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It's no doubt that there are already hundreds of Cryptocurrency exchange platform today and that brings up the question, why use another exchange platform. As a Crypto trader, I currently use about 10 to 12 crypto exchange platforms actively, and this doesn't change the fact that I'm still out there, in search of a new Crypto exchange. One might wonder for what reason? 10 to 12 should be able to do all you need. Well, all these exchange platforms has their unique feature, having another one See full review

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The word "swap" is one that is quite popular. It has been in existence for quite a while, the only difference is that the names have been rebranded. In our History class, we were once told that before the introduction of currencies, the one and only means of getting different items from the "one item" you have is to make use of the old word for swap. This word was known as "Trade by Barter." This means of swapping involves the exchange of an item for another and it seem to have served them quitSee full review

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The Blockchain network, as we all seem to have known, is continuously evolving. The signs of this great evolution is greatly evident in almost everything we see around the crypto space today. Some of which includes the introduction of De-Fi, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and Borrowing and Lending platforms. This great evolution never came alone as it seems to have come along with newer Blockchain networks, some of which includes the Polygon, Solana, Harmony, and quite a lot of other networks we haSee full review

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Ardor, The Parent-child Chain Architecture

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The Ardor is a project which I have never heard of until now, when the Revain platform made it amongst the projects of the week. I am happy to know about this project as it is a promising one. It is a project that is developed by Jelurida (based in Swiss), a company that is known to develop great companies. It was founded in the year 2018 and is secured by the Hierarchy established in the parent chain. It works on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm which helps in making it independent of hardwarSee full review

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Office Depot

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A company that is focused on Office equipments happens to be a type of company I love reviewing. This is majorly because I have always loved people that start up an office and hope to have my own company one day. Making preparations even before the time gets near is what I am trying to do by making research on these type of companies. The company I would be reviewing today is known as Office Depot. This is a company that was established for the sole purpose of taking care of the needs of an OffiSee full review

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I Was Denied Access

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Cleanliness, they say, is next to Godliness. For this reason, I think cleanliness should be something people should take very serious. Taking your personal life serious in cleanliness isn't enough, making your Office space clean is also something we shouldn't joke with. This is the reason why some companies have dedicated their time to providing materials one would need to take good care of your Office space. The company I would be talking about today in this review is known as Quill. This is a See full review

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The world we live in is one that advances on a daily basis. This advancements makes life easier for us and also help relieve Humans of stress. The platform I would be talking about in this review today is known as CleanItSupply. Immediately I saw the word "clean" in its name, my mind went straight to cleaning your Office space and my mind seemed to be right. 😁😁 The CleanItSupply is a company that does the work of making all your cleaning needs met. They do this by putting cleaning equipments oSee full review

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Going to Review yet another company that deals with Business items and equipments, I came across a company known as Counter-Print. This happen to be a company that was established in the United Kingdom and is still in existence today, doing what it has always been doing. The first thing I did when trying to get this review noted was to check out their website. For a person like myself who doesn't live close to the place where their physical store is located, the best thing I can do is to check oSee full review

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Your level of organization in what you do is determined by a lot of things. Some of these things includes, your level of commitment to what you do, the amount of effort you put into it, and most importantly, the quality of the products you use. We all know the many materials one might need in a Business. The one material that seems to be more common than a lot of the others is Paper and that's why I would be reviewing a company that deals with Papers. This company is known as PaperSmiths and isSee full review

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Starting up a business would also require some level of organization. Imagine going to an Office where everything is scattered, where there is no proper arrangement and the office looks unkept. The first thing that would come into your mind is the fact that the owner of such an office isn't competent enough. If you have ever encountered someone with such an office or you are the one with such an office, I think this review is for you. The company I would be reviewing today is known as Present anSee full review

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Colors happens to be something that beautifies the whole world. Diversity of colors is what makes it even better and that's why inter-racial couples produce the most beautiful children. The company I would be reviewing today happens to be a good example of one that knows the value of colors and are trying all that is in their capacity to make its beauty accessible and open to all. This company is known as Rifle Paper. Rifle Paper happens to be a company that was founded by Ann Bond and Co-founSee full review

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Scientific research and history proves the fact that Humans generally performa better at shows or events they make solid preparations for. This happens to be a vital reason why preparation shouldn't be taken for granted in the lives of Humans at all. The company I would be reviewing today happens to know this to the extent of trying to even make preparations easy for both Adults and Children. This company is known as Mead. The first time I say its name, the fermented drink we all know as "Mead" See full review

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Starting up a company happens to be kinda difficult and most people think the major problem us the funds one would need to start it. Money don't seem to be the case at all times, although it is usually. Sometimes, especially for people that are wanting to start a business, the quality of a product purchased seems to limit their business inflow. Today, I would be reviewing something different. Not too different from what I used to review but something a bit different. This review would be very usSee full review

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The process of Evolution and the things that follows it happens to be a phenomenon we see on a daily basis. We see it in plants, animals, and even humans. Surprisingly enough, we have began to see it even in the crypto space. The evolution I would be talking about in the crypto space today happens to be directed to the exchange platforms we have today. In my review today, I would be talking about an exchange platform that baffled me a lot. This exchange platform is known as SBIT500 (which happenSee full review

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The country known as India happen to be one of the many countries that love Fashion. With this, I'm quite sure some people would be contemplating on how I got to know this. Well, it's because of how much Indian movies I watch and see how they dress. As a matter of fact, their dresses are not just of good quality but at a high price, mere looking at its designs. With this, it won't take a clothing company a lot of work to thrive in such an environment with the right set of clothing brands and maSee full review

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Going on to check the world of Fashion, I came across a company known as Forever-21. Immediately I heard that name, a translation of the name came to me. This translation happened to be like: shopping in this store would make you look 21 Forever. 😁😁 This might not have been the meaning for them but that happened to be the meaning that got into my mind. This company happens to be among the many American companies we have today, but this time around, one with style. Their stylishness happens to See full review

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The number of company we have in the world seems to be on the increase on a daily basis. This has also made the competition more intensive as everyone is striving for Success and nothing lesser than that. Haven read a whole lot of Business books, I have been able to note some tips for business growth and explosion. Among the many tips, I happen to have found a company that have used one. This tip happen to be the use of an "attractive, informative, or stylish name." This company is known as UrSee full review

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Going on to review yet another company in the Fashion industry, I came across River Island. All these while that I've been reviewing companies from this category, these companies have either been focused on Men and Women's wear or just Women. I have never come across a company that focuses on Men, Women, and even children of both gender. But, I came across one today and that company is known as River Island. This company looks like another British company (although I don't seem to be too sure asSee full review

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The world of fashion happens to be dominated by Women. With this, a company that focuses on just the Women fashion shouldn't be having any problem at all. In fact, these type of companies might be making more sales than companies that focuses on both Men and Women. Today, I would be talking about a Females only fashion store. This store is known as Dorothy Perkins. It happens to be a company that was founded in the year 1909 by a British woman whose name happens to be the name of the company. See full review

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Being diversified happens to be one of the secrets of being Wealthy. This is because when one is diversified, the falling down or going down of one sector don't seem to affect that person too much as there are other sectors that might be doing well which would help complement that loss. The company I would be reviewing today is known as Rokit. Rokit happens to be a company I know very much of. As a matter of fact, it's really rare to find a person who claims to not know this company as it is a cSee full review

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