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BKEX ; Good Spot for Leveraged Trading

BKEX is an exchange headquartered in British Virgin Islands. It is armed with a good number of cryptocurrencies and it also offers best leveraged trading on its platform although I will advice you to proceed with leveraged trading on its platform...See full review

BKEX is now my new buddy in the crypto exchange

1- low fees 2- 24/7 customer support 3- lots of new coins to choose from 4- lots of crazy gainers 5- friendly customer service above are just some of the reasons i like about BKEX. I was worry about getting the money in and out but then i tried...See full review

BKEX is very good and I hope more people will see how good it is

BKEX is also considered an old exchange with good facilities in all aspects and a wide variety of product types, and new products are introduced every now and then. I think the best thing about it is that it was the first exchange in the world to...See full review

A friend recommend BKEX to me earlier

My friend recommended BKEX to me earlier and I started playing with it for about a week now. At first I thought it is just ANOTHER platform since there are like so many of them. What it got to me is that they have coins that will go up 1000% and...See full review

Many good projects are listed on BKEX and not bad service

I use BKEX because it has a coin I want to buy. I bought the coin and earn many money. When I use BKEX, I met some problems but the customer service solved them for me. Thanks for BKEX's customer service and I love BKEX. You can use BKEX because...See full review

BKEX exchange is very good, I would recommend it to everyone

The discount is particularly strong at the time of the event, and the customer service is very patient. I have played on this exchange and I can receive money. It's very fast to charge and withdraw. It's a more comfortable interface than other...See full review

overall, I will continue to use it. low fees, lots of new coins to choose from

as an investor, I like how how the fees are for BKEX. the lesser the fees, the more money I save. I havent had any problems with withdrawal so will continue to use this platform. I also find it ineresting how this is the only platform I can see...See full review

BKEX: There was a great deal of quakes around one BKEX exchange, yet one trade was exceptionally capable.

BKEX Center, a trade on the English Virgin Islands. Furnished with an enormous number of digital currencies, you can have a major effect to your foundation by guaranteeing that you can purchase and sell on your foundation. A short outline of the...See full review

There was a lot of tremors around one BKEX trade, but one exchange was very skillful.

BKEX Center, an exchange on the British Virgin Islands. Armed with a large number of cryptocurrencies, you can make a big difference to your platform by ensuring that you can buy and sell on your platform. A brief overview of the BKEX change...See full review

BKEX exchange had a lot of negating vibes around but the exchange is pretty much legit

BKEX has received a lot of bad reports from its users ever since they had an issue with the withdrawal service. I know many people will be afraid of using this exchange following this release reports but I can actually tell you that everything has...See full review

Bkex: The composition is simple but effective for buying and selling liquid.

BKEX Center, a change in the British Virgin Islands. Armed with a number of cryptocurrencies and providing great trading on its platform, I can support you to continue to buy and sell large quantities on your platform and continue your outstanding...See full review