really great

Pros & cons

  • Excellent product, smooth interface
  • almost perfect