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Review on BKEX by Keziah Zachariah

My first review on BKEK platform

Hello everyone!

My name is keziah Zachariah from Nigeria, am a new author on the revain platform. This is my first ever on the revain platform. Hopeful, that I write good contents on some products, projects and companies available on the revain platform.

Revain was introduced to me by a friend through a referral link. I must say, it is an honor to be among the revain author. I joined the revain platform exactly when they are celebrating their 5th birthday anniversary. Before I go to my review for today, I will like to wish the platform a happy birthday and more improvement to the platform.

Okay back to the main business.

My review will be on BKEK Exchange.

Generally, Exchanges are where we buy and sell different Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and ethereum. This platforms has made trading in Cryptocurrency very easy and more convenient. One of the main features of an exchange, is to have a friendly user-interface. The user must be able to navigate and explore through the platform.

BKEK Exchange is another trading platform that supports the buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies. This Exchange was launched in the year 2018, by some team of developers and experts.

Like most platforms, the bkek exchange also has its own utility token known as bkek token. The Token is available on the platform. you can buy and sell it on the Exchange with low fees incurred.

BKEK Exchange happens to be one of the Exchanges with lots of trading features. In this platform, you can find the copy trading, futures trading, crazy features trading and so many of them.

Trading on this exchange is very easy and simple. Most of the features that you can find on other centralized exchange, can also be found on this platform. Users can adjust the trading interface to how best it suits them. Like the red and green lines on the trading chart call "candle stick" can also be adjusted depending on how it suits the user the more.

There are alot to say about this Exchange, because I'm writing this review based on my personal experience with it. They are other features that some of the Exchanges I have used before don't have, but coming to BKEK, it has it. which makes this platform in my own opinion, a revolution of what a modern Exchange should be.

Another interesting aspect of this exchange, is the security. BKEK exchange has good security. There are lots of security set up before one can login, make transactions including withdrawal from the exchange. it will be very difficult for a third party to have access to one's asset on this platform. The security level is up to level 10, including a 2 factor authentication.

BKEK Exchange is for global used, as it is available and accessible in most parts of the world. They provide thesame services to everyone who is ready to access the platform.

If you need an exchange platform with enough trading features, then bkek exchange is not far from you.

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Pros & cons

  • BKEK offers varieties of trading services to it's global users.
  • The security system of this platform is at top notch. Users asset on this platform is sure of safety.
  • The transaction fees varies depending on the network and project you are trading on.
  • The Exchange is yet to initiate the P2P.
  • No much cons on this platform

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