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Description of Octus Bridge

The DAO-controlled Octus Bridge (ex. TON Bridge) facilitates cross-chain transfers between Everscale and multiple Ethereum-based networks. The Everscale network's fractional fees and industry-leading transaction speeds make the Bridge an ideal means of avoiding the high gas fees, poor scalability and slow transaction times that plague Ethereum transactions.


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Type of review

Introduction to the review Hello everyone, my review today will be about TON Bridge. I have been doing research on crypto projects and similar projects for more than 1 year. At the end of each new research, I tell myself that I now know about all kinds of projects. But when I do a new research, I realize how wrong I was. TON Bridge is one of such projects. Honestly, I've never come across a project like this before, but while researching about TON Bridge, I realized how interesting and creative

  • I have never encountered this kind of project before, TON Bridge is a very creative and wonderful project for me
  • The project places great value on its users, so it's almost impossible to find a negative opinion in the feedback.
  • Transactions on the platform are quite fast, also easier to use than I expected
  • I did not encounter any major problems.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Every useful facts about TON Bridge is included here.

The goal of TON Bridge is to enhance the ability of blockchains to communicate with one another. The new system is still in the early stages of testing (currently working with Ether only). To convert other currencies into token models and pegged tokens that may be used on the TON blockchain, it is basically provided an additional conversion tool. To simplify the transaction and integration of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies, this feature is offered in

  • TON Bridge is very easy to use.
  • It accepts low fees.
  • High-speed transaction.
  • It works a bit slow
  • The bridge seems stuck on the broadcast.

There are 2 obvious problems in the cryptocurrency market today and I have no doubt that it has happened to many of us in the last few months. I speak of course about scalability limitations and the high cost of transactions, especially on the ethereum network. In view of the problems already mentioned, there is a large group of projects that today seek to minimize these problems, building more efficient mechanisms, and one of those that is achieving this is Free Ton with the implementation

  • One of its main attractions is that after withdrawing their assets from the ethereum network using TON BRIDGE, users can send it to any address at a much higher speed and at almost zero price
  • Using the Ton Bridge does not have any transaction costs unlike other existing bridges, since those commissions are covered by liquidity blocked by users.
  • It is expected that with this bridge, there will be a greater demand for its Ton cristal token
  • The Wton token is now available to exchange on uniswap
  • The project has not only created bridges with ethereum, but they are also working hard on creating bridges with polkadot and tezos for example
  • The creation of bridges of this type helps to enhance the entire blockchain ecosystem and end the hegemony of more centralized projects that do not take their users into account.
  • I have not found any relevant negative aspects to mention.

This project, which has recently become famous in the crypto world, caught my attention a few days ago. That's why I decided to research it and see how it differs from other projects like this. To be honest it was very hard to understand about it at first and I didn't understand it for 2 days. But then I read user reviews about it from different platforms, plus I got help from a few crypto users who know about it in some telegram groups. The aim of the project is to serve as a bridge when…

  • You can connect easy wallet to the bridge.
  • successful on the basis of the company
  • I feel more secure in my assets.
  • a project that has been talked about a lot on social media lately
  • Trading some cryptocurrencies may result in high transaction fees.
  • I haven't seen any new developments for a long time.

Revainrating 3 out of 5


Connecting digital bridges among blockchain servers is not new. However, there are always more enticing ways of measuring progress thanks to advanced developers who run the public gates of other projects to make them grow with the support of well-known companies. Such is the case of today's Bridge reference coming from TON. This public service is available without fees or commissions of any kind. The way of using the product is too simple although it presents some delays when loading the…

  • It is a very easy-to-use digital tool for connecting two available wallets at once. After it is completed you can send/share tokens between wallets
  • The balance you send it's frequently the same you'll receive. The platform does not take off long commissions since it is a simple process
  • You can get ETH, USDT, and other available exchange tokens (Uniswap, Sushi, Compound)
  • The features of the bridge extension are easy to master. You can apply for any available wallet or extension of Ethereum. It is recommended to share funds with Metamask.
  • It is so simple that it doesn't offer so many features. It requires better implementations and advanced digital tools
  • The cryptocurrency availability is short.
  • The product is just available in English. More languages are required!

TON Bridge is a blockchain network system, which creates a secure and efficient bridge between Ethereum networks and the Free TON project, ensuring a link between networks so that users can use it as a bridge between the two networks and implement liquidity from the Ethereum network to the Free TON network, it guarantees transactions from both networks with economic rates and with a fast and efficient speed, maintaining good decentralization and using extensive security methods. TON Bridge is a

  • Guarantees inter-chain transactions with low commissions.
  • Creates a highly secure bridge, which guarantees and facilitates adding liquidity from the Ethereum network to the Free TON network.
  • It has the native token Free TON Bridge, facilitates users punada participate in the governance of the Free TON ecosystem, allowing decision making with its implementation in the voting system, ensuring a good development of the ecosystem.
  • Free TON Bridge, offers a fast, secure and efficient connection, using several Dapps wallets and maintaining decentralization.
  • TON Bridge has a platform interface, without many configuration tools.
  • The TON Bridge website does not have multilingual translation.

It is no secret to anyone that one of the vision of blockchain technology is based on the premise of decentralization, but even though we have seen many advances and innovations in this environment, there are certain limitations that do not allow the user experience to be more efficient when performing certain operations on the network, and one of those limitations is interoperability. there are some blockchains that remain isolated from the rest, and make the trading process difficult, or…

  • With this bridge, what Free ton seeks is to have access to DEX with much more liquidity, and to make the Ton Crystal token better known in the market.
  • It is a tool that facilitates trading work, and with which many of us benefit since by using it, we can enjoy cheaper rates on the Free ton network, compared to the unattractive commissions of the ethereum network today
  • It is very remarkable that this type of mechanism is created through contests on the Free Ton network, and in which anyone can participate and receive very attractive rewards.
  • The bridge makes the task of exchanging one token for another easier in just a few steps due to the wrapped tokens that allow this operation in any DEX
  • Those of us who use the bridge benefit from a more optimal performance in our transactions, since they are faster and less expensive than in the ethereum network or other famous networks.
  • I could notice some slowness on the page when trying to make a transaction, but then the problem was solved

Revainrating 5 out of 5

TON Bridge Much more than interconnecting Ethereun and Free Ton chains

The problem and what leads to create an Ethereun Ton Free bridge? Many will ask, and rightly so, why create a bridge to a blockchain as successful as Ethereun if it has a market cap that exceeds 400 billion dollars, and the answer lies precisely there in large part, a liquidity as colossal as that requires a platform that will have many transactions and that is the big problem of the Ethereun chain, It scaled to a very high level which resulted in a bottleneck that makes the blockchain very…

  • The bridge allows the interconnection of the Ethereun and Free Ton chain allowing token exchange between them.
  • Offloads work to the Ethereun platform and gives liquidity to the Free Ton chain.
  • Good community and development company that have achieved a good implementation.
  • It is a good antecedent of what could be the new blockchain of the future, bridges between chains.
  • Ton Bridge benefits many, the chains and opens trade to minority investors because of its ultra speed and almost zero commissions
  • It will bring the development of many decentralized financial applications.
  • nothing

Created to be the decentralized connection point with other chains and TON, for now only the exchange between ether and Ton is available, you can make cross changes from the chains whenever you require it. Now if you are planning to use this network for this bridge it is the best connection with other chains, at the moment only with ether. It is an integral part of Free TON. An interesting aspect of this bridge is that it has a decentralized governance mechanism backed by the token bridge

  • All transactions are carried out quickly.
  • It is possible to earn rewards for securing the DAO.
  • Easy to use, this for people who want to move liquidity
  • It is a new level of decentralization in finance.
  • Transactions using the Ethereum network have high fees. Few tokens supported
  • It still has a small active community

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A easy way to convert ERC-20 tokens to Free TON blockchain token

The TON bridge is a bridge between the TON blockchain and the ethereum blockchain. With the help of this system, users can convert ethereum network tokens to TON or vice versa. WalletConnect is a communication protocol between different wallets. With the help of this protocol, which supports most popular wallets such as trust wallet, metamask and etc (I have listed some wallets in the photos, of course, there are many more), you can enter the ethereum wallet and Due to its TON Bridge support…

  • Ability to connect more to wallets through WalletConnect system support
  • Ability to stake ERC-20 tokens transferred to the ton network
  • Quick connection of ton bridge system to ton wallet extension
  • None

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Why You Should Use TON Bridge Platform?

One of the most technologically impressive platforms on which the FreeTON project has grown, it's still in its early days of maturity, but it already hints at its potential to shake up the DeFi space. With unmatched scalability, remarkably cheap transaction fees (usually less than 0.001% of the transaction), robust security, and a merit-based token distribution system, it's not surprising that a solid community has already developed around the project. This summer was a big hit for FreeTON

  • simple and user friendly interface
  • low fees
  • high speed transaction.
  • all BRIDGE holders will have a vote in decisions affecting the Free Ton bridge.
  • some slowdowns in the system

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My thoughts on Octus Bridge project

Octus Bridge is a lot newer than a lot of similar platforms, which may create some worries in the eyes of some individuals. However, just because it's new doesn't imply it's a horrible platform. Although it is new, you can see what a wonderful interface and platform with many functionalities it has in the snapshot I supplied at the conclusion of my review. Octus Bridge includes both night and light phases, making it difficult for visitors to become bored with the platform. We just click the…

  • It may be one of the very few projects I've trusted.
  • Provides very fast transitions between networks
  • nothing

Revainrating 4 out of 5

How effective is TON Bridge at this time?

FreeTON has almost certainly been in the spotlight during the last several days. As a consequence of its cheap transaction fees and fast processing times, as well as its similarity to other well-known networks, it is growing in popularity. It will improve the collaboration between the Ethereum and TON communities by helping attract new investors to the TON ecosystem. Interoperability will be made easier via the ETH-TON bridge. The solution will be more helpful and widely accepted due to this…

  • It is capable of getting the maximum benefits of TON network effects.
  • It has the natural advantage of being more secure.
  • A more open and forceful approach is used.
  • It would be nice if it could support some more networks.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My thoughts and research on Octus Bridge

The subject of my review this time is Octus Bridge. Shortly before this review, I shared a review of the FlatQube platform. The Broxus team that created and supported FlatQube is also the creator of the Octus Bridge project. So, how can we trust Octus Bridge, one of such bridges that is created and continues to be created almost every day in the crypto world? By doing a good and thorough research, of course. Now let's move on to what kind of project Octus Bridge is. I came across a project…

  • It is a very user friendly platform. It manages to keep customer satisfaction high.
  • Thanks to the Everscale network, it can be well differentiated from similar exchanges.
  • I don't exactly see the updates as an update, but the choice of this project, so I don't see it as a minus feature. It has no minus feature.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Results of my research on Octus Bridge

Hello to everyone. In today's review, I will write about Octus Bridge, which works with Ever wallet and is managed by the same team. In my previous review, I gave information about the Ever wallet and its operation on the Everscale network. Octus Bridge acts as a bridge between Everscale, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Fantom networks. To tell you the truth, I had never heard of the Octus Bridge before, like the Ever wallet. But thanks to my curiosity for innovations, I discovered this platform…

  • Not only network transfers, but also operations such as staking can be done.
  • It operates thanks to trusted platforms such as MetaMask and Ever wallets.
  • Nothing for now.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Octus Bridge is indeed a bridge that meets today's conditions.

In my previous review, I wrote about the Ever wallet created by Broxus. My current review will be about Octus Bridge, another platform created by Broxus. As we can understand from the name Octus Bridge, it is a blockchain bridge. The purpose of the platform is to create a bridge between different blockchain networks, thus enabling cryptocurrencies to pass from one network to the other. There are many such platforms available today. But why should we choose Octus Bridge, what makes this platform

  • Octus Bridge provides low cost and fast switching between networks such as BSC, Everscale, Ethereum, Polygon.
  • Using the bridge seems easy for both beginners.
  • I couldn't find any significant problems

Octus Bridge is a platform I've heard of before. But according to my research, this platform is not that old. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that Octus Bridge was recreated with a major update a few months ago. The reason for the platform renaming is not any security or similar issue, I don't want you to get it wrong. I see it more as a fresh start or an innovation to progress further. Now let's move on to the purpose of the Octus Bridge platform. As I just said, Octus Bridge is a fairly

  • Easy to use, user friendly
  • Although it is new, I think it is successful.
  • Events are also organized for users through their social media accounts.
  • Nothing

Hello guys, today my review will be about TON Bridge. TON Bridge's objective is to improve blockchains' capacity to interact with another one. It is simply offered an extra conversion tool for converting other currencies into token models and pegged tokens that may be utilized on the TON network. This functionality is available in the Free TON ecosystem to ease the transaction and integration of digital currencies like USDT. ERC-20 tokens can be transferred to the Free TON blockchain via the…

  • It is a very successful project and I think its future will be bright.
  • In order to ensure the convenience of users, the developers always keep this platform updated, which is proof of why the satisfaction is so high.
  • Transactions are completed very quickly, and the fact that the fees are quite low is one of my favorite features.
  • There could be more language options on the website

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My little research on octus bridge project

Ton bridge is a cool project with a goal. Its aim is to upgrade the ability of blockchains so as to enable communication with one another. This TON bridge is also given room for bridging of the ethereum block chain. Like we all know, ethereum very well its fees(gas fee) is too high and that has been one of my biggest challenge coping up with the issue of their gas fee but with the introduction of TON bridge, its now easy compared to before to bridge ethereum over to the TON block chain. TON…

  • Its easier and faster
  • Its an amazing project
  • Less fee are required during transactions
  • No negative comment

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Tonbridge is a nice innovation with unique features

Hi crypto community i would be talking today about free ton bridge.The Free TON Bridge, created by Broxus, interfaces the conventions of the Ethereum blockchain with that of Free TON. Crypto financial backers can oversee and keep their assets in care utilizing the Free TON Bridge and move their assets starting with one organization then onto the next. For this reason, Free TON is dispatching a BRIDGE token, which will work the (DAO). Each crypto client who claims BRIDGE gets a democratic ideal

  • Ton Bridge enables investors to manage and keep their funds in safe custody
  • Users can transfer their funds easily from one network to another
  • Bridge tokens allows users to become active participants of network operations
  • I have no negative Reviews